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  1. Kounterchrome New Member

    Sorry for the TLDR

    The scumbags are back, only took 3 days after patch...this zone has literally been near unplayable since launch and it's going to stay that way until the level cap hit's 125.

    I need to wait on another patch progression wise on this zone assuming I have free time, and no I'm not going to fight against the lag and 24 hour scripted/3rd party/bots or whatever the heck is going on.

    Where are the damn admins? I can't mass report, matter of fact I gave up on it...no action.

    At least get rid of that 24/7 Hanita nad and the moron in the nexus...it's a FV thing.

    Some of us are locked out of new or somewhat new content without a patch window, only the group missions are instanced. In ToV+ the rest of the progression they had the bright idea of leaving it open world running in these HAL based AI teams.

    Right know here is my gameplay.

    1. Overseer on log in

    2. Blow LoD in a reclusive zone with the same named + trash 100x over...log off

    3. Log back later reset Overseer and log off
  2. Shriek New Member

    Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed lol. What’s your issue, you’re just ranting incoherently. You can’t find a camp in GD? Is that the only zone you can exp in?
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  3. Newb Tank Not so Newb

    The issue is plain as day. Everyone is getting more and more frustrated with the bot groups and 3rd party program users. It's long out of control - you know, I know, devs know, everyone in EQ knows. I get the frustration. It has affected the way I view, and to some extent, play the game.
  4. Nomeregard New Member

    Have you tried /pick? I would assume if the zone is full of people multiple picks would exist. If they are just flipping an instance over and over then they wont be in picks for a long time.
  5. Micker Augur

    There was just a ton of suspensions for the BoT programs and I don't see anyone botting in any open zones on FV. You make is sound like you can't find a place to exp, because every zone is full of bot armies. I see huge areas of mobs in all the new and old zones.
  6. Eaedyilye Augur

    Unless you're doing progression or hunter in GD (TOV) go elsewhere. I never was a big fan of that zone and spent minimal time in it. There's better TOV zones to find a good camp in.

    If you insist on GD, try using a pickzone as someone else said. I've had wonderful success completing some overdue hunter achievement's using a pick, Sleepers Tomb (COV) for example. It was either trying to out DPS a mini raid or go to the pick with 0 people in it. I went to the 0 population pick and finished my hunter within a half hour. Happy days.

    Or you can do this. Last year, I was doing progression in EOK for my box mage. I had a task to do in FM. The target mob I needed was being camped in the Sarnak forts by the usual BOT suspects. So, I just waltzed in the fort and slaughtered stuff till I got what I needed.
  7. Elemental Augur

    Come to Zek, kill the people and take control of the zone
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  8. dwish Augur

    There are still notorious bot crews in quite a few open zones, including Luclin zones, so I'm not sure what you are seeing. The groups that have been botting for years on the server, not just some random crew I "think" might be botting. The suspensions were barely a blip. They need to be permanent or it's not going to do anything, which will be bad for EQs bottom line so It's probably better if it we just live with them at this point.
  9. Coagagin Guild house cat

    Or allow /pick zones at a much lower player count than it is today.
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  10. kookoo Augur

    is it legal to box 4 or 5 groups, 24/7 since several years non stop ?

    they seem to always have at least one player there to invite for pwling.
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  11. Qimble Augur

    If they're actually AFK botting and don't respond to /occ or tells, just train them. Or if you need hunters, wait until they pop the named then rip it off them and pull it away, they won't chase. (or even better, out DPS them and let their bot SK / shammy deal with the tanking and healing)
  12. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    Definatley woke up on the wrongside of the bed. He just wants to get rid of the PLers but that isnt gonna happen.
  13. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    wow i just say get over it your not gonna get rid of the plers. Just find another zone GD isnt that great anways. I miss not seeing duck lol.
  14. Moege Augur

    sure if you do it manually, now show me how 1 person pays attention to 4 or 5 groups at the same time
  15. Moege Augur

    I see it a lot, can probably visit any tov/cov/tol zone and show you groups botting.
  16. Moege Augur

    For interest sake went and had a look.
    eastern wastes found 1, someone died cleric was spam rezzing it, Bugged corpse not normal behavior for a human. (and this was just on the way to gd)
    great divide:
    1st group automated, see it in the jerky movements of the berserkers.
    2nd group: does not even try and hide it, automated all start with the same 3 letters, same jerky movements
    3nd group: hiding in tizmark caves, jerky movements, puller not getting hung up even once on turns, pulling whenever a mob spawns
    4rd group: fighting when approached, suddenly they all sit down, no pulling, I leave and pulling resumes. (bindsight is such a useful tool)
    5th group: person running around, 5x autofollowing with pinpoint accuracy through dwarf tunnels

    Only humans there was probably me and the 5th groups leader.

    As for just go to a different pick. No picks were available
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  17. bobbin Elder

    Try GD now. A GM went through a few minutes ago and cleared it out.
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  18. MrMan New Member

    I'm on FV and I see bot groups, but they don't ever effect my playing. If they do, you can easily just camp the same spot and they will get zero mobs. I think the p levelers are good for the game actually, they allow people who don't have a lot of time to invest, to level their toons up. I don't think I would enjoy the game anymore, if they were gone. I don't understand the OPs issue, are you mad at these people for some personal reason?
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  19. Fenthen aka Rath

    Mad just to be mad? Mad due to jealousy? Mad because someone put in extra work on the front end and are not trying to benefit from it?

    The people that cry and complain about being LFG and want to get rid of "botters" are the same people that are going to still cry and complain when they all get vacations, except now the bazaar is going to be empty and you won't finish your collectibles or be able to purchase your raid armor containers.

    You win some, you lose even more.
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  20. Sindace Elder

    Personally I think cheaters are bad for the game. Idgaf what they bring to the table it's bs. Find me a legit PL'r over the longterm on FV, I'll wait. HANITA cheats all day every day, apparently consequence free, for years now. I know people enjoy watching him wipe repeatedly in Ka Vethan and all, but it's tired at this point.

    just say cheaters make my life easier. idk why you gotta use botters or pl'ers. cheaters are what cheaters are. and they don't control the baz, outside of undercutting traders that play the game properly. most of the cheaters people come across won't be capable of raiding, seriously go inspect the gear. it's quantity over quality, almost like they know it's bannable, just unlikely.
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