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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Drakang, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Drakang Augur

    - Tower of Frozen Shadow raid events - Made the following changes:
    - - Increased the health and melee damage of all raid NPCs.

    Really? I guess T2 and T3 were only meant for a few guilds with high DPS.
    We were winning the first one on the edge but getting better and were almost there on the second without having seen anything in Beta and having very little clue going in. But now ick.
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  2. Windance Augur

    We're in the same boat. We've had two ToFS #1 wins. Both were after enrage hit.

    Watching twitch of ToFS #2 - Guilds like MS and SR have so much damage that they can keep all the adds down. With full burns we keep 2 or 3 down.

    Hope the tweak was not a major knee jerk reaction to make things challenging by upping the DPS requirements.
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  3. Drakang Augur

    I just think setting a DPS bar in a raid is bad. Should be able to win by control as well.
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  4. Yinla Augur

    :rolleyes: We have low healage, will be interesting to see if we can still get these completed after these changes.

    Not having dancers spawning when they shouldn't in event 2 might help, not sure what wasn't working on 3rd. We will see next week I guess.
  5. Mysl Augur

    We are in the same boat as Drakang. So upping the NPCs' HP and their damage output is going to hurt us, will have to see how bad it hurts after the patch. It is odd that ToFS #1 is made harder when the middle tier guilds start getting to it. Without winning ToFS#1, guilds cannot get to ToFS#2, so making ToFS#2 easier is not going to help the middle tier guilds, just make the top guilds finished the raid day faster. :)
  6. Szilent Augur

    hm, the scale of the problem you describe makes it sound like an eminently fixable problem, if you have participating raiders.
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  7. yepmetoo Augur

    Terrible change.

    Will do absolutely nothing to impact guilds like mine, but will be a killer to guilds barely able or almost able to kill it.
  8. strongbus Augur

    has anyone done tofs raid tonight or after this patch and can give a general idea of how much harder they hit for or increase in hp? such as 10-15% more dps and hp or such.
  9. Cloud the Third Augur

    The only things this really makes harder I think is #3 with the mirrors having more hp that could make killing them before they blow up hard. They added something new at the end which who knows what that will be. Raid #1 I think is the hardest of the 3 tofs raids once you know how everything works so this may make it unbeatable by some lower / mid tier guilds.
  10. Daedly Augur

    I just wish they would stop the shades in TOFS#1 from stopping overtop of the pit. Can make them super hard to melee.
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  11. chronicler Augur

    TOFS 1, worst is the moving shades, should decrease the speed and amount of room the move.

    Casters got easy time there, melee not so.
  12. Allayna Augur

    but but but...

    Veteran reward participation trophies for all....

    In all seriousness, if guilds are having a hard time with any raids, look inward.

    Do you have a CoP4 rotation?
    Auspice rotation?
    Does everyone understand the stacking of their newly awarded veteran rewards?
    Armor of Experience
    Steadfast Servant (not the jester, that thing can die in a tire fire)
    Do people pop a lesson and earn glyph AAs before raids?
    Are the group makeups as synergistic as possible with those in attendance?
    Are those in your group coordinating? Melee - shaman/bard epics timed together and not as the boss is locking? Casters - Wolf and IoG or do people pop what they pop when they feel like it?
    And OMG PRIEST ALLIANCES?!? If you still aren't using them, there's a huge problem. We often have soooo much over healing in an event that our RL doesn't even realize that a mob AE Rampages.
    Do you understand the events? That isn't a slam at anyone, sometimes you have to rework your raid strategy to fit.
    The biggest difference I see in our applicants coming to MS is that we always burn, where most guilds seem to call for burns at a certain phase. If you understand what stacks and doesn't, you can prolong the duration of your burns by not blowing a bunch of abilities all at once that do not stack or already have you at 100% crit rate for instance.

    We didn't ask for this, but we look forward to a challenging event on Sunday, ToV was definitely watered down. Look at the past 4 expansions, as the year progresses, events get tuned down, this year they started easy AF.

    I wish you all luck on your endeavors.
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  13. Drakang Augur

    Have not tried it yet. But friends guild that used to beat it with 1-2 mins before enrage wiped a few times due to enrage with named in the teens. So big jump in DPS required and the tanked adds did hit significantly harder. Yes there are ways to deal with that but I don't think upping the DPS requirement was needed.
  14. kookoo Augur

    same for us,before the patch we were winning , but was close , we tried yesterday ( TOFS 1 ) but failed 3 times win.
  15. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    The problem with the changes as stated in the notes is that they do nothing to make an event harder or more challenging, only more tedious, to the top end guilds that actually had complaints about the raids being too easy. The one except to this possibly being the added mechanic on Tserrina. Making mobs hit harder and have more health does nothing to the guilds that are not being challenged by an event, while it does do a lot to the guilds that are struggling.
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  16. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    Two things:
    - Always burn. Always. Never let up. If your DPS and aDPS aren't coordinating to hit max DPS from the word go, they are doing it wrong.
    - Coordination. Work your strat to mitigate or eliminate time between targets. Is your MA leading targets? How long does it take your DPS to max/level out on the next target? Everyone needs to switch targets QUICKLY and get in range/LoS. Use MARKNPC if you have to. It shouldn't take more than a second for all DPS to switch targets and maybe another two seconds to ramp back up to max DPS. If it is, RL needs to speak up and CLs need to spend some time working with their folks.

    This barely scratches the surface regarding the level of coordination your raid needs to have to win tougher events. ToFS is not tough. It's a set of raids that tests coordination. Coordination is a large branch of your resulting DPS. If you are barely squeaking by ToFs1 prior to changes, you need to look deeper at your raid force and their base functions.
  17. kimbotta Journeyman

    Here we go again, Can't look at the 6 man group of DPS we don't have because not all guilds get 50 - 54 players each raid.

    These are usable ONE time per day, so if you wipe because you're learning a raid how are these relevent?
    Are glyphs the standard now? So in order to raid you need to stockpile EXP outside of the raid? This is a stupid requirment.
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  18. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    Something all this discussion about "always burn" fails to take into account is raid forces with dramatically less than optimal class makeup. For example, a raid force with 1 Enchanter, 1 Bard, and 0 Beastlords is missing a lot of the assumed aDPS abilities for consistent burns.

    Yes, they can still sustain "burn", but those burns will be substantially lower than a guild with the proper aDPS classes present.
  19. Cloud the Third Augur

    I normally hit top 3 dps over the tofs raid and I normally get put with casters and gain no aDPS from other classes that would add millions of more total dps for me. I don't know why my guild does that they are lowering my total dps on purpose sometimes I think!
  20. Thraine Augur

    Instead of making them harder, the top guilds prolly would have been fine if the raids were just less .. boring
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