Fixed Internally ToV "Enhanced Velium" Weapon Hitting For Wrong Damage

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Gorehammer, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I'm acknowledging that there may be an issue.

    At this time, I'm unable to allocate the time to do the necessary research.

    I probably have enough player information already, but more won't hurt.
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  2. Boro New Member

    Thanks for the acknowledgement and hopefully you are able to take a look at the dps issues relatively soon. For the time being, I think there is disappointment with the ToV Velium Enhanced weapons which is a shame because they are supposed to be the new best of the best. If I had known about this I wouldn't have spent the DKP. Hopefully, you will see they need correction but for now players may want to hold off on them if they already have Ascending Sun.
  3. a_Paladin_Main82813 New Member

    Thank you for responding Ngreth. Is there anything we can do or parse that may help you?
  4. Redemption Lorekeeper

    i have a sword and a parse program. after that i need more direction on what you would like to see compared and contrasted.
  5. Maedhros High King

    ROFL I had no idea that any of this was happening.
    Velium Enhanced Greatsword 801/37 with augs.
    With no haste belt or haste buff of any kind to include yaulp or janns veil buff, (effective haste = 117)my weapon max hits for 41022 non crit.
    With haste belt only (effective haste = 162)it drops to 38174.
    With haste belt and yaulp (effective haste = 192) it drops even more to 37015.
    With haste belt, yaulp, and Janns veil (effective haste = 212) it drops to a pitiful 36439.
    Clicking off Janns Veil, using Elixer of Speed X potion (effective haste = 212) is even worse at 36424.
    Sad times.

    Ascending Sun Greatsword 667/37 - no augs to highlight severity of issues.
    With no haste belt or haste buff of any kind to include yaulp or janns veil buff, (effective haste = 117)my weapon max hits for 39876 non crit.
    With haste belt only (effective haste = 162)it drops to 37028.
    With haste belt and yaulp (effective haste = 192) it drops even more to 37015.
    With haste belt, yaulp, and Janns veil (effective haste = 212) it drops to a pitiful 35293.
    Clicking off Janns Veil, using Elixer of Speed X potion (effective haste = 212) is even worse at 35278.
    Sadder times.
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  6. ShadowMan Augur

    So melee might be hitting 2,000-5,000 less per hit non-crit and more then that per critical hit? Seem thats going to be a drastic passive increase to melee.
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  7. Jokskilove Palzerker

    I only have 16% overhaste, but to add the numbers from me. I used twitching speed instead of Jann for the 50% haste and skipped the yaulp measure, since I see a bug in the data reported above - both weapons are reported to do the same damage at this interval, which seems like a mistake.
    116%: 36996
    161%: 34110
    211%: 32341

    116%: 35862
    161%: 32876
    211%: 31207

    I noticed that as the haste increases, the ratio between the weapon damage increases. I.e. at 117, the difference between 801 and 596 is (41022/35862) = 14.4% increase, while at 212, it's (36424/31207) = 16.7%.

    I suspect it could be related to Weapon Mastery of the Knight - the description says that it increases the minimum damage of your 2h weapon (scaled to the delay of the weapon). One might suspect it is factoring the current haste into the calculation of the damage. On the first set of observations, the difference between max (117) and min is 4598 (212) for both weapons. On my observations, the difference is 4655 between max (116) and min (211).
  8. Jokskilove Palzerker

    Can't make the insert image work, but here's my graph of the relation between weapon damage and haste. There's clearly a cutoff point somewhere between TBL and TOV raid weapons.

    So, there are two issues:
    1) Haste is ruining the effectiveness of weapon mastery, and
    2) Damage drops off at some point. With the 691 data point included, it's much clearer that damage pretty much stops there.
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  9. Zerker1231 Lorekeeper

    This isn't new. Go parse the TBL ones. Go compare Ro's Curve to Ascending Sun 2h. You should see an avg hit and slight dps upgrade but you don't.
  10. svann Augur

    Not seeing it. Checked Ascending sun sword (227/21) against agatar, griklor's swordbreaker (252/21). Dps aura, dps aria, warmarch, plus normal raid buffs left over from the night before. Augs removed and lute in offhand.

