Too late to start a human monk?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Feldwebel87, Jul 26, 2019.

  1. Feldwebel87 Journeyman

    I want to start fresh on a TLP server with a human or Iksar monk. Is it too late to find groups at low level at this point? Which TLP would have the most promise for a new toon? And which starting city to start in to increase my chances?
  2. Guzzle Augur

    You could easily do this on Mangler, starting in Freeport.
  3. Alikat Lorekeeper

    Don't listen to this prejudice, it's okay to be an agnostic Qeynos monk too.
  4. OliverQ Elder

    Most people will tell you to go Iksar, not human.
  5. Feldwebel87 Journeyman

    It's important I can find a group and not be by myself too.
  6. Aegir Augur

    Mangler is at the end of Kunark, not many new players starting up.... If you can get yourself in hold of a Krono, sell that for some fast Weapons + Fungi Tunic, then you can solo your way up to where there are more groups.

    But On all servers now, you are on your own at the lower levels.
  7. uk6999 Augur

    You wont find many really low level groups even on mangler. Almost 6 months in the most recent TLP means you need to PL yourself to about 15-20 before you can find reliable groups in unrest/lguk or wait until the next xp bonus window. With fungi staff+tunic and a few fast delay weapons getting to 15-20 by yourself is fairly easy.
  8. Feldwebel87 Journeyman

    That's why I asked this question. No point in playing a TLE server at this point, so off to Live I go.

    Unless you are playing within the first couple of months (ideally the first couple of weeks), it's just going to be a solo adventure. If I am going to play solo, might as well go to live with the mercs.
  9. Barder-mangler Augur

    Uhh a friend literally started yesterday and is lvl 34, found plenty of groups. You basically need to solo until 8, then get into unrest and it’s groupjng from there on out.
  10. taliefer Augur

    roll a human monk, start in freeport, run to gfay. id wager dollars to donuts you get an orc hill and/or crushbone group without much issue. and from there to unrest, then lower guk still actually has people in it.

    your options are limited, and i wont say its lively, but there are actually people that level alts on mangler cause the exp rate isnt soul crushing.

    unless you only play at off peak hours, i think you'll be fine
  11. Baldur Augur

    There are other options than live if you want mercs. Phinigel has mercs and isn't live for another 2 years or so.
  12. Machentoo Augur

    This is a really short sighted way to look at it. It takes a month or two tops to catch up on the TLP's, after which you can potentially play with the current TLP crowd and progress for years to come.

    If you want to play live content, play on live. But it takes a LOT longer to catch up on live than it does on the TLP's, and reach the point where you will be able to play with real people, even with mercs.
  13. SunDrake Augur

    This. Sure, you can run to 60-70 really quick on a live server if you know the game, but that's about it. It'd be the equivalent of being like level 20 on a TLP. Most TLP players wouldn't have a clue how to go from 70-110 once the merc free ride slows down. The time investment to go from 70-110, get AA'd, Aug'd, and Geared is significantly more of a time investment for most people than leveling to 60 in era with fast TLP exp.
  14. Ajjantis Elder

    If you start on Selo you'll be max lvl in no time as the exp is extremelly fast.
  15. Chuuk Augur

    I agree with most posters here - starting fresh on live is probably a 4-6 month commitment <minimum> before you're able to really integrate with the player base.

    I played on FV server (faster exp rates - droppable badass weapons) and it took me nearly 4 months to get my SK to 110 / 20k AA and I even found a sweet guild with some really awesome people who very generously took their time to help me (and others) level.

    In all honesty, you'll probably find a better (and nicer) crowd on Live than on TLPs, but it really is a much longer investment.
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  16. Gana Augur

    Selos has the tutorial open, but no mercs nor defiant (other than the reward armor in the Tutorial). Catching up there will be fast. Most of the population I have interacted with there has been friendly and respectful (which includes the upper end guilds).

    Mangler still has plenty of low level players for you to group with if you started there (my info is based on me playing there last it may be different today). I was on a level 7 Paladin and orc hill and CB were buzzing! Easy and fast to catch up.

    Was on Phinigel this weekend. Mercs can get you to striking distance of the max level there (since there is almost no low level game). Very nice players there.

    I created a Berserker on Bertoxx (Live) and was sent a tell while I was in the Tutorial to join a guild while I was in the tutorial. I zoned out and ran to PoK where I was subsequently invited to a returning player guild, buffed and given 4 high capacity bags to assist in my journey. There were several other players within a few levels of me. I have since leveled into my 70s and been offered groups from other guilds to PL me through (though I declined). I boxed and did not guild an alt paladin and he has been asked into 3-4 guilds already. Very generous players that try to get new and returning players engaged.

    I see many people post here they are returning and see countless players offer them guidance and assistance if they go to FV, Xegony, Bristlebane, etc. All the servers are looking for new blood and they all offer friendly players. If you want to play on live, you will probably find someone PLing or a guild that will assist you to get higher level. If you want to play on a TLP, Phinny is closest to live (and has Mercs) and will take a bit longer to catch up, but it can be done. Both Selo and Mangler are recent TLPs that you could be caught up over a weekend without extreme effort. They are your best bet to catch up with the least amount of soloing.
  17. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Selo is really the ultimate catch up server right now. The exp is fast, there aren't 1000s of aa's and you can find a variety of raiding guilds. Of the recent tlps its probably also the only one that will have healthy population come level 70 to 80.
  18. Skizzex New Member

    I just came back to the game and started fresh on Mangler on Friday. While I have been messing around soloing and farming spiderling silk for PP, it hasn't been too hard to find a group or partner to level with (playing an Iksar Necro). Not sure about the other starting zones, but UR always has groups looking for more people.
  19. Xarek New Member

    I started a new Iksar Shaman on Mangler this past Saturday and have had no problem so far finding groups. There were plenty of low level folks in Field of Bone and Kurns over the weekend.