Totally killed the excitement and buzz

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    I think too many people are caught up on a word.
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    Ditto best server by far for the casuals like me and friends.
    Most likely the only server I'll continue past POP due to gear being easier to get even if it's 1 - 2 expansions old that allows us to progress slowly.
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  3. Kahna Augur

    We only have 2 monks. And it can easily be done with less than 18. We didn’t even break a sweat. Clerics finished with 50% mana. You seem to think that we have some sort of heavily automated box crews. We don’t. Hell, we even had 2 rangers there. Half our boxed dps is casters who have to dodge the ae.

    And this has nothing to do with players whining and everything to do with the devs not grasping mob difficulty levels when they designed the tiers.
  4. Gnomie Denser than most

    I'm still excited, and I'm pretty buzzed.
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  5. taliefer Augur

    MoTM actually made yelinak easier in some ways. Heres a math problem that might lead you to the answer:

    MOTM changes regarding aggro + yelinak being perma rooted = _____ tanking
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  7. Gnothappening Augur

    No, I don't think you have heavily automated box crews. I think I am trying to do these mobs with a max of 3 people. We need simple to control boxes because WE box. That is why rangers are our usual go to for DPS. Rangers with AA can /assist /autofire and do decent damage. We don't have to worry about melee range or most AOE spells of the mob. Also, they never pull aggro, ever. Wizards can be a good choice for one button DPS, but they do have aggro issues to consider and are sometimes in aoe range, so we just go with rangers.
  8. ShaggyG Journeyman

    Maybe they just left yeli as part of the shared table because of all the folks complaining that they needed some stuff smaller groups could do as part of the vulak loot?

    All the people who are complaining that there are no good loot targets with minimal people, here you go, you wont get as much loot as a full raid, but you also don't need as much so it should balance out.

    I do think it would have been more fun if they just randomed it all across all the raid tables, but the way they did it left some easier targets for more casual guilds to still get vulak loot without dealing with nev. And allowed raiders the ability to plan targets better, instead of just being at purely the whims of rng, which is a bit less mischievous, but also a bit less of a headache, seems like a win for everyone.

    Not only that, but with yeli+zlandi+klandi+dain+vindi+tormax for smaller guilds, they could have an 18 person force ready in 3 weeks and add ST to the loot table, that brings all the potential ntov loot that they wouldn't have if they couldnt down aary with a small force.

    On top all this, most of the slowable ntov dragons are probably killable with a small 18-30 raid force, would just take forever with motm.
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    Fair enough.

    Your Deal, and more power to ya.
  10. Triconix Augur

    Honestly, how would random loot combat this? As raiding gets more in depth, the availability of small raid encounters declines. This isn't something that random loot will alleviate. The amount of open world and "easy" targets just becomes non-existent. Almost all raids starting LDON and beyond were/are designed around having a raid force of 54 players.

    Yes, there are exceptions. Yes, there were/are raids designed for smaller raids. Yes, you can complete 54-man raids without 54. However ones designed specifically with less players were often seen as no good, badly tuned, etc and scraped because of bad feedback. Beating 54-man with less than 54 is more of just a skill/player power thing.

    If people were banking on randomization somehow changing the entirety of raid design, they were doomed to leave before the server even started. Just like every TLP before it. Randomization won't change that. The only thing it will change is that casual players will have the ability to buy raid gear and begin to steamroll group content. Does that suddenly make it "worthwhile"? I don't know.
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  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Or those casual guilds could team up to take out a target they don't have the numbers for by themselves. There is nothing forcing them to join a bigger guild and raid on a set schedule as it isn't that hard to just form a joint raid team with another small guild.
  12. taliefer Augur

    communicate, and work with others? online? in a GAME?

    someone lock this man up before he spreads more insanity.
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  13. Tweakfour17 Augur

    The best part of randomization is multiple attempts at a specific drop. Oh, that monk weapon you wanted didn't drop from the boss? Gotta wait 7 days to try again? Naaaah this next guy might have it or the guy after him!
  14. Elabone Elder

    Let a mage pet build aggro for 20 mins.
    Lev your clerics and hide them off the ledge.
    Summon tank by having your warrior constantly backing out of range of melee.
    DPS Jousts AoEs

    You could probably do it with as little as 12. All you need is enough clerics to keep the tank alive and enough DPS to actually kill him.

    I think back on Phinny we like 5 split him IIRC.
  15. Gnothappening Augur

    Ouch, yeah, that doesn't work well with people 6 boxing :) Thanks for the info though.
  16. Stymie Pendragon

    If he did that it would be the same as you just logging in and having the loot handed to you. We both know how much you're against that sort of thing right? :)
  17. Gnothappening Augur

    Someone already posted them. Not something me and my friends can do. We are still waiting until Luclin and rangers. There are things you just can't do when 6 boxing that a normal raid can. One of those is dodging AOE effects.
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  18. Stymie Pendragon

    I was just ribbing you a little. :)
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  20. Hythos Augur

    Probably should be adding a disclaimer to your signature that states what you're posting is opinion and not fact. Some people might not realize.

    I can't recall who it was that said it; maybe this rule-set isn't for some of you guys who are bored of "doing the same raid for the nth time? I'd feel sorry for your *family members or pets, and they having to see you every day.

    *Assumption that these may even exist.

    Still, it's funny (sad) that there's continued complaining of 'game needs XYZ because ABC server has it this way'.
    **Note - this is the opposite of which supports the rule-set being different than said ABC servers.