    TOV average hit 9.1% higher, max normal hit 10.6% higher, max critical hit 11.0% higher. About 7.5 min runs. Pretty much as you would expect based on listed weapon damage, isnt it? Maybe its only certain weapons that have an issue but not mine?
  11. Qbert Gallifreyan

    Yes, the speculation is that there may be a damage cap. One noticeable with 700-800+ damage weapons, not ~250 damage weapons.
  12. Jokskilove Palzerker

    If you look at the link I posted, I'd say it's beyond speculation ;)
  13. sandof New Member

    Ranger(class with dmg to delay scaling)
    212% 291dmg 23 delay max crit 53150 /min crit 7596(normal max 0 /min0 )
    average crit 38209/average normal 0
    162% 291dmg 23 delay max crit 53130/min crit 9851(normal max0 /min0 )
    average crit 41457 /average normal 0

    melee 1hander

    212%209 dmg 19delay max crit 19834/min crit 5373 (normal max 5373 /min 1800)
    average crit 15275/average normal 4494
    162 %209dmg 19delay max crit20109/min crit 4596(normal max 5645/min2266 )
    average crit16456/average normal 4724

    212% 173dmg 21 delay max crit 16739 /min crit 3243 (normal max 4759/min1841 )
    average crit 13227/average normal 4083
    162 %173dmg 21delay max crit17036/min crit3655 (normal max5063 /min 2145)
    average crit12143/average normal 4045

    212%256dmg 24delay max crit25298/min crit 4540(normal max6837 /min2501 )
    average crit20166 /average normal 6009
    162 % 256dmg 24delay max crit25696/min crit6968 (normal max7188 /min2575 )
    average crit20013/average normal 6194
  14. sandof New Member

    berserker(class with dmg to delay scaling)
    212 %711dmg 36delay 58415 max crit/min crit9687 (normal max15093 /min5627 )
    average crit43025/average normal 13802

    162 %711dmg 36delay max crit58879/min crit 12333 (normal max15592 /min10021 )
    average crit45059/average normal 14663

    212 %332dmg 32delay max crit28837/min crit 5677(normal max 8004/min 3449)
    average crit23477/average normal 6399

    162 %332dmg 32delay max crit29267/min crit5821 (normal max8445 /min3890 )
    average crit22905/average normal 7394
  15. sandof New Member

    warrior (class with dmg to delay scaling only in 2handers)
    209 %469dmg30 delay max crippling123508/max crit98890/min crippling28998/min crit 15514
    (normal max22850 /min 4810)
    average crippling92803/average crit75852/average normal 17620
    159 %469dmg 30delay max crippling124053/max crit99080/min crit 11784
    (normal max23208 /min6897 )
    average crippling94648/average crit83441/average normal18826
  16. sandof New Member

    Beastlord(class with no dmg to delay scaling )…that I know of
    201 %197dmg20 delay max crit13595/min crit2528 (normal max 3554/min709 )
    average crit10257/average normal 2733
    162 %197dmg 20delay max crit13564/min crit2334(normal max3529 /min684)
    average crit10364/average normal 2877
    201%184dmg 18delay max crit12704/min crit1886 (normal max3323/min666)
    average crit9436/average normal 2627
    151 %184dmg 18delay max crit12676/min crit2266 (normal max3298 /min641 )
    average crit9757/average normal 2536
  17. Jokskilove Palzerker

    Interesting. So much for the Weapon Mastery theory. Don't know if we should split into two different threads - one about the "damage cap" on knight weapons, and one about damage being devalued by haste - both being worthy of discussion.
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  18. Redemption Lorekeeper

    from what i am seeing it still relates to weapon mastery. the classes that have a scaled to delay function are the ones being effected.
    also spoke with a monk last night who thinks it is possible this is being reflected in their dissident as well as it also has a scaled req. any monks feel like parsing that and looking into it?
  19. RangerGuy Elder

    I thought that was the point of it being scaled? So it was a bigger hit for slower and smaller hit for faster.

    Barring some damage cap issue which is separate everyone should be seeing a dps increase by getting better weapons even if your max hit changes some from being naked of haste compared to fully hasted. You are still gaining dps by improving your weapon.
  20. Redemption Lorekeeper

    scaled to weapon delay is one thing. but should it also be effected by haste?

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