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  1. Drogba Augur

    so about those tofs raid changes.. :)
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  2. Cloud the Third Augur

    Combined: Tserrina Syl`Tor in 1163s, 8,904.2m @7656215 | #1 Cloud + pets 410.1m@352.6k | #2 BER + pets 393.8m@338.6k | #3 ROG + pets 381.9m@328.4k | #4 BRD + pets 381.0m@327.6k | #5 RNG + pets 374.4m@321.9k | #6 BST + pets 350.0m@301.0k | #7 MAG + pets 334.2m@287.4k | #8 ROG 323.9m@278.5k | #9 NEC + pets 283.8m@244.0k | #10 BRD + pets 269.3m@231.5k

    Just as an example in this parse had you swapped my group with the #4 bard group it would have increased my total DPS by about 30-40 million while decreasing his by 30-40 million. Hard to say exactly but if you just went by the procs that get added from other classes he did around 25 million just from those other classes abilities procing not counting what their other epic clicks etc were adding to his. While I was in a group that did nothing to increase my dps.

    Looking at his DD damage just these 3 abilities alone added around 20 million to his total damage. He had other procs that were being added as well not just these. Stuff like increased damage being added from group abilities etc I can't isolate so I can't say for sure how much more it was adding.
    Outrider's Synergy Strike II
    Vector of Sickness
    Blackguard's Synergy Strike III

    As for the 10th place bard he also didn't have a group anywher near as good as number 4 bard based on looking at his DD damage.

    As for playing DoTs all 3 of us are running 4 of them. None of us 3 got any additional alliance damage so this parse is a pretty good one to look at and compare because if you are playing alliance that increases your dps alot even though it takes multi bards to proc it.

    If I was in a good group my dps for this fight would have been 380k maybe little higher.
  3. Smokezz Augur

    This post has gone off the rails, into priceless territory.
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  4. Caio_Xegony Journeyman

    oh my god yes! is your Caio a rogue by chance? I was locked out of 99% of beta last year because I literally was crashing every single time I hit enter world on my Caio
  5. Triconix Augur

    I was in IL... it was one of the lowest dps guilds for, at the time, a top five guild. I know it's only gotten worse from a dps perspective. Saying you're a top dpser there is like bragging you won the special Olympics as a non handicap individual.

    Also, all your gear simply means is you're a loot w**** who blew their DKP fast. Congrats...?
  6. Cloud the Third Augur

    Never said I was a top dps comparing to every guild. I was saying I was top DPS in my guild.

    Why don't you each of you top guild people post one of your parses for Tserrina Syl`Tor so we can compare my top 10 player guild parse to yours. You don't have to put their names that gets your post removed but put the classes. Lets see if what you are saying is true or your all just talk.
  7. Cloud the Third Augur

    Combined: TFS #2 in 961s, 5,647.2m @5876359 | #1 Cloud + pets 621.2m@646.4k | #2 NEC + pets 580.0m@603.6k | #3 ROG 353.0m@367.3k | #4 BRD + pets 295.3m@307.3k | #5 RNG + pets 281.6m@293.0k | #6 BST + pets 226.8m@236.0k | #7 ENC 193.6m@201.5k | #8 BER + pets 182.3m@189.7k | #9 MAG + pets 177.2m@184.4k | #10 BRD + pets 149.9m@156.0k

    Here is a better parse for me on #2 raid for TOFS. This one I got alot of bane hits and it would have put me at number 1 compared to the only other parse posted by anyone. Same grouping as the other post I last made so again if I had been with a good group I would have done better.

  8. Cloud the Third Augur

    Just for kicks here is the first TFS raid parse from that same night. This parse is never going to be good because people are so far apart it doesn't pick everything up and alot of dps is missed. I don't like parse for number 2 either because any event that has bane damage isn't a good parse either. Honestly I don't think any ToV raids parse very well if you are just looking for pure DPS. Last good one is probably GMM dragon but at least the way we do it that is good for everyone but bards who are pulling adds away and lose alot of dps from doing that while everyone else is just burning.

    Combined: A restless ice shade in 667s, 2,006.5m @3008275 | #1 Cloud + pets 116.9m@175.3k | #2 BST + pets 115.6m@173.4k | #3 RNG 104.3m@156.4k | #4 NEC + pets 86037k@129.0k | #5 BRD + pets 81900k@122.8k | #6 ENC 79863k@119.7k | #7 MAG + pets 72448k@108.6k | #8 BER + pets 71602k@107.3k | #9 BRD + pets 63925k@95839 | #10 BST+ pets 63544k@95268

    Removing all the adds and just doing the burn on the heart at the very end here is that parse (which should catch all damage done to it unlike the rest of the fight where you are moving around killing mobs with multi groups in multi areas). Well I take that back on this fight this may not have been a good one cause I think this is one where we almost wiped on the heart part and half the raid died.

    Heart of Frozen Shadow in 235s, 330.1m @1404742 | #1 Cloud 25124k@106.9k | #2 RNG 22971k@97748 | #3 ROG 22203k@94479 | #4 BST + pets 21807k@92793 | #5 PAL 20747k@88285 | #6 BST + pets 19105k@81298 | #7 SHD 17263k@73460 | #8 ROG + pets 16922k@72007 | #9 BST + pets 14971k@63706 | #10 ENC 14567k@61988
  9. Scornfire Augur

    Psst, that parse is from CJR, our casual/alt raiding team that hasn't even finished ToFS yet, I don't say this often, but aim lower
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  10. Whulfgar Augur

    I dont agree with triconix on much of anything .. But yeah when I was in IL .. their dps was stupid weak. And as he said its no way gotten better..
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  11. Whulfgar Augur

    So you in a lowbi guild tryna imply your better then bards in guilds you coulden't even get in the front door of ..

