Too Many Nerfs to Mages

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Jmag, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Jmag Journeyman

    Mages were considered OP when their pet could tank raid mobs, so pets got nerfed. Understandable, but now my pets cannot tank more than 1 deep blue mob without dying even with merc healer on reactive. Now even 1 yellow mob is too much. (He used to be able to handle two yellows.)

    Our rains were OP, so they got nerfed. Now although they conserve mana, they do squat dps.

    On raid burns with tested and optimized spell sets and AAs, wizards easily do 4x the damage I can do. (BTW, PLEASE do NOT nerf wizards!! That may be my new main.)

    I think they keep me around in guild because I can toss mod rods and CotH in the rare case it is needed.

    I am seriously thinking of quitting playing my 4 year old main toon. :(

    Tell me, is this as intended ? If not, please give my pets more HPs, and raise the dps my spells can do.
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  2. Jmag Journeyman

    Oh, BTW, the pet dies so easily EVEN WITH dimensional armor added.
  3. Brohg Augur

    Is this Grobbspeak? I feel like this is Grobbspeak, but I don't know OP, so I don't know OP's tendencies.
  4. Jmag Journeyman

    OP = Over - Powered
  5. Duhbeast Augur

    How do you think other classes feel about several blues or 1 yellow mob? They feel like they should join a group to get something going, interesting concept I know. First off, what is your pet focus? That has a lot to do with the tanking/damage power of your pet. I don't know what all of the mages tools are, but I'm guessing you aren't using them all.
  6. Brohg Augur

    Jmag's pet focus is more than fine, unless his subscription lapsed for half a year and he just didn't notice :p
  7. Jmag Journeyman

    Pet focus is Os Avus.
  8. Duhbeast Augur

    do you cast pet absorbs/heals? Do you use your little gargoyle pet to tank extra mobs?
  9. Sancus Augur

    The OP is a tad hyperbolic, but I can understand the frustration with the repeated nerfs.

    As an aside, I'm pretty pissed about the lack of a new raid EM upgrade, though I suppose it's somewhat moot with how little EM upgrades do post-nerf.
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  10. Cicelee Augur

    If your Arx raid pet focus Earth pet is not able to handle one yellow mob in TBM, then sorry to say but the problem is not your Earth pet....
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  11. Jmag Journeyman

    I do use Water Elemental Form and Elemental Union and those help a little. And I DO use earth pet when soloing/moloing.

    Just upset that we got hit so hard with the nerf bat.
  12. Nuttmeg Augur

    There are what, a dozen other classes that can't handle two yellow mobs beating on them at once in a solo situation?

    It's about time they addressed the huge solo disparity between the DPS classes.
  13. Coronay Augur

    Mages are like one of the most powerful classes in this game. Whatchoo smoking?
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  14. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    Water form is mana reg iirc and EU is a fire mod..Not sure why EU would be helping with your mana consumption ..
  15. Hellboy007 Augur

    Wish my bard could tank a blue mob..
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  16. Sheex Augur

    The sun is also "a tad hot" ;).

    PS - no comments from the OP about the big pet changes on Test? Won't help the raider but looks like it may be beneficial for the grouper.
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  17. Jmag Journeyman

    EU is not a fire mod. "This ability allows you to take on the form of mystical force. While in this form, your detrimental spells will benefit from increase damage..."

    Someone asked if I used those, and I said I did. I didn't say that EU helped mana regen, just that it helped some, and I meant DPS.

    I'm stunned that people are just picking apart my concerns rather than addressing the issue.

    So: MAGES - do you have trouble with mana regen or not, for instance in a long raid ?
  18. Vazuvius Augur

    So you ARE literally hitler?
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  19. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Honestly, the nerfs to mages was why I cancelled my sub and didn't buy the new expansion. I've been playing mine a lot more than 4 years. (Closer to 13...) I saw nerf after nerf after nerf, the repeated tendency to nerf rather than balance, and decided it was time to stop forking over money for a while. I keep checking in from time to time, hoping I'll see some reversals. From pets to rains to fades, ugh. We'll see though, maybe things will change.

    This new thing about the pets does look interesting, though... can pets now tank and hold agro with close proximity? Not sure how I feel about that... does it actually work? How are the general player base responding?
  20. Hellboy007 Augur

    First thing.

    The only nerf i dont get was the rains nerf.
    Fade nerf was across all classes.

    Pet changes will either be good for some or horrible for others.

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