Ton Po's Stance - What the Heck?

Discussion in 'Melee' started by InnerDruid, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. HeatherPurrs Augur

    I'll AA it last and frankly, when all else is on cool down and I have no other choices...
  2. Hurrikane Journeyman

    No it doesnt it was obviously a cruel joke from the devs who we all know love monks
  3. Hurrikane Journeyman

    Do the math and do the parse. 30 percent of 10 percent of the original is 3 percent. So right off the gate you would be less if you dual weild because it only affects your primary hand. So under optimal conditions if you are using 2hb its a 3 percent dps increase of only your weapon hits. Pretty much utter garbage and a cruel joke. If you would dare use this on a raid and burn the endurance i pity how bad of a player you must be
  4. Cicelee Augur

    While my 105 monk is nearly retired and I have not played the monk in six months...

    If you have everything down disc wise, have the endurance, and are guaranteed to not run out of endurance at the end of the fight... why would you not use something to increase your DPS by three percent? Last time I checked three is greater than zero...
  5. Hurrikane Journeyman

    Sure bro i guess thats fine. If earrhforce mitigated3 percent
  6. Hurrikane Journeyman

    That was a mistake. If earthforce mitigated 3 percent of damage would you even notice it? The point of a disc is to actually see the effect of it. You would not notice the difference and i dont see why you tease someone with garbage abilities
  7. Hurrikane Journeyman

    And to be clear bud. It isnt a 3 percent increase. Its only 3 percent on your WEAPON strikes. Those are about 33 percent of your sustained dps. So its Actually a 1 percent overall increase. You are better off spamming distant strike.
  8. Thrillho Augur

    Yes, if you have the endurance to spare and will not run out at the end of the fight, this will add DPS and there isn't a downside to using it. 3%, 1%, a couple extra 500 dmg hits, whatever - it all adds up, and the more DPS you put out the better off the fight is going to go (generally).
  9. Savager Augur

    Who doesn't already spam distant strike? =P
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  10. feeltheburn Augur

    Necros love that being spammed....true story.
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  11. Thrillho Augur

    Those critical casts of 5, man. That's where the money is.
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  12. Hurrikane Journeyman

    I have now parsed this many many times. The final verdict is mathmaticly 1 percent overall dps increase. It has absolutely no noticable difference on parse. It was made by the devs to see if we weredumb enough to put AAs into it. Make no mistake they are laughing at us.
  13. heruthemonk Lorekeeper

    What an absolute joke , 1350aa for 1% dps increase

    Insulting is what that is , it needs readjusting .

    I can see they introduced it as a way of increasing monk dps over many more expacs but as it is , there is just no point ..
  14. Savager Augur

    Just checked all my logs. I have never gone above 50% for crush damage. Most of the time it is in the low 40's. So like I said earlier, this disc is pretty pointless.
  15. feeltheburn Augur

    Bout as much DPS addition as distant strike :)
  16. Hickers Elder

    While it's frustrating that this, the only truly new DPS ability we have gained in a long time, is so woefully under-powered, I don't think there is anything to be gained from flaming the devs. I think it was a genuine attempt to give us another string to our bow, but someone didn't really crunch the numbers very well.

    If enough people voice constructive criticism in this thread, it's far more likely to be noticed and acted upon. Personally I can see 2 ways to 'fix' this ability, making it something people would actually use. Either:

    a) Keep the endurance cost the same, but change the percentages to 100% of primary rounds, hitting for 50% damage, for 1 minute.
    (some very rough quick numbers using my 2hb parses as an example, crush dps is anywhere between 60-100k. so this would mean using Ton Po gives a 30-50k dps boost for 1 minute out of every 10, at a very high endurance penalty. Not unreasonable given the high AA cost to max the skill.


    b) Drop the endurance cost completely, and make this a passive ability, similar to Innate Innerflame. Tweak the percentages to make it a 10% boost to melee attacks once it is maxed. 60k auto attack dps becomes 66k. Again, not unreasonable if it's cost you 1350 aa's to achieve.
  17. Horyuken Augur

    I'm pretty sure that spending the 1350 AA on glyphs to use in raids when one would use this ability would go far further and be a more efficient use of the AA.
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  18. Nedrom Augur

    Just as useful as counterforce? ;)
  19. Horyuken Augur

    another patch come and gone and not even a Nancey Pelosi crumb of an upgrade to this over priced AA :(
  20. Monkman Augur

    I would expect anything to come of this AA in the near future.. I mean at least we're not rangers, their headshot AA they spent points on doesn't even add the damage it's supposed to. I'd say personally if they adjust it great, if not... not like we're using it anyways.