Tour de WEQ 2022

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  1. Bahdah Augur

  2. Robnie Augur

    1. 5 minutes was clearly an exaggeration and this whole paragraph is a back handed compliment. We're mad at ourselves for not thinking about it.

    2. This was a page post and minor pot shots in good humor, we've been very clear about being number 2. My goal isn't beating ROI but if we have a shot I guess we'll take it.

    3. We were number 14 minutes behind because when we encounter bugs that are preventable we try and use the beta raid forum to get these AVOIDABLE bugs fixed.

    <3 y'all, see you next year.
  3. Zolav Augur

    Them old school models though... #savage.. lol
  4. shiftie Augur

    Not a race…

    Underfoot December 2009 2009-12-15 ROI
    House of Thule October 2010 2010-10-12 ROI
    Veil of Alaris November 2011 2011-11-15 ROI
    Rain of Fear November 2012 2012-11-28 ROI
    Call of the Forsaken October 2013 2013-10-08 ROI
    The Darkened Sea November 2014 2014-11-15 ROI
    The Broken Mirror November 2015 2015-11-18 ROI
    Empires of Kunark November 2016 2016-11-16 ROI
    Ring of Scale December 2017 2017-12-12 ROI
    The Burning Lands December 2018 2018-12-11 ROI
    Torment of Velious December 2019 2019-12-18 ROI
    Claws of Veeshan December 2020 2020-12-08 ROI
    Terror of Luclin December 2021 2021-12-07 ROI
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  5. Cicelee Augur

    One day, people will celebrate their accomplishments and success with those that accompanied them on their journey in private.

    Today is not that day.
  6. Disapointed Journeyman

    This chart, was made by someone in RoI... He was bored.
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  7. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Congrats on a great year
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  8. gnomeboss Augur

    to spice up this ranking system even further, there needs to be some time adjustments based on SeRiOuS events. consider ~ more than one token vah shir in the dz, add 20 seconds. all clerics in pink armor with iksar illusion AND not shrunk, minus 20 seconds. every time bahdah says the word poison or poisons in any context, add 5 seconds. emote failures that wipe the raid spend the next attempt w/o pants, ducked, moving clockwise around the big max boss, minus 30 seconds. probably have to cap that last one or there would be some serious conga line action for maximum flex.
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  9. Leex Augur

    So instead of posting the rankings that everyone uses, have used, and will use, you decide to post something, just because an individual in roi made it?

    The point of the post was to try to make yourself feel better, or your guild feel better. Which, is insulting to everyone who participated in launch, including your own guild. SR placed #3 serverwide, this is an amazing achievement, I'm not sure why it seems there is salt about that?

    The top 5 guilds by serverwide ranking are -

    1. ROI
    2. Reckless Ascension
    3. Silent Redemption
    4. Machin Shin
    5. Shadows of Doom

    Notable mentions -

    Township Rebellion, Valhallah( Started late and still placed like allstars ), Returned of the Exiled & Ring of Valor.

    Great job all! ROI, maybe give everyone a head start next year, to keep it interesting! ;) ;)
  10. TsiawdMS I Identify as a Melee Ranger

    Next year we won't use gps to find the raid npc's. Should even the playing field..
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  11. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    Neither the OP nor the person you quoted are in SR
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  12. Bahdah Augur

    May I be in SR??

    Also congratulations to ALL the guilds and the guilds making it to the finish line!
  13. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    You can has my level 105 rogue /nod
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  14. Tolzol Augur

    You don’t want Baddah, he fails emotes……… I seent it
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  15. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Ahh, nothing more refreshing than a bowl of popcorn and an ego contest going on.
  16. Proximoe Elder

    You were 100% correct. Thank you for eliminating my confusion. Def doesn’t start the event

    I say give up
    Raid giver says if this is something you insist on, we can call for a retreat and attempt to reset our forces.
    I say insist
    Erryone comes on over
  17. Bartleby Journeyman

    These forums are literally all about self fellating. The OP's original post is all about that.
    Don't be surprised or try to make sense of things on here, it will give you a stroke. I'm half stronked out right now to come here and find out Prox is still talking about the reset thing ;)
  18. Bahdah Augur

    We can flip this thread for lolz @Bartleby!
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  19. Proximoe Elder

    It’s not a reset thing, it’s a feature! Do beta moar!
  20. Bartleby Journeyman

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