ToV claimable items for TLPs

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by ajschliewe, Oct 24, 2019.

  1. FakeNews New Member

    Nothing interesting for Mangler players, my wallet is safe thank you DB.
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  2. modsiw Augur

    Is Velium Threaded Satchel lore?
  3. That0neguy Augur

    yes. Not sure if that was mentioned or not. But def feel cheated buying 2 of them and only being able to use 1.
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  4. Herf Augur

    Unless you missed out on previous bag offers and so need more 'one per expat' large weightless bags, or you collect illusions (particularly if you like really inane ones like the angry Coldain or whatever..), no, the expats have nothing to offer us on the TLP servers, we who are apparently about 50% of DBs EQ customers based on past comments by them. And now we're not even getting Frostfell quests or XP bonuses. Hoe Hoe Hoe.
  5. Machen Augur

    Some of us are.
  6. Herf Augur

    Nice. So it's just locked servers like Agnarr which are getting an icicle up the....
  7. SunDrake Augur

    The TLP forums are a hoot. I go investigating holiday content unlocks on TLP [the thread confirms what I thought to be the case] and run across this.

    This is a thread you started two years and two months ago regarding holiday content on Agnarr. The gist was.. the content unlocks as it would have unlocked on live. Machen chimes in and chides that it's not all TLP servers.. just your TLP server.

    26 months later? Same. :D
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  8. Herf Augur

    Lately I've been wondering if the older TLP server announcements made clear that holiday, bonus, and contents such as mounts would be limited on TLP servers. Buffing mounts were available for a time on Agnarr, then (to borrow a quote from South Park) poof, "and they're gone." Ok I can live that. But holiday bonuses and quests, really?

    Agnarr DID get the easter bunny egg quest, so a little something festive around Saturnalia would be nice. Right now it's like the Grinch visited and took all the decorations, roast beast, and even the ornaments.
  9. Herf Augur

    Thanks for digging up that thread and my post from a bit over 2 years ago. It's a good thing for me to take a quote from:

    "I would humbly request that perhaps Daybreak budget in some TLP server seasonal events for 2018."

    ...over 2 years later, /crickets from DB.

    Maybe for 2020? Geeze just implement it once and you can run it every year. It has to be mostly cut & paste coding from existing bonuses. Yes there's a test burdon but only once, with the by now expected debugging and follow on patch that follows most new EQ game features.
  10. Machen Augur

    There are a ton of TLP server seasonal events going on. Every season. You just have to play to the expansions where they were added. They literally have implemented it once and run it every year, just like you asked.
  11. Herf Augur

    Nooo, they implemented nothing. They're just replaying what already existed. They have not created any new holiday content for the TLP servers, particularly those which have zero holiday content.
  12. Machen Augur

    That's kinda the whole point of TLP servers.... If you want new content, that's what live is for.
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  13. Herf Augur

    "new content" means, expansions. What I'm asking for is that content which is well over a decade old, and at that, has no benefit in terms of game balance, but is limited to decorations, communal activity, and celebration of real world holidays in game form, NOT be restricted only to live, or servers which are advancing towards live.

    But then you knew that "new content" means expansions, right? Unless you're suggesting that things like Krono, the DB store, etc, also be restricted so that they're "in era", because, you know that would be the logical conclusion of what you stated.
  14. Machen Augur

    You get all of that on every single server except the one you choose to play on. If you want that, there is an easy fix that doesn't involve DBG doing anything. But you know this. If you choose to play on the only server that is specifically designed to limit the content available forever, don't complain that they don't give you new content.
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  15. xaga Elder

    Any way this could be re visited?

    The mounts that came with TOV atleast? COV has them avail during TLP - Luclin. launch.

  16. ForumBoss Augur

    Please consider making the velium satchels not lore - bags are one of the few reasons TLP players buy expansion packs. The cadillac versions of the expansion are not very attractive while these bags are lore if you don't need the port clicky, can't use the mounts, and so on.
  17. Wyre Wintermute Augur

    Don't Heroic toons (from char select) start out in HoT's version of Feerot the Dream?

    It's been a long time since I touched Heroic Toons, possibly the first freebie. I thought they start at someplace like that. But the expansion they were part of was something like CoTF (level 100) and 85 was "close enough" for playing catch up.
  18. NinjutsuMMO Elder

    Apparently the new expansion will allow mounts with shadows of luclin expansion unlocked which is a huge upgrade and will help them sell more expansions for servers like Agnarr who would benefit from the bags and illusions and mounts and potions really because most of that player base won’t play modern eq...

    Now if only they would go back and unlock torment of velious mounts or say burning lands expansion mounts for example... many people unable to claim past expansion mounts at the shadows of luclin expansion
  19. Captain Video Augur

    The ability to have a mount unlocks at Luclin, and always has. High-speed stat mounts cannot be unlocked out-of-era, otherwise they would be incredibly P2W. Devs have already made decisions on which mounts from expansion or marketplace purchases can unlock earlier based on whether their stats are in or out of era. You're not going to get ToV or CoV stat mounts unlocked on a Luclin- or PoP-era TLP.

    The new expansions are designed for Live players, not TLPs. If you want them to package something new for TLP players to buy, that's a worthwhile suggestion, but should be completely separate from this.
  20. Baldur Augur

    Why not let you use the mounts starting at luclin, but not get the mount buff until the appropriate expansion? Like they do with illusions.

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