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  1. Scornfire Augur

    Here's the thing Fam, you don't need to sacrifice anything at all to fit Aria in the melody even while using 4 DoTs, as pictured in my parse that's twice the length of yours (Somehow?) but 40k more sustained DPS

    And FWIW, 14%+ on my Necro would be more DPS than the 33k-35k (at best) sdps from a single DoT, assuming you even had to make the sacrifice, which you don't, nevermind the 5 other people in the group. 15% triple attack is too much work for me to bother mathing out, but you're the expert here, show me the data you're using you substantiate your claim that a single DoT is better than Aria (Even though it's easy to melody all the useful ADPS songs with 4 DoTs) /thumbs up
  2. GinODin New Member

    wow ...... talk about a derailing a thread ..... damn you guys are good
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  3. Cloud the Third Augur

  4. Cloud the Third Augur

    Once again your missing the point. We aren't talking about the elite players here. If I was in a guild with real dps sure it would likely be different we are talking about the average player unless everyone is an elite god now at playing which clearly from the parse that got removed they aren't.

    You are assuming every single player has max aa, rank 3 spells, best gear focus etc and they just don't.
  5. Caio_Xegony Journeyman

    So well said! This goes beyond just the bard class. Beyond EverQuest as a great nugget of life advice!
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  6. Cloud the Third Augur

    When did I ever post what I am twisting? I play adps songs with dot and I am not saying what I play hah.
  7. Scornfire Augur

    Are you now claiming 1 dot = 120k DPS?
    Also, saying "500k a tick" is so incredibly disingenuous, as if bards have anything even close to a 100% DoT Crit rate

    You're not using Aria, hence the heckling
  8. Szilent Augur

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  9. Cloud the Third Augur

    hmm after a raid was complete? Doesn't mean that is what I was playing during the raid event hah. You don't have multi song sets?

    That is my solo set btw.


    O and just cause someone was saying something a single dot averages for me 80k dps on a single target fight. Obviously it doesn't work when you have events with tons of targets that are changing etc. But any dot caster like a necro would have the same issue.
  10. Smokezz Augur

    Yeah, but it's been SOOOOOOO awesome.
  11. Drakang Augur

    Went off the rails big time.

    My point was in the past they have tuned raids down but not up. Since not every guild that beat T1 has beaten all of T2 there already was a step up in difficulty. So there was no reason to make it even harder for those guilds that have not beaten it. If every Guild that beat all of T1 suddenly beat all of T2 then I would agree that it was to easy and maybe needed to be harder. We know T3 will step it up again.

    As some have said its nice if there is a pool of highly skilled applicants waiting to join when you drop people that don't perform. That is not the case on every server.
  12. feeltheburn Augur

    Cloud you really are dual wielding double power shovels to bury yourself here. When you are done here....not even sure Snow Bunny Hunters would take you. #justpleasestop
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  13. Tucoh Augur

    This has been an entertaining thread. Cloud, you're annoying and unteachable. Do yourself a favor and get better.

    So any guesses on how many guilds will beat T3 the first week?
  14. Marton Augur

    Guessing 5.
  15. Daedly Augur

    I am not in a top end guild, and not gonna try to pretend I am any kind of elite berserker cause I know I am not. However, if I have a bard in my group and they aren't playing war march, aria and have the melee aura up and I notice, I say something. Outside of a special assignment, I expect those 3 things.
  16. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    The real issue is that a single player appears to believe his personal parse carries a raid.

    The inconclusive parses that accompany most raids are a tool. Good raid leaders look at trends, not individual parses. Comparing parses between guilds is even less conclusive and truly only serves to stroke or inflame egos.

    Looking holistically at a raid force, reviewing trends, promoting cohesion and cooperation is how successful raid forces post win after win. Bards should be judged by their groups' DPS classes performance. If the 4 DPS classes in the Bard's group wound up in the top 10 on the parse, the Bard can stand tall knowing they did their job.

    Parse-topping Bards essentially gave the middle finger to their group and their raid force and wound up costing everyone time. Great job, pine cone.
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  17. Allayna Augur

    Yo, it’s easy to top a parse when you sabotage your main function in a raid, directly lowering Berzerker, beastlord, monk, rogue, ranger dps...

    Sad thing is this, when you do both, as I agree bards can dot AND perform their primary adps function, the whole event is faster, this RAISES everyone’s dps....not just the “one guy”.
  18. Drakang Augur

    Also seem to have bugged it out where its hard to cast on some mobs (No not the be on the ice for mobs on the ice thing)
  19. Drakang Augur

    And can we delete all posts from Cloud and people responding to him please.
  20. Cloud the Third Augur

    You do know we have 6 bards and I can't remember the last time I wasn't with wiz, mage, or necros right? And although they removed the parses I had a necro in my group who was the only one that was higher than my dps on one of the parses... so I think i am playing the correct things that or maybe the other bards in my raid aren't so all the melee are suffering from that?

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