Too many BAD bad boxers on Yelinak

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  1. gofortheko New Member

    The only "bad" boxers I see are the ones who are doing it legitimately. If they have 6 boxes or if they are a good box team, almost 100% they are running a third party program that plays the game for them. Too bad Daybreak didnt crack down on these people, but they enjoy their profits too much.
  2. Tucoh Augur

    Well, I'm a live EQ player and just invading this forum so my gameplay is quite a bit different from the typical Yelinak boxer. Frankly I agree that the slow pace of gameplay and static mob camps is not fun. My typical "mob camps" involve me running a circuit through 3-4 named spawns and destroying them as quickly as possible and I'm more focused on doing difficult missions and seeing how strong I can get my team than anything else in the game. My style of boxing is extremely high APM and fast paced with a skill ceiling that I can't possibly achieve because I'm boxing six characters with ridiculous ability bloat.

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  3. mark Augur

    if i am lazy i pull with the monk in the hole but normally i pull with the warrior tank 3 or 4 mobs including 1 or 2 golems and i ae mez them and melt most mobs with the mages and monk(golems i kill last always easier),it helps my warrior has bis in most spots including jewellery and cleric buffs but not shammie.
  4. code-zero Augur

    RE: the part in red above. I assure you that there are very terrible EQ players and if you need examples almost any Twitch stream of P99 will provide evidence. Players who click everything and have no real hot bar setup and no in game audio triggers. Chat windows that aren't merely poorly filtered but filtered to the detriment of game play. The list goes on and on
  5. Aenoan Augur

    How long have you been playing the game? And how long have you been boxing in this manner?
    I think its very cool you can see the other side of the game, I am sure it can be quite challenging on live with the skill and spell bloat. I noticed that the live version is more akin to modern mmo's but still very dated in ways.
    The thing to remember is 99% of these players are TLP recyclers and typically we're gonna see a tiny drop off when classic gone because the easy krono farm is long gone after Kunark.

    EDIT: After watching the clip, I don't know I just find that all incredibly distracting. I am assuming you use a 1 button macro for your abilities? I know with monks (my old main) that was popular to just spam 1 over and over and have entire rotations put on to a separate bar.
  6. Aenoan Augur

    I'd be careful that there are a lot of good clickers! I watched some pretty interesting top parse fights in other MMO's and found out afterwards they click.
    I don't run audio triggers because I play classic and, well, now Kunark, maybe on Live (that distinction should be made) I would, because at this point I think they design fights, on live servers around addons, which is a bad design (this argument has been made to death, eg. WoW)
    But that is an interesting take. I don't watch twitch but I did for a time. It was distracting me from enjoying the games I was playing and trying to enjoy. It's like watching sports. I'd rather go touch grass and play football than watch it.
  7. Tucoh Augur

    Since 2000, but not continuously. I've boxed in this manner since TBM, so 4 years. Only play for a couple months for each expansion release though. Just enough time to beat the group content.
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  8. Triconix Augur

    TBM is 7 years old.
  9. Aenoan Augur

    Something I would like to do is go back and try to flop my way through the group progression and get it all unlocked, I think I fully stopped playing EQ in VoA but even before then I was only logging on to say hi to friends maybe grind 5 or 10 aa (solo/molo).
  10. Aeonblade Very Hungry Vah Shir

    Just don't group them. Make a guild that doesn't allow boxes in groups and raids. It's a great policy and your guild will fill up with people who can actually focus and play their classes properly.
  11. Dijalin New Member

    Maining a ranger, and I find myself tanking all the fricken time, when I put up LFG I get tells asking me to tank -.- Oh well, at least I can hold aggro like a boss.
  12. Tucoh Augur

  13. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    People complaining about boxers are always the same anyways. They will be gone in a month or two max and thread like this will disappear for another year.

    Yet if they introduced a free trade TLP, two boxing allowed from classic, three from PoP, gone from TSS it would be one of the most successful TLP ever. With or without random loot. Almost everyone box at this point, not everyone necessarily box 100% of the time though, sometime you just want to play a char and chill.

    When Truebox was introduced it was almost unanimously asked because something had to be done and every TLP being like Ragefire was meant to be a disaster. Since then a lot of things have improved, notably the introduction of /pick and Agents of Change and that 1 char / 1 computer has to be reviewed.

    Because nobody care about a few Karen coming here every year for 2 months getting their nostalgia kick and realizing that they're as bad as back in the day, didn't improve at the game at all, achieve nothing, that their favorites activities (guild barbecues, weddings, gfay cyber time) are no longer popular in 2022 and then come to the forums throwing a fit because they're not having things the way they want.

    They will come again next year anyway, because they're addicted to Sro, Unrest and Guk and think that this time this is it, they will be the ones.
  14. Nessirfiti Augur

    Holy crap the self-importance of this whole post is staggering. It can basically be condensed down to "I graced the dirty boxer with my presence, even though he was clearly trash and then I left."

    If you think you're so great, you should solo and show them how much better you are. ;)

    I know, we should have boxing banned! I'm sure that there won't be any financial difficulties for DBG if a rather large percentage of their playerbase could no longer play, They'll keep the servers running for the anti-boxers out of the goodness of their hearts, right?
  15. Aenoan Augur

    Honestly, I'd rather that happened over dragging the game through the mud. Let's face it, the nostalgia is gone. I would have rather they shut down the game and we remember it for what it was than what it is. The very fact we basically refer to the TLPs as the "wild west" and anything goes and that is considered acceptable. Kind of speaks volumes to me.
  16. Overmedium Journeyman

    They are rare... I consider myself a very good Enchanter, but the amount of attention required to be good on Enchanter can be very annoying... On Yelinak, I hit 50 on my Enchanter named Joyfriend in the first few days because Enchanter and in those early days most people are more focused since they have no gear and are pushing for 50 asap.

    I will tell you that the reason I quit playing Enchanter was because as fun as it is to carry a group, it became extremely unfun to carry 2 dudes with their 2 mostly afk boxes and the last person rotating out every 30 minutes because "Wife agro"... I feel the bad boxers sentiment and I think if that was addressed a lot more skilled Enchanters would pop up.

    Fun Fact: "I'm boxing" is the most common excuse I have heard from tanks who don't pick up adds when there is no Enchanter.
  17. Ishbu Augur

    The issue isnt boxers its that you are playing in classic on a TLP, where 80% of the population are actually bad players.

    The good news is 70% of that population will quit within the next few expansions. Of course what is left are mostly competent boxers, so I guess that most likely puts the OP in the 70% that will be gone.
  18. Sapper GrumpyScales

    And this is why PUGs usually are not fun. *goes back to solo Necro things till raid time...*
  19. code-zero Augur

    If your argument comes down to "they should shut down the game" then you really don't have an argument. Given that this is the TLP sub-forum it'd make more sense to argue for never opening another TLP ever again based on your arguments
  20. TLP Addict Augur

    Think about how bad the average EQ player is, then realize that half of them are worse than that.
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