Too Late to start Agnarr server in 2020???

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by bromigo, Mar 20, 2020.

  1. bromigo New Member

    Is it too late to start in Agnarr server in 2020?
    The PoP-Timelock seems like a good choice for me... so Im thinking of starting in Agnarr.
    Is it too late? Is the server dead?
  2. PirateLordCarroll Journeyman

    Nope it isn't dead, when I played yesterday there were like 200 between the chats. There isn't as many as mangler or FV. I didn't see any one looking for a group though, so it might be dead in that sense.
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  3. bromigo New Member

    Is Mangler server also a PoP-Timelock? or which expansion does the server stop?
  4. Vumad Augur

    I wanted to play on it but it's truebox and thats not for me. I'm all about grouping but I'd rather spool up a 2 or 3 box and LFM, dropping boxes if we find enough people. I hate LFG. Love to LFM.

    Plenty of people to talk to. I only made it to about L4 though. I think like every server there are people to play with but they are spread out until the end game. I could be wrong as that truebox thing was an issue for me.
  5. Moxon New Member


    I started on Agnarr about a month ago. I am level 35 now and am loving it. Haven't found any groups but I have teamed up with a few people along the way. It's usually someone playing their twinked alt.

    Really good community has been my experience. Easy to find some high level bluffs which really helps out when you have to solo.
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  6. Herf Augur

    Agnarr is host to 3 raiding guilds, and other guilds who don't raid, or raid less. You can often get buffs in PoK near the soulbinder by asking because boxers keep their buffers there to buff themselves and guild members. FInding a group at random can be more challenging, but, at the higher lvls there are often groups in Crypt of Decay, etc. where people are putting in a few hours each day working on AAs for themselves or their alts, which is never ending. Velks also often has 1-2 groups going.

    You really need to find and join a guild so that you can find groups that way, though even then you will probably lvl to at least 20+ on your own, or if you find someone else in the zone you're in (for example Kurns, PC, etc.)

    But with Temperance, dmg shield, other buffs, and xp potions you can get 20 very fast in a place like Kurns where you just run around slapping the undead until you have a cluster of them beating on your dmg shield. With the current XP bonus running until the first, it's even faster. After that you go to PC until lvl 23-26.

    The things I like about Agnarr: most of the ....cough...."difficult to like"... cough... players left and went to Mangler long ago. So the people that are on Agnarr are there by choice, and welcome new players. I also like the era Agnarr is locked at: PoP (LDoN actually). The bazaar is sparsely populated, but people do keep vendors up selling potions, pet weapons, and various drops they get which they don't need for the alts that collect them while XP'ing.

    The one minor thing that's annoying is, because DayPaw games is lazy, they have holiday special events implemented as parts of expansions. So if that expat hasn't unlocked, you don't get special events. RIght now for example is the EQ Anniversary. But all we get on Agnarr are the empty tents in PoK. No Veterans rewards either. But we do get the XP bonuses other servers get, and currently the St. Patricks Day hats can drop off mobs, and in April we'll get the Stomples easter egg hunt. Despite what the in game messages say as you level, there are no daily quests from Franklin Teek in PoK.
  7. Herf Augur

    Officially it's "PoP locked" but that includes Veksar, Gunthak/Dulak, and LDoN.

    Gunthak/Dulak are popular places for people to lvl.
  8. Herf Augur

    Note also that people on raids are often not in General chat, but they are on the server.
  9. Herf Augur

    You do know that "truebox" doesn't mean "one box only", right? You just have to use seperate physical computers.

    I'm usually 2 boxing with a slower/healer with DPS/tank, and finding more isn't that hard. If you announce LFM, people will often get back to you, and/or they'll switch to alts they want to lvl or get AAs for. True boxing isn't that onerous. Some people even 6 box, using bluetooth numpads as controllers.

    I'm actually stepping up to 3 boxing, bought a laptop and a bluetooth mouse.
  10. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    No, Mangler is just set to progress considerably slower and take longer to do everything than any other TLP server before. For most expansions it will have been on that expansion longer than any of the previous TLP servers, the only exceptions would be the voting ones which might have voted multiple times to remain in certain expansions longer.

    The one you were replying to was asking about Mangler, not Aggnar.
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  11. bromigo New Member

    Any newbie friendly guild in Agnarr?
  12. forum troll Elder

    Quick question my accounts are paid for but I pair up with a rl friend who does FTP - I can start a character on Agnarr PoP locked actually sounds fun, but will he have to sub? also since Im assuming no mercs how would monk or ranger fair solo - (or duo if I can get him to pay and make a healer lol)


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