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  1. Cloud the Third Augur

    Post the full parse and change names to classes please or I still call BS. The only step of an achievement that would slow down the raid would be maybe the balance killing one and that wouldn't make the raid take that much longer if your entire raid is doing that much dps.
  2. Bigstomp Augur

    Complaining about the dps group you get on the forums instead of in raid.
    I'm sure I'd break some forum rules if I said what I really think about how hilarious this is.
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  3. Cloud the Third Augur

    How was I complaining? I was pointing out that the guild doesn't know how to setup good groups. You take 2 of your highest dps and you put them with others who improve their dps.

    You have 5 bards you put 4 of them with other classes that can improve their dps and 1 with classes who do nothing for them. 2 of those 4 still do dps even with a better group makeup than the other 3 bards 1 of which has no help from the group.

    It is easy to test all this out with parses and see which classes are best to put together for the overall group total dps output. When you don't do that you are either lazy or just terrible at leading raids.

    Why do you think I got kicked out of the guild I bitched about to much stuff to the guild leader. He has been looking for a reason to kick me out of the guild and I know he is kicking himself for not kicking me sooner because I burned all my dkp last sunday and afterward posted stuff on the forum which finally gave him a reason he could use to kick me.

    Ask Gulbinos (luclin) I told him on sunday I was going to quit the guild due to stuff that happened in the raid but RL made me decide to just deal with it instead of going through changing guilds but o well I got kicked now I will find a new one.
  4. Bigstomp Augur

    We deal with this on casual raids weekly.
    /makeraidleader (someone who is more familiar with adps)
    30 seconds later
    Problem solved.
  5. Bigstomp Augur

    Most guild leaders I have met never want to kick anyone. That whole fire someone when you're the boss dynamic is not fun.

    Spending all your dkp to get everything you can before you know you're leaving is sure to be a high point in being recruited to other guilds.
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  6. Drogba Augur

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  7. Allayna Augur

    Cloud, there’s so much....

    Bards are support classes in a raid. Their primary job is to support others DPS and second function is to perform crowd control or some of their own DPS. The class you seem to want to play is a berserker.

    Raid leaders aren’t there to cater to your needs individually. They have an obligation to ensure raid success with consistency and to maximize efficiency. No, giving you free reign to only dot and not perform the most basic of ADPS functions is not efficient.

    19 minutes on Tsserrina....

    Unfortunately I don’t think your top 5 would make it into the top 40 in ROI/MS or any of the top 5 guilds out there.

    Blowing your load and vocalizing that’s what you did? Bragging about your gear and your Uber leet deeps? Why wouldn’t IL want to bend over backwards to keep a “special” gem like you...?
  8. Thraine Augur

    easy, this is starting to be a "pot to kettle" situation here
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  9. Sancus Augur

    I agree with your post in general, but I just wanted to say most of those parses are evidently missing fairly significant swaths of damage. Inverse Logic is obviously far from perfect (as is any guild), but it has some good players. I feel for them getting dragged through the metaphorical mud in this thread to serve someone's ego.

    I hope other guilds looking for bards learn a lesson from this.
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  10. Cloud the Third Augur

    Well it has been proven DBG doesn't even allow parses without people's name in them. Well anyone got a forum we can all parse real data in to show real without it getting removed?
  11. Cloud the Third Augur

    It was more of how the guild leader was treating me that made me do it not my own hey I am in a bad guild maybe I should spend and just quit. I was getting treated like in the guild but there is no way I can prove that.

    I can go back in my logs with TR and show how many times they asked me to join and I didn't quit a guild to join one who I was in alot of hero missions with people who did such better dps compared to guildies in IL who I grouped with. This proves I didn't put priority of leaving for a better guild. I am not going to put that in the forums though, but if I am trying to join a guild and they have questions I can deal wit the pain of going through private stuff in logs if you want to see them.
  12. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

  13. Cloud the Third Augur

    Laughing cause you know you have done these raids and those parses are BS?
  14. Maedhros Augur

    I will tell you without hesitation that I love a bard that can dps, but dps is not your primary role.
    If you were playing the bard the right way, your entire groups dps should net far more total hitpoints of damage dealt than you simply going all in for dots.
    I would never consider putting a bard who did not support his group through adps into one of my better dps group over a bard that does their primary role.
    I would additionally wager that a bard providing excellent adps could stand there and not dot or melee at all, and that group would net more total dmg dealt than a group with a bard who dots like crazy but doesn't provide adps.
  15. Cloud the Third Augur

    You do know btw I played for years in RoI with another class right? That was before I quit to take a break from EQ for a while. I have the skill to play with them and I know for a fact having played with them that most of IL would not be anywhere in their skill level. I also know that is probably one of the reasons I am at the top of IL DPS parse. I also know from this last post you don't understand that bards aren't completely a support class anymore. Maybe you should try testing out bards and see what they can really do outside of just singing for other classes.

    I know the last few expansions bard dps has been but with ToV they have done some nice things for us and you should really test it out. We aren't just playing dots you know we also are playing support songs at the same time. We are just cutting out a few of them for dots instead. I was the reason my guild started using bard dots. The first raid I doted on they told me to stop but after I did it they tested it and changed their mind saying use the dots.

    I don't know maybe the dots would not be good to use in a high dps guild (I have been in IL so hard to test) but maybe all the high dps guilds have just not tried using bard dots and they would be better off without. Maybe you should read what the overhaste aura does and what the overhaste song does and see that the song doesn't add that much and that bard dots are a better slot than the overhaste song when running the aura.
  16. yepmetoo Augur

    Do tell. "Years". So who are you then?

    Guessing weeks as an app, made member then poofed like all the other nameless people that just wanted to be able to say they were in RoI on the forums =P
  17. Scornfire Augur

    I wish I could quote you in Comic Sans

    [59573] Aura of Margidor Effect III
    1: Increase Spell Damage by 32% (v124, Before DoT Crit, After Nuke Crit)
    2: Increase Melee Haste by 25% (v119)
    10: Increase Chance to Triple Attack by 25%
    11: Increase Chance to Flurry by 24%
    12: Increase Pet Chance to Flurry by 30%

    [59465/1820] Aria of Margidor Rk. III
    Duration: 12s+ (2 ticks) Song, Dispelable: Yes
    1: Increase Spell Damage by 46% (v124, Before DoT Crit, After Nuke Crit)
    2: Increase Melee Haste by 25% (v119)
    10: Increase Chance to Triple Attack by 40%
    11: Increase Chance to Flurry by 6%
    12: Increase Pet Chance to Flurry by 37%
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  18. Pebs New Member

    Wow, if there was any doubt as to why exactly he's guildless now, he sure seems to be trying to trying real hard to dispell that mystery. I'd bet that not a single one of his (now former) guildies has even half the opinion of him that he seems to have of himself...
  19. Cloud the Third Augur

    So 14% more spell, 15% more triple attack.... you sure you have parsed this to see which is better?

    Like I said I can't say for a high end high dps guild because I have not been in one to test which is better. I can say for the average guild it isn't worth singing that song. compared to an average 500k every 6 sec dot.
  20. Szilent Augur

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