Too many BAD bad boxers on Yelinak

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Thunn, Jul 19, 2022.

  1. Nebby Lorekeeper

    What is a boxer?
  2. Aenoan Augur

    Oh, they could end it all by having a free trade, kunark or velious start, full pvp server, full box!
    And we can call the server Calamity!
  3. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    Reeee you don't play like I want and you're ruining my memories shut it down.

    No there are not. What parses are you talking about ? What fights ? What difficulty setting ? A clicker can be an ok player in modern, fast paced MMO's like WoW but they can't be good, or define good. In EQ if you play one character at a time it's a different story though.
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  4. Laronk Augur

    Maybe step up and pull so he only has to tank and enchanter? I find that no one ever wants to pull often with dumb crap like xxxx class isn’t a puller… that’s nice go pull or shut your trap.
  5. Panikker Elder

    Not really , I was asked as a BARD to Not Pull and let the fully twinked SK with druid buffs do ..made my bard life easier LOL sing songs and hit mobs lol ...cant wait to do it again !! LOL
  6. uberkingkong Augur

    Bard being told not to pull since the tank will do the pull indicates the bard is bad. If bard goes into melee in that situation it just makes them look even more bad. What bard should do if they was good, CHARM. Because in TLP Charm pets are king.
    So if bard isn't pulling, the tank is, and hence meleeing while singing songs and doing casual stuff, they not really good. I see a lot of bards talk the talk too, but most of them, they just melee and not even charm because they bad.
  7. Demetri Augur

    Plenty of times as a boxer - its about lack of stress rather than micromanaging everything into oblivion - running at 100% usually isn't exhausting in EQ for a single character, but multiplying that with extra characters (besides mages, lol) it's easy and frankly more relaxing for long sessions to just fall into a consistent baseline pattern when boxing at 75-80% while able to kick things into higher gear when the poo hits the rotating blades.

    I'd imagine most people that have seen me box in a stressful situation would give me a Top 20 or so rating for the boxers they've seen - but those who have only seen me in routine? Yea, I'm pretty slack - because I'd be exhausted in like 2-3 hrs if I was running at 100% with three active characters + a mage - and I tend to prefer 6+ hr sessions when I've got the time available.

    (Pretty sure Aenoan above has seen me in stressful situations while boxing - at least spent enough time with him over the years, it's almost certainly been a thing at some point - but he's also definitely seen plenty of slack boxing for routine cases)
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  8. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Math is hard?

    25% overhaste song, by itself, in a full melee group, depending on how you are pulling and where FAR exceeds the value in pulling while the group kills and keeping single mobs in camp.

    I pull most of the time in groups as a tank. Why? Because:

    1) if the pulls are close, it is little downtime, the aggro is easier to sustain by being first on aggro list, I also can root so rooting 1-3 on the way so that root falls (shackles has 0.25 sec cast time but only lasts like 90 seconds) as the 3-5 other mobs are being finished, and I can pull way more than random dps class or "puller" since the mobs can beat on my back all day long

    2) if the pulls are far, then its a moot point anyway, and the puller ends up not getting exp half the time and if they time it to be close enough, the benefit starts going away

    Mainly though, losing 25% overhaste and the melee dps of a bard means having someone else pull, like the tank, results in more experience over time.

    An enchanter is probably the only class I'd theoretically prefer to pull in most groups I run, because they can bring in a bunch and park them, and they provide little dps outside of charm pet in many cases, even if they are nuking and dotting its not a ton of dps, particularly compared to a geared bard.

    A closer thing with a monk or any other dps pulling, but the loss of dps on the mob is too much. I mean, that 6th person essentially ends up never doing dps at all if you are really pulling at a breakneck pace. I'd rather go pally pull 5-6 at a time and tank them all at once and get the dps gain from that player.
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  9. Magician9001 Augur

    The server they're talking about just launched Kunark. There is no 25% overhaste. If a tank is pulling in Classic/Kunark/SoV you're just gonna have a lot 25%+ idol time. It's just bad period.
  10. NoseMiners New Member

    pulling on tank is optimal because the charm pet tanks anyway and time your monk is not dpsing/bard mana song isnt hitting is more of a waste
  11. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    The thread is completely viable until luclin and then requires some gear?
  12. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    For a "live" player, you sure spend a lot of time on the tlp forums
  13. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    If you have a tank in Classic/Kunark/SoV your group is suboptimal by default so who care who's the puller ? I'd prefer that the tank actually pull so he's at least somewhat useful and that the bard stay near the casters and play manasong, regen, psalm of mysthic shielding and whatever. Then if he want he can even go afk, won't make any difference.
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  14. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I think its hilarious that the people that come on here blathering about how boxers don't know how to play, or X person doesn't know how to play, blah blah blah, are people that can barely hit max level and are scraping by in this game assuming anyone with more than 10 plat is a krono farmer.

    Sounds like you guys are the ones that are terrible.
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  15. Triconix Augur

    There's a word for it: Projecting

    They can't live with the fact they are terrible and nobody wants to pity invite them and carry them on their backs. Thus, we have threads like this claiming boxers are bad and are toxic. The irony is this is one of the most toxic threads right now.
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  16. Shillingworth Augur

    That's weird. During early periods in the game on my Paladin I did a lot of pulling via lull and even did some CC through roots when it was really needed. Even as far as LDoN, I was still doing LoS pulls often times running off with a mob snared to start the next pull.
  17. Vlorg Augur

    and 5 minute later when the bard is OOM without being able to regen more than 2 mana per tic... what should he do?
  18. Koshk Augur

    Wake up the enchanter?
  19. Vlorg Augur

    that is supposed to give the bard more mana so he can charm more?

    cause apparently they arent supposed to melee....
  20. Magician9001 Augur

    If the main tank is pulling you're not chain pulling. Which means any sustained non-mana DPS is being wasted. DPS = EXP. If your tank is pulling your group is getting less XP.