ToV instances - Lock out timers a mess

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dranix, May 24, 2016.

  1. Trevalon Augur

    While I think 6 hour lockouts is ridiculous and really should be extended to at least 10 hours, my bigger problem with NTOV specifically is how you have to game the instance to get Vulak if ya cant do him in your 6 hour window.

    For instance, our current instance of ToV has all lords/ladies dead a spawned Thylex and no Vulak. The Instance should check if all Lords/Ladies are dead and spawn Vulak if Thylex is up, but it doesnt. So effectively you need to leave at least 1 Lord/Lady up if you don't think youll make your 6 hours so that when you go back you kill that 1 Lord/Lady and he spawns. Not a very elegant solution if you ask me, then again not much in EQ is.
  2. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    Every time there are new expansions (new instances) you have to figure out what gives you lock outs, how you work with them, and potentially how they interact with each other...

    Congratulations, you've identified what you have to do to get the most out of your instance! Why do you need Daybreak to go in and re-code everything so you can do it differently? Thylex is coded to spawn Vulak on the death of the last lord/lady. You now want them to have an open world code version, and an instance code version.
  3. bodes Augur

    Lockjaw won't have instanced expansions for a couple years and this thread specifically discusses Velious and Luclin instances on Phinny. Therefore I really don't think lockjaw players bring any value to this thread, sorry.
  4. Dupre_MIM Elder

    Best forum troll ever. I mean well done. Really! Do you even EQ bro, or do you just troll the forums because this is stellar stuff? Admittedly you don't even play on the server, which is a rockstar approach to trolling.

    You're missing the point he's trying to make entirely. This isn't about more loot, it's about working the lock-out timers in a way that makes sense. When you defeat Vulak, it should not give a zone-wide lockout if you intended the zone to be split up by lockouts. The logic behind the lockouts is flawed, and he's simply asking for a discussion and review.
  5. GhostbustersII Elder

    Oh bodes, you still hate you some Faceless folks :p

    He does have a point to be made though. It is very unfortunate that a guild killed all lords and ladies than had to re-open their instance. It is well known that you need at least 1 lord/lady up to spawn Vulak so taking the risk getting close to the 6 hour mark that you won't have a lord/lady up to spawn vulak is pretty gutzy. Now at least it is known that this will happen so you can simply work around it by leaving a lord/lady up and not risking spawning Vulak and getting kicked form your instance.

    I don't think DBG needs to change that code (unless it is really easy to change the code, of course) for something that has a very simple solution.
  6. Dranix Augur

    Thats the thing though, I know there are a lot of creative and inspired people who play here who have probably picked up on the current iteration of instance mechanics and understand them better than I do. If there is a simple and elegant solution its worth exploring. If not, the conversation was worth having.
  7. Krimzin Augur

    Main thing that needs fixed in the instance is by pulling "Zemm" from outside the HoT door on your way to ntov you get your "Halls of Testing Drakes" lockout. Im sure someone tagged him on accident as a Halls of Testing drake when he should not be.
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  8. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    I'm sorry I didn't realize that discussions were limited only to people that play on your "Special" server...

    Maybe you should start a thread complaining that people can post in "Phinigel Threads" and they're providing logical reasons why you don't need every complaint you have fixed with hours of unnecessary coding!
  9. GhostbustersII Elder

    Ya the drake lockouts seem quite sketchy.
  10. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    THIS is something that I can support... Killing 1 boss should not set an zone wide lockout to a fresh 6.5 days when everything else is set to clear in steps.

    This is something that should be easily adjusted simply so that Vulak himself does not spawn again rather than being unable to do the entire instance until the Vulak timer has expired!
  11. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    Is the lockout from simply getting agro on Zemm, or from Killing Zemm.. If it's agro, yes that needs to be changed. If you have to kill him.. then don't kill him unless you are ready to do HoT. You can go around the other side of the column there at the 4way, or you can have a monk/sk train him into the HoT wing while the raid moves past.
  12. yerm Augur

    As Krimz says, there is a drake improperly tagged and that should probably go into a bug report. The time and pacing should not be an issue as you can do different wings on different days and wrap it up eventually if you want.

