ToV Chase Loot

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Roguexx, Aug 7, 2020.

  1. Roguexx Journeyman

    Does anyone know if ToV Chase loot can drop in the hero missions of the ToV expansion? If so, is it the same drop rate as the regular zones? Thanks!
  2. Cadira Augur

    Never seen it in one but I assume it's possible... I've seen ultra rares drop in the tbl hero's (and for like 2/3rds the expac that's the only spot they could drop due to a coding error or something iirc).
  3. Dropfast Augur

    I've never seen one drop in mission yet but that's not saying much considering how rare they are. I've seen 3 drop total this year, all from static zone trash not apart of any mission or task.
  4. Petalonyx Augur

    I'd say they probably do not. I've leveled my earrings nearly entirely in missions, and done hundreds of each mission. Never seen a chase loot in a mission.
  5. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

    I have never seen them drop in ToV or TBM or EoK. Only a bag in EoK.
  6. Zynt Elder

    I did 20kish AA in FM and saw one Golden Soldier's Mask. I'm coming up on 8 or 9k AA in ToV and haven't seen anything.
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  7. Bigstomp Augur

    I have never seen a ToV chase loot in a mission.
    But I have seen them in prior expansion missions.
    In particular I remember getting one from CoTF during a HA while I was hunting for collectibles.

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