ToL Type 5 Aug Bug

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Evilness, Feb 18, 2022.

  1. Evilness Gnome warriors are the best warriors

    Hello, I noticed a possible bug this morning with the ToL Type 5 augs. I am a 116 warrior. I replaced a few Glowing Chunk of Health augs (CoV stam focus) with some Shadowed Stone of Storms augs (ToL Stam focus). I am not getting the full benefit at 116 of course, but as my Heroic Stam and mod 2's went up as I would expect (get 90/93 of the heroic stam at 116), my hitpoints went DOWN after each aug swap. Think something is screwy in St. Louie here. This is on FV.
  2. Rondor Augur

    On the assumption that the armor piece that you are inserting the TOL augment into is from TOV or COV with a Required level of 115, then since the Shadowed Stone of Storms has a recommended level of 120, it may be causing the base armor piece you are inserting it into to inherit the Recommended-120 attribute temporarily. This will lower the base armor's effective HP and hSTA somewhat, which may explain what you are seeing. Please consider and verify this.
  3. Evilness Gnome warriors are the best warriors

    Yeah you are correct, that is what is happening. Could still argue that as a bug though, a recommended level of an aug shouldn't lower the stats on a piece of gear you are over the required level for.