    Very much laughable..
  12. Littlelegs Elder

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  13. Szilent Augur

    The open question is how much worse the rest of his group would have performed. Consider whether "the raid leader hates you so he's trying to keep you down" or the raid leader likes everyone else, so they get to group with the better bards…

    if that 30-40M can be carried by any bard, then there's 0 reason for leaders to put it on your total instead of someone else's. If that someone else is going to provide their group with proper ADPS , then they're a way better carrier for that 30-40M
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  14. Scornfire Augur

    Here, this is also from CJR. I'm super curious how you come up with a 667s combined parse for the first event, that would be one of the fastest completion times I've seen from any Guild, actually, it would outright be the fastest.

    Combined (65): a shadowbone in 1276s, 3.90B Damage @3.06M, 2. Scorneternity +Pets = 259.82M@212.80K in 1221s

    I'll even throw in my ADPS timeline! so exciting! I only play the bard once a week really, and probably not really all that well, but I certainly try not to play it like a jackwad, ADPS comes first. Fwiw, gloves are the only raid gear my bard has, so he'd be Muuuuuucccchhhh lower than you on magelo, since that matters apparently


    And the Burn;

    Heart of Frozen Shadow in 152s, 495.70M Damage @3.26M, 1. Guddest +Pets = 54.61M@474.85K in 115s {L}, 2. Berrygud +Pets = 39.59M@476.94K in 83s, 3. stillgud = 32.11M@331.05K in 97s {X}, 4. Hetried +Pets = 28.34M@264.90K in 107s, 5. awmans = 25.28M@173.14K in 146s, 6. suchspike = 21.43M@255.12K in 84s {HX}, 7. pokachu +Pets = 20.97M@137.97K in 152s, 8. squartortal = 19.44M@220.86K in 88s, 9. blastnoice = 18.44M@275.18K in 67s, 10. spongetoffee = 17.92M@145.68K in 123s, 11. Petplayer +Pets = 16.69M@173.86K in 96s, 12. BetterBard:( +Pets = 16.51M@209.03K in 79s, 13. FDbutstillmorethanme = 16.51M@358.81K in 46s, 14. ahealerWEALLKNOWWHATCLASS = 12.65M@136.02K in 93s, 15. Scorneternity +Pets = 12.49M@113.57K in 110s
  15. MrDudeGuy New Member

    Because you asked. These aren't necessarily top parses, just mine. They also, like the parses you posted, don't include full ADPS support.


    /GU Combined: A restless ice shade in 8XXs, 3,7XX.0m @XXXX868 | MrDudeGuy 585.1m@(677.2k in 8xxs)


    /GU Combined: Tserrina Syl`Tor in 10XXs, 8,XX9.7m @XXXX754 | MrDudeGuy 685.2m@(653.8k in 10XXs)
  16. Scornfire Augur

    We'll all be there Sunday Drogbunny, we can compare notes over a spot of tea
  17. Cloud the Third Augur

    Like I said yea that wasn't a good parse on that first one because over half the raid died we had alot of problems with people being stupid and causing a near wipe at the end and I was still at the top even though I died halfway through the fight and it dragged on for a long time.

    That event parses poorly anyway so if you want a decent one post Tserrina Syl`Tor to compare with.

    Look you act like I don't know IL is a poor guild I have tons of parses and alot of them show that you don't have to be good at this game to beat raids. We were good years ago but now due to issues with leadership they have major problems. Mainly the fact that they need to sit people who aren't preforming well. Not like they have magically get good people to join and probably 5 of their best players have left over the last year.

    Gee look at the parses if 3 bards are in the top 10 dps you have problems with the guild dps classes. There is a reason we are playing dots because playing adps adds less overall dps to the raid. And we can play alot more than 4 songs so we do play adps songs as well. I run parses all the time and test changes to lineup all the time to test stuff with other classes.

    IL has like 8 bards so everyone always gets their needed adps and some of us are free to just focus on our own dps.
  18. Szilent Augur

    "we do", you say, but the screenshot you provided to the bugs forum shows you're not playing the very best one
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  19. Cloud the Third Augur

    Those parses look like BS to me you are XXing our times so I can't say for sure but 10XX compared to 1160 and you are doing that amount of damage as not the top? There is no way it took you that long to kill the boss if you alone are doing 2x the top dps on our parse and you have others who did more than you... did you raid with only 30 people or something? That could make sense otherwise I call BS.

    Lets do some calculations at your dps rate it is about 2x my dps. the time is about the same so if I did 5% of total damage in 1160s that means you would have done 10% in the same amount of time. That means 10 people doing that same dps would have killed him in half the time as us... so why is it only at most 3 mins faster?

    Well that or your people not in the top 10 are worst than DPS at IL.

    Event 1 and 2 parses could make sense on time because you can only go as fast as mobs spawn but not Tserrina the more dps you do the faster it goes. There is only very minor slow downs on the mirror parts waiting for them to look like someone.
  20. MrDudeGuy New Member

    Achievement runs, achievement runs converted into regular runs after achievement failed, split raiding, could be anything!

    The parses are accurate.

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