ToFS Raid 1 Difficulty / Mechanics concerns

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Saroc_Luclin Augur

    I believe that if you kill the wrong type of mob, it should increase your mob count. As in, if you have to kill 5 more Restless spectres, and you kill a regular Spectre, then you now need to kill 6 restless spectres.

    So in that respect, killing the wrong mob shouldn't make it unwinnable.

    The problem is, the restless mobs are so difficult to kill normally, AND you have that Bristlebane-damned RNG to deal with, that killing the wrong type basically does make it unwinnable.

    Feels like too many things were tweeked/'fixed' at once. Hopefully a Dev can take a look and maybe rollback some of these changes.

    Really, for a T2 gatekeeper raid, the version from before last patch felt at a decent difficulty level.
  2. Scornfire Augur

    Killing a non-restless is not a fail, nor is it even a big hindrance, especially since you're waiting around for a hour for the RNG to give you shadowbones. Basically, you're currently capped at 10 Shades/Shadowbeasts, or 40% of the heart damage from those two mob types. If you kill a non-restless (Any mob type) it will heal the Heart 4%, BUT it will allow you to kill 1 more shade/shadowbeast and get credit for it, essentially refunding 1/10 mobs towards the shade/beast cap. Tested this on both runs we did last night.

    A raid where you have to convince a third to a half of the raid to sit in the middle and keep clicking the rez box and basically do nothing else is not good design. This was one of the most EQ raid changes to ever be EQ'd, it's so EQ it hurts
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  3. ArtremasEQ Elder

    Raids should be beatable before the Enrage Timer. Hard to do is, fine, but its should be actually do-eable. Currently ToFS #1 is not (before enrage) due to waiting around for spawns at the mercy of the RNG, with people just eating deaths from Chill, getting rezed, and repeating.

    That isn't skill or dps ....

    It feels, unintentional...
  4. Prathun Developer

    I'll be taking a look at the raid today.
  5. Maedhros Augur

    I think you're comparing original badass Mearatas to current HOFS.
    If we're talking about EQ guilds from February 2019 on the original version of Mearatas vs April 2020 guilds fighting HOFS, Mearatas is by far the bigger challenge.

  6. Maedhros Augur

    I will say that in its current iteration and with us knowing how to beat Mearatas, plus being 115 with more powerful gear/spells and AA, that Heart of Frozen Shadow is CURRENTLY more difficult than the version of Mearatas that is available. You can quote that.

    It would be interesting to see how much of a challenge OG Mearatas would pose now at 115. IIRC UEE's regen was the primary thing that was nerfed on the first pass. I think we beat Mearatas with 9 or 10 minutes to go on our last run, so the regen "shouldn't' be enough of a problem to manage now.
  7. ArtremasEQ Elder


    Please note this gem also.
    [Sun Apr 19 19:47:06 2020] A restless shadowbone begins to use a shadow beast as a living shield!

    Makes it tad harder to not-kill a shadowbeast, if one of its friends sends dmg its way....
    Just highlighting to see if intended or not.
  8. roganemor New Member

    TOFS 1 is broken in terms of it RNG dependency. Perhaps if it knew to only spawn (or spawn way more frequently) mobs that were actually needed it would be better. An hour of just dying over and over while waiting for a pop is not a fun event.
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  9. svann Augur

    You should PM him cause he may miss this if you dont.
  10. Drakang Augur

    Well having not beaten Velkator yet sounds like dieing there while learning and improving is a much better use of time than dieing to this mess.
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  11. Maedhros Augur

    I think that we should always get some credit for killing a restless mob of any type. Even if it is only 1% off the Hearts health. That way we're still moving forward even if it is slower. Since its possible to reduce the dmg percentage towards the Heart to 0% from a "bad" kill on a Restless mob, is it then possible to change that 0% to 1% without too much alteration?
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  12. Grummy_NB Augur

    by the way, it isn't 25 drolvogs or skels, we hit the limit of dogs pretty quickly and skels still counted. Then we had to wait the RNG out so we could get more skels to spawn, without killing any wrong mobs.
  13. svann Augur

    Its like they took the group game and inserted it into the raid game.

    "does anyone have a timer on the repop"?
  14. Astral64 Augur


    RoI confirmed corporate shill corroborating with Big M&M on candy-coated covert contrivances.

  15. Littlelegs Elder

    I bet 10 bucks Astral is gobbling M&M's right now. And streaming it.
  16. Maedhros Augur

    Get this guy a Puppers.
  17. Cailen Augur

    I hope we don't have to wait till next month for it to be fixed
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  18. Tour Augur

    If this can’t be fixed in a timely manner, please just change it back to what it was before. At best the raid is tedious, boring, frustratingly RNG dependent, and is impossible by its design to not result in a lot of people doing nothing but dying and taking rezs for the sole purpose of dying again. At worst it’s going to be an undoable event for some guilds who would otherwise be able to beat the event which then locks out all the ToFS events after it as well, making 1/3 of the expan raid content undoable. Even if the prior version wasn’t as tuned, tweaked, or quite as intended - it worked. I’m sure we all rather have content that works even if it doesn’t fit the intent compared to a raid that doesn’t work (which also fails at not matching intent, just in an even worse way). Again, if this can be resolved timely, great, but if not I think having a working product should take priority and would also give you some time to work on a solution.
  19. MrDudeGuy New Member

    Leave this raid the way it is.

    Too many snowflakes requesting their participation trophies.
  20. Tour Augur

    You know what, you're right. Things function way too smoothly around here lately, especially in the last two months. What this game needs more of is broken stuff ;)
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