    If you spawn Vulak but don't actually kill him, doesn't that simply mean Thylex will be back up in your next instance run and you just need to wait out your earliest lord/lady timer to complete him? That sounds like a guild just needs to practice some basic semblance of time management. Killing the last possible trigger for him with 6 minutes left is a mistake, not a bug.
  13. yerm Augur

    There is a large difference between sharing your opinions and stating them as if they have relevance here. You're chiding guilds for not awkwardly working around a unexpected mis-tagged mob that cost them a week of HoT. Even people who agree with your ideas are liable to not want to hear them in a condescending tone from an observer.
  14. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    Don't like my opinion, don't read my post! Until I do something to violate the forum rules, I have just as much right to post in any forum here as anyone else does.
  15. bodes Augur

    We refrain from trolling all of the threads that are only relevant to the large Lockjaw community that is thriving and having many forum discussions. We only ask you to do the same for our threads.
  16. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    The large Lockjaw community doesn't feel like we need the Developers to fix every challenge presented to us for us to be able to succeed at what we are doing.

    If you feel like I am trolling you by providing options for how to work with what you are given, (and even supporting you where I feel it is a valid issue) then I'm sorry, but your misinterpretation of my posts is not my fault!

    I provided valid input, others have simply complained that I don't play on your server so anything I say doesn't matter. That's a legitimate opinion for anyone, or everyone reading these forums to have. However none of that can, or will prevent me from offering up options where fixes may not be required, or support where they should be addressed, if I feel that I should do so!

    This thread originally was addressing issues with lockout issues associated with ToV, while my posts may not have supported the popular opinion of the majority of posters, they were on topic and relevant. This thread is quickly going off topic because posters feel the need to claim that someone's thoughts, ideas, and opinions have less value than theirs. Instead they could have simply accepting that people are going to have differing opinions and either have legitimate discussion on the topic, or simply accepted that there are two distinctly different views in play.
  17. Farore Journeyman

    I stopped reading there. If you don't want threads to go off topic then stop feeling the need to stand in a fire and pretend everything is okay with your server.
  18. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    Seems you stopped reading well before there.... the only reason I included that was because Bodes used that exact phrase in his post to Troll me, while claiming I was trolling everyone else!

    And here we have yet another off topic post that chooses to bash me, rather than return to the topic!

    I feel like Deadpool... "What's it going to be, Long sullen Silence, or Mean comment?"
  19. Mashef_8013 Elder

    It's done very well. You have 6 hours, pick your battles and get what you want. If you chose to farm armor and waste time on trash instead of killing Lords/Ladies then you did it wrong. Why then do you deride the system? Just do one clear for 6 hours and you can do it every week and nothing is jacked up about it. If you are trying to go in every 2.5 days and jack up your own lockouts its a personal problem not a system problem.

    You are over complicating and overly simple system. The lockout mechanics are fine. To waste time on re-coding the lock out mechanics would be detrimental. Most of us would rather have them focus on getting PoP right, erego the extra time in Velious and Luclin. You will have the same issues in Vex Thal. Trash mobs are out of control there.
  20. Dranix Augur

    A simply system.

    You just invalidated your entire post, way to waste both of our time.

    The take away from this is a rather simple question : Why does there have to be a specfic way to clear an instance to be able to complete it in a manner that incurs the least time locked out? Why should there be any difference between 6 hours one day or 3 hours for 2 days. It shouldn't matter - the instance lockouts in their current design punish you for not going directly to Ntov and clearing it as quickly as you possibly can. - In a zone that big, its silly. If this was the design intention - why populate anything but NToV?

    I did not create phinny, I did not make grand claims about offering instanced content and then fail to deliver portions of the content promised over and over. I'm not going to sit here and pretend that me saying "hey this could be done better" is a bad thing or worthy of scorn.

    There are lots of issues with how the lockouts are done in NToV, I suspect there are going to be lots of issues with how the lockouts are going to be done in VT. Expecting something should be accessible doesn't make me a bad person - its not 1999 anymore, this communities apparent metathesiophobia is literally what is going to kill it over and over.

    Can I work with the constraints of the current implementation? Absolutely. I highly doubt anything is going to be touched so its a moot point. This is merely an incredibly frustrating design that I felt could be improved.