ToFS after Jan patch

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  1. Blastoff Augur

    I've got probably 6 hours of solid farm on floor 1 with no key mob spawns. I've gotten easily 10 regular 1st floor named though.
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  2. Whulfgar Augur

    Perhaps its time dev's took a look at this ?

    I do know that since last patch 1st floor mobs are now all see through all invis's including rogue's sos and prior to the patch, thee only mobs that did that (as not even nameds did that) were mobs on floor 6+ mobs / nameds.

    Related incident I'm thinking.
  3. Ofearl Slayer of all things Stupid

    I actually love the guards on 1st floor! Also just got like 4 keys of various floors tonight for guildies to finish off their sets.
  4. Gnomius New Member

    Guildmate spent 8 hours on 1F today with zero keys. I spent an additional 5.5 hours, overlapping with them slightly, and not a single key dropped. This was a mixture of doing a full lap around the floor, killing every mob (including pit skellies), and standard camping of 2 or 3 rooms repeatedly. Neither method produced results, obviously. We never tried to /pickzone as there were never enough players in zone. I can only guess how many mobs my guildmate killed, but my group killed ~275 mobs according to Gamparse.

    Conversely I popped up to 4F and got 2 keys in as many hours. ~75 mobs for 2 keys. 1 named, one scripted

    Interesting enough, while on 1F we got the emote for the final key multiple times "A drolvarg guard's corpse crumples to the ground. It's weapon creating a loud clang as it strikes the floor." That doesn't seem right at all.

    It would be nice if a dev could just pop in and let us know if this is working as intended. The fact that we got the emote for 7F kinda makes me think it can glitch out and you're screwed until server reset/zone crash.
  5. zerkarinoh New Member

    Just to add on to this. Spent most of saturday murdering all of the first floor. Moved to different rooms, changed up which ones died first, etc. and no key ever dropped.
  6. Jeebs New Member

    Spent 3 hours Friday with nothing. Spent about an hour Saturday and the gnoll popped.
  7. Forcallen Augur

    RNG is the RNG but same issues. Did my nec pre patch without issue. Spent probably 6 hours clearing 1st for my SK and nothing. Gave up for now and finished all the rest in less time.

    I know lots have gotten the key since the patch but also know at least another 3-4 others in the same boat of 6 hrs of nothing for the 1st floor key to two.
  8. Whulfgar Augur

    Its not an RNG thing..

    On some servers the dog mobs on first floor are not the mobs that spawn the key dropper, they are the 6th floor dogs .. First floor mobs none of them were ever supposed to be able to see threw all forms of invis..
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  9. Forcallen Augur

    The key guy still spawns its just there are less "ph's" to spawn him from so RNG is way way worse now. Yes the guards are a bug considering they spawn the upper key script still.
  10. Whulfgar Augur

    Well here on the rathe in the past 3 days Floor one has been perma camped by at least 2+ grps (not my friends or guild mates either various people on server) And not 1 key has dropped. Its become not a less ph's issue .. its become a No ph's at all issue. And as I've pointed out which is fact, prior to this last patch thee only mobs that seen threw all forms of invis were 6th floor an up .. Nothing else did not even nameds.That goes to support the claim that again its not a less ph's spawn.. least here on rathe , its no ph's spawn.
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  11. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    this statement is patently wrong. the only mobs that see through ivu on the floor currently are the 6th floor dogs that are spawning there. they have become the majority of the mobs on the floor for the most part, but ALL mobs do not see through all invis's. the skeletons do not, the spectres do not, the dogs that actually belong on floor 1 do not....

    I camped 1st floor for ~3 hours this weekend and got 3 key spawns off the middle pair of rooms on the east side. people are just having real crap luck from the RNG, combined with the reduced # of placeholders.. yields some long camps.

