TOV Raid drop Luck augs

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  1. svann Augur

    Doing it as 9 groups yields 9x the drops.
  2. Dhurgan Augur

    Pass, easier to slaughter it with a raid and be done with it.
  3. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Did you mean " From this weekends zone trash clears:

    One Luck dropped in ToFS, zero from EW, and zero from GD.

    Three ores from ToFS, zero from EW, and 6 from GD. "?
  4. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    Our experiences mirror others' in this post. It's like a 5 ore to 1 luck aug drop rate or worse. While the ores are the important thing and I'm glad they are more obtainable, the Luck augs really should drop at a similar rate as the ore imo.
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  5. Thoxsel Djess' Pet Warrior

    Had to camp for luck augs more than ore, but that's because I needed more of them in the first place. Even though I've had crazy RNG regarding a zone being totally empty vs 10+ drops in it, if you put in the time it evens out. Overall, I consider my experience (when being objective) to be as intended - even though I cursed to the EQ loot Gods when I do a full clear without anything drop. Just put in some extra time - and I guess for some of us - it might have been the only thing left on the list to actually do in the expansion so, shrug.
  6. Symbius Augur

    Considering people will pay extra money into the game for Crystallized Luck to merge them, it's another questionable decision by these developers having Luck augs be as rare as they are.
  7. ArtremasEQ Augur

    Nope, We have better things to do with raid time.

    Zone clears for augs are done as groups or mini raids in own time.
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  8. Rylak Journeyman

    While there is no doubt that certain individuals are having better "luck" with the Luck aug drop rate, the data (both directly quantitative and through qualitative experience) indeed points to an issue with the drop rate of these in comparison to the ore. The overwhelming majority of people in our guild have all their RZ Devotee 19s done on their primary and alts with earring and still work to get to 10 on just their primary character.

    In the grand scheme of things, I guess this is fine as the customization and attributes the Type 19s unlock is worth more to many people than the additional 10 luck. Maybe the developers share this opinion and is already working to remove luck from the game through poor drop rates to the broad player base. I'm really am surprised that the multiple posts generated on this topic haven't received one DEV comment. As another poster commented, this would ultimately manifest itself by people buying less crystallized luck for their primary and alternate characters over the course of the year, which of course is lost monetary cash value to Darkpaw. Perhaps the micro-transaction financial arm of Darkpaw doesn't understand or have a way to look at in-store purchasing trends from people who purchased crystallized luck last year vs. this year, but I'm guessing the data supports the argument that it is down.
  9. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    Sharing the drops with 53 other raiders is actually bad for your raid force. Doing it in groups and spreading the ores over several instances per week is absolutely the way to go.
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  10. Dhurgan Augur

    Not really, you're assuming all 53 people actually care about getting to that step of the earring and want to continually clear that trash in a single group, I bet 25% actually make it that far. As far as charm augs, I could really care less about 9 extra luck. We clear all of the raids without issues now, so getting those augs isn't really changing our raid experience. I consider them more of a bonus loot. Additionally, when you take it a step further and look at all of the evolving items, there's even less that probably can use that many of those type 19's.
  11. Qbert Gallifreyan

    I mean, I'm sure some people buy crystallized luck from the marketplace, but I wouldn't begin to understand why. They are for sale on the loyalty vendors for loyalty points, they are for sale for platinum on merchants, and they are available now in overseer . . . spending real bucks on these seems a bit odd to me.
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  12. Dhurgan Augur

    Different strokes for different folks. We all enjoy the game in different ways, glad that works out for you.
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I could be wrong but I don't think it was intended for the trash to be farmed in groups of 6 even though it is allowed. If it was why would they be giving a loot lockout for the zones when you started the raids?
  14. svann Augur

    So you cant farm raid trash loot more than once.
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  15. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You can get the same result if the lockout was set as soon as you killed any raid trash instead of the doing anything. Why would they put the lockouts in place when the raids start and require you to farm the trash before the guild does the raid if you want to farm them as groups?
  16. svann Augur

    Im sure I dont understand your question but I will say:
    1. You can also farm it after raid even the next day just so long as the raid doesnt kill any and the person getting the raid didnt have a trash lockout.
    2. They know and accept that people do farm as groups and its ok.
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  17. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    No you can't, as soon as you start the raids you get the loot lockout as well and you can check that by noting the first lockout for every raid instance is the loot lockout. Also just because they know and accept that people are doing it as groups doesn't mean that is the way they intended it to happen just that they either chose not to prevent it or did not have an easy way to prevent it.
  18. svann Augur

    Thats not so. Your person that got the raid likely had a loot lockout because he farmed trash already. Your raid inherited his lockout. They do it that way so he cant double dip.

    I can tell you for certain we have gone back the next day and got a dz and raided trash.
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    So if I have a loot lockout of 1D:23H:39M, a raid lockout of 1D:23H:51M and we cleared trash with drops after finishing the raid how does that work? In TBL the trash did not lock with the raids starting but they do in ToV. How would I get a loot lockout that expires 12 minutes before the raid lockout if someone killed loot prior to getting the raid? That seems like a pretty small gap for that to be happening.
  20. Raccoo Awaiting Bobbybick's next forum video reply

    The loot lockout comes from the first kill in zone from a mob that is eligible to drop the augs/ores, this includes the dervishes on Griklor. First dervish you kill in raid will give you the loot lockout. However, if someone had gotten the EW raid DZ and killed at least 1 base pop in it before the raid, they'd get the lockout. When you get the new DZ that you plan to kill Griklor in, make them the raid leader and the dervishes wouldn't be eligible to drop any ores/augs, and wouldn't give a loot lockout.
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