ToFS Raid 1 Difficulty / Mechanics concerns

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mazame, Apr 15, 2020.

  1. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    It's sadly not hyperbole. I stopped timing after it passed 5 minutes. I've left one untouched for that long as well and it did not despawn either.

    And, no, SKs aren't known for our ability to stunlock enemies :p
  2. Cadira Augur

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  3. Whulfgar Augur

    Sounds interesting.. wonder how many others have seen a trash mob (healing mob) up for that long now.
  4. Zunnoab Augur

    An event being beatable doesn't mean the event involving heavy randomness is a good thing. You could get like one restless in a wave, or a bunch. If you get too many waves with little restless the event is going to be very hard to beat before the enrage timer. Pointlessly adding more randomness was a very misguided decision. I feel for the guilds having difficulty with it, largely drowned out by other posts. We farm it every week, but that doesn't make it well-designed. And goodness, they absolutely should not do another TBL disaster because some want harder raids. If they want to do that, just do difficulty modes.

    A huge problem with ToFS1 is how difficult it is to move the mobs too. They path horribly, for who knows why are immune to movement abilities (they do that immunity way too often lately, I think it should be the exception not the rule, it's like the anti-cc nonsense GoD era). And yeah, others have mentioned it but it is worth repeating. You absolutely do not need to tank everything at once, nor do things need to be tanked to despawn. Kudos to anyone doing the event that way though, because you've made it way more difficult than it is.

    I've seen Mearatas' mechanics brought up. The mechanics alone are not what make that event hard. When the level cap was still 110, it had outrageous DPS requirements to beat the timer. I suspect for many/most that's not an issue at 115 (and it's an end boss so it's doubly not an issue).

    I think the turbo-mode rocks are a tad silly, but once a strat adjusts to them those are the least of the issues with the event.

    The problem is once again, randomness. When the intermissions happen, when mephits come is not consistent. This is important for 25%. At 25% you may: Get one wave, with a decently long gap before the hall emote. You also may: Get two waves, one of them seconds before the hall emote. That right there dramatically changes the flow and difficulty of the event. Is the worst case scenario beatable? Of course, but it's random.

    Also Velk's is in no way a RNG event. I won't spoil our strat this early in the expansion, but I will say if your raid is at the mercy of the RNG on Velk's it's due to your strat and not the event.
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  5. Whulfgar Augur

    Guess im 1 of the extremely few that dont care if we down it before or after enrage..

    Long as its down.. whats it truly matter ?
  6. 666DPSweDeliver Augur

    There is a RNG element to velks that can wipe a raid depending on how many clerics or tanks you carry … if the tentacles simultaneously summoned all your tanks or all your clerics (exceedingly unlikely), I doubt many guilds could recover.

    The kobold mini boss can also emote and then summon the tank who has the boss, which makes for a mildly amusing struggle to get the boss moved again … thoroughly random but less likely to wipe a raid unless the rest of the tanks have their heads up their rear.

    The randomness of TOFS is obscene, we went 5 minutes last raid with 0 specters … its bad enough I have to chase them around the hole while wearing ice skates and their riposte pushes me clear across the center part of the zone, but they also get to park themselves in the center of the hole, outside of melee range.

    Nothing wrong with beating an event around the enrage timer if getting to the enrage timer is about guild performance. For this raid, you can do everything perfect and still be forced to eat enrage and thus multiple deaths simply because stuff didn't spawn in a timely manner.
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  7. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    If only the tentacles spawned at specific %s and in specific locations so people could be assigned to go to those spots!

    Protip: you don't get strangulation if you aggro them before they aggro you and are right next to them
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  8. Telepathically New Member

    wow we are a guild that has defeated velk, but cant find the will to beat this one... Some one throw me a bone - we've beaten it before it got patched...
  9. Zandez Lorekeeper

    So we've recently beat the TOV x-pac and just tried TOFS I tonight. We've beaten this raid before the nerf. Were not an elitist guild, but since the nerf this raid is a clusterfook!! Either we were waiting on killable mobs (random generator) which seems to be a complete dice toss if you get killable mobs or not, and fighting the random level of Chilled Ice dot you get. So if your not in an elitist guild seems pretty ridiculous in order to beat this raid you have to zerg (many deaths) it!!! Was this the intention with the nerf is so you achieved it!!!
  10. bigpapa Augur

    same for us, we can beat velks , but RNG not letting us to win TOFS # 1 so far...... , what suck is the 60 + currencies for beating all 3 tofs raids per week ( and chest armors ) we have lost so far , :mad: since we can't pass the 1st one.
  11. Bigstomp Augur

    We beat it reliably, but something is wrong when tier 2.1 is stumping a lot of forces and they're rolling over T3.
  12. Bigstomp Augur

    The getgud style comments should be being applied to T3, but they are beating that.
    T2 should not be harder than T3.
  13. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    All I'm hearing is T3 should be harder.
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  14. Drakang Augur

    No this event needs to be adjust to be a bit easier. Don't have to go back to where it was. Maybe just less non restless mobs popping.
  15. Drpeppa Journeyman

    How many guilds on rather best it right now ?
  16. WFSBelaar Journeyman

    A couple of layers of random is fine, I think we're at 4-5 layers of random on this event. Which it seems is not fine.
  17. Szilent Augur

    aim higher than fine - aim for fun

    a raid's worth of players executing correctly should yield good results.
  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Bit late to change it now. T3 raids are more complicated but there is no random spawns, each time you do it everything happens exactly the same making it easier to learn. All of them have a lot going on and are long events.

    I don't think I have seen any other raid as random and unforgiving as ToFS1. The randomness is the problem.
  19. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Unless the RNG hates you...
  20. Telepathically New Member

    Let's not ignore the elephant in the room!