Top 3 Most Requested TLP Server Types

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Alarizod, Feb 3, 2020.

  1. Machen Augur

    P99 is that way, and it's free. Darkpaw will never give you something so close to that.
  2. wade_watts Elder

    Oh lawd... Just start the every 6 month 'seasonal' new version of Agnarr that craters after 12 months. At the end of the server, folks have 30 days to transfer into Agnarr for a $25 fee.

    What everyone knows to be true is that a new classic-based TLP brings tons of folks out of the woodwork. The excitement falls away for most of them after 3-6 months as the server starts to hit maintenance mode. The nostalgia, high early population, and leveled playing field is what brings folks back and scratches the itch for people.

    Most modern games understand this concept and have created seasons to keep player base interested and engaged over time. Why would Darkpaw not do a similar thing here to add modern concepts to a legacy game? Create some variability in seasons, add some non-breaking rewards like TLP bags and such if you want to spice up the seasons. You've already captured the folks that want to play on a server full-time and long term so now you just keep adding maintenance and support debt every time you launch a new server that lives forever.

    Almost everything else is niche asks by folks that generally wouldn't want this play style anyways. Some might be good and personally appeal like dual-box or something, but none of those are real game changers for the larger TLP crowd.
  3. Zansobar Augur

    People want the new server launches...heck if WoW Classic did that every 6 months or so those would be the most popular servers they have each time a new one launched.

    Daybreak has stated many times that it costs them basically nothing to keep a server up and running except for the power cost. They don't have devs babysitting Ragefire, Fippy, and the like. This is why they keep them up with no player base instead of consolidating them as they cost them nothing to keep them this way. This is why there is no real issue with launching a new server even if it's only well populated for a year or so.
  4. Angered Augur

    FV Rule set
    3 times the loot per raid boss A bonus chest with 6-8 items
    5 times the exp of LIVE FV
    Gates of Discord start all characters flagged up to QVIC!
    Make two servers on that starts in Classic one in GOD
  5. Xanadas Augur

    Yeahno. There are like 5 people who keep asking for PVP and FV servers. It appears like more because they won't shutup about it. Either of those servers would be DOA imho. Agnarr Seasonal implies truebox, so no thanks. There's a very large group of quiet and patience people waiting to re-sub tons of accounts for a boxable server - where's that mentioned in your list?

    The only thing that needs to be said here is that there have been multiple truebox servers recently and no new boxable servers. If the next TLP release cycle doesn't have a boxable option, I will probably just give up playing. I played the hell out of some lockjaw and ragefire and I've been waiting years for a new one of those.
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  6. wade_watts Elder

    I love it when people threaten to stop playing if they don't get the server build they want. My dude, you are playing a 20+ year old game... We all know you aren't going to stop now.
  7. GugokSkulkraker Journeyman

    I just want 2 month (or 8 weeks, whichever is easier to code) for unlocks. I don't care about any of the other factors but 3 months of plane of sky is boring as hell. I think I was good at the 2 month mark and ready for new content.

    The only other thing that would be nice is extra GM enforcement to keep bots off the server. They are super easy to find/detect and I'd really like to see more effort from Darkpaw in addressing it. I know this is unlikely to happen given the current state of Mangler, but a man can dream.
  8. feigntrain Elder

    I literally started that post with "I know this will never happen"
  9. Machen Augur

    If this were true, EQ would have the same population it did back in 2002-2004. People DO quit this game and most never come back. The TLP's have pulled back in some over the past 2-3 years but it won't last forever. Especially if Darkpaw continues to mismanage it by focusing pop on the first five expansions. Only so many times you can play through classic or kunark before it gets old.
  10. Fraggly Augur

    I haven't touched this game in at least, if not more than, 2 years. I come back around TLP time because i enjoy boxing and can't stand the truebox crowd. This game was huge for me as a young adult so that is why i lurk, in the shadows, always hoping to be able to relive my style of the game. Boxing has been around forever whether you were there or saw it or not. I don't care how you feel about mega boxers anymore than you care how i feel about mega boxers. I find ways to have fun avoiding them.

    If another Truebox is all that is released i will be trying real hard to never come back around here, for my own sanity. It isn't a threat, more like "it is what it is". If the game owners believe there is no more money to be had in a standard server, with modern TLP advances, there is nothing i can about it. I began posting frequently to make sure the standard server crowd isn't forgotten about, not much else i can do.

    :D Staying on the server you and your friends have fun on is such a foreign concept to some people.
  11. That0neguy Augur

    But if mangler is any type of health gauge for them then this simply is not true. They will probably keep releasing classic TLP's until one of them is a bust.
  12. That0neguy Augur

    Most people who don't play this game don't post daily for the last 3 weeks.
  13. wade_watts Elder

  14. Fraggly Augur

    I used to think you could read, Guy, but i guess i was wrong.

  15. Thewiz Augur

    Phinni clone EXCEPT zerkers and beastlords at launch!

  16. Kalantha.Mangler New Member

    Why do a handful of you keep claiming that non-truebox is one of the most requested servers? It's not. Nobody wants to be forced out of camps by dozens of asshats with VM running 24 man armies. The only people for non-truebox servers are people who want to krono-farm... and frankly, there won't be anyone to sell to. That server would be dead on arrival.
  17. code-zero Augur

    Non true box has been requested often enough that Dreamweaver created a discussion thread to discuss it
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  18. Jalerian Elder

    There would be very few if any 24 man armies on a boxing server with AoCs. Those types of things occur when there is an audience for selling items they drop. The average boxer is not very likely to buy items because they would rather get them themselves (and can because they bring their own group). Casual players are the ones that purchase things with krono because they don't have the time or resources to earn them.
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  19. Fraggly Augur

    So stay on your truebox server without the armies of bots. <- that's a period.
  20. Maneuvre Elder

    This thread has done well to neglect #2 bullet above, PvP style server. So I'd like to loop it back and mention that if Darkpaw Games builds a PvP server... the PvPers will subscribe.

    There are players elsewhere that will migrate back to the promised land, the risers and 99ers and those that have stepped away since the merge of the zeks will be curious. The current subscribers will be curious. Its a win/win. The TLPs have their own issues now with posts complaining about it. So what's another TLP server where at least the community can self-police themselves?

    Avoid the Rallos Zek FFA type servers because there's already a couple of those floating around. Maybe launch another unique TLP ruleset simultaneously to maximize your profits and mitigate cannibalizing your current TLP populations.

    I'd advise that the PvP TLP server at a minimum is:
    - team based Good vs. Evil to minimize PKers and griefers and build a stronger sense of community.
    - beneficial spells must not work on the opposite faction to counter x-teaming.
    - language barriers between good and evil. Ogres and Gnomes co-mingling ruins the immersion :p
    - locked at Velious. This prevents the unbalance that PvP suffers past that point.
    - PvP level range. What that is? I'm not getting paid to figure that out.

    The naysayers are here because they probably want another classic TLP to farm krono. They probably want FV rules to make krono. They probably want non-true box to open the flood gates for massive bot armies. Krono is great for DPG but so are the new subscribers. PvP advocates such as myself want a PvP TLP to relive the nostalgia of team pvp circa 2001. Zek Live is not enough for me to be a subscriber again. I'd rather hold out for some of the newer projects being developed elsewhere...

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