ToV claimable items for TLPs

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ajschliewe, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. xaga Elder

    many mounts have this in the Text. (the buff does not unlock until Xx expansion or something like that)
  2. NinjutsuMMO Elder

    Apparently you didnt get the memo.

    they're allowing CoV mounts on ALL servers that have shadows of luclin enabled...
    did you even read the part where i said they have house of thule and vale of alaris mounts on tlps too which have beza buff and they blocked it so it wouldn't be OP...

    try and do some reading before you insert your ignorance all over the forums..
  3. Captain Video Augur

    Try reading the post by Ngreth earlier in this very thread which directly contradicts what you just said.
  4. Kenshin11 New Member

    Ngreth, can the devs please reconsider allowing the bags to be claimable now at least? I missed the chance to buy the last xpac, and like the bags I bought for this one.
  5. Vanrau Augur

  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    the "now" part I can't really change.
    The allow, yes, the bags are allowed, when the expansion launches.
  7. Machen Augur

    The post from 2019 talking about last year's expansion? Even it mentioned a mount claimable on the TLP's once Luclin is unlocked.
  8. Captain Video Augur

    Well since Ngreth has since amended his description of CoV bonus items to say that the new mounts will unlock at Luclin, minus stats, it's a moot argument. I am not a mind-reader. I stand by my previous assertion that the sense of TLP entitlement over expansion content which has clearly, for years, been tailored to Live servers, is illogical.
  9. Machen Augur

    No one's displaying a sense of entitlement. It's a no brainer though--if DPG doesn't want to include items that the TLP servers can use, then the TLP players have no reason to buy the expansions. Giving the TLP players a reason to buy the expansions by flipping a flag or three in the database should be an easy win for DPG, it is literally money for nothing.
  10. Lejaun Augur

    I was one of those players that was looking to see what the new expansion might offer me for my TLP characters. I wasn't impressed, so I didn't buy. If it was more TLP friendly, I would have purchased.

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