    I would imagine this is going to be addressed in the feb patch. lord knows enough people have been whining about it.
  12. Kuaamil Elder

    You do realize it's not just the returned shadow beasts that spawn the large frostbitten gnoll, right? I've actually gotten more of mine from shadowbones both before and after patch.
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  13. Duder Augur

    The last 2 I have gotten were spawned from shadowbones as well
  14. svann Augur

    Got it for a guildie the other day and it was one of the pit skellies that spawned it.
  15. Forcallen Augur

    IDK what to tell you the key still drops. I have seen 6 acquired and multiple people in this thread have said the same from various servers. It's just way worse RNG now to spawn it with their being less PH on the floor to spawn him, since every bugged guard from the 6th doesn't count.

    I imagine much like named they had it averaged to be something like 1 key spawn every 72 minutes if you kill every single ph on the floor as they pop when it was working. And since the first floor is bugged now and like 50% of the ph's are gone its instead taking 4, 5, 8 hours for some to get a spawn. And with how the RNG works at times that can mean exactly what I and others are seeing ie 6+ hours of nothing. Through no fault of our own the bugged guards are making it so you really can only kill half the real ph's you should every cycle making the key spawn pop ever more rare since the avg becomes something like 1 key pop every 144 minutes. With the made up guesstimate numbers based on named spawn rate.
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  16. draxx101 New Member

    its not always RNG... sometimes it's with how some people camp stuff by clearing over and over again the same rooms/areas... reminds me of TBL clearing trash to try and get a quest mob to pop when he was actually already up elsewhere in zone
  17. Forcallen Augur

    I was specifically talking about the first floor spawn for key to 2nd and believe he was as well. People are not spawning that mob and missing it. It is just taking forever to spawn in some cases now due to RNG and half the ph's to spawn it missing.

    Some of the other floors yes people can miss the emote, since they don't spawn right on top of them, or were others just xp'ing and spawned it and someone else comes along not realizing its already up and spends an hour clearing for a mob already up.
  18. svann Augur

    Yea but from what Ive seen there are very few rooms left that have the right mobs. Not much of a choice as even a mediocre group can keep all the right mobs cleared. I doubt anyone is clearing 1 room then waiting 15 minutes.
    edit: talking about 1st floor
  19. Forcallen Augur

    I have never seen someone spawn the gnoll and then leave it up, because it pops right on top of the group. So people are not coming in and clearing saying 4 rooms on the first every 15 minutes to spawn it not realizing hes already up in another room. It's just the RNG not spawning him very often. Thought my guesstimate above was pretty good.

    They set it so if you killed every mob on the 1st floor every 15 minutes, after 72 minutes you would see 1 key. This might be 1 key every 45 minutes or 1 key every 2 hrs, I am just guessing based on normal named spawn rates. But right now thats not possible as you can only kill half the intended mobs to spawn it every 15 minutes, since half are floor 6 guards which don't count to spawn the gnoll. So that 1 every 72 minutes for clearing goes out the window and the average jumps to 1 key every 144 minutes for clearing every possible ph on the floor. If the original tuning was once every 2 hours that means the average is now 1 key every 4 hours which with bad luck could mean you kill every single currently available first floor mob ph for 10 hours and see nothing. Then someone else comes in and in 30 minutes gets lucky still despite the worse odds now. Thats RNG at its best after you factor in half the ph's that are supposed to be there having gone missing.
  20. Cloud the Third Augur

    He is talking about the trigger mob not the key mob.

    The trigger mob normally only spawns 1 time. There is a way to use /target to find him doing a trick (not sure if they consider it an exploit but it worked the same in the original TOFS years ago so ask around on server someone can tell you how). The issue here is with floor 6 spawning on floor 1 it means that there is less chances for a floor 1 trigger mob to spawn and it also means a floor 6 trigger mob may spawn on floor 1.

    They all still work we got lucky with a pick up that had noone else in it when my friend needed all the keys and had a trigger mob up on every floor but 5th (which didn't take long to camp). It only took us about an hour to get every single key for him other than 3rd which I left him to get on his own. We did have to kill a trigger mob on floor 1 that triggered the guy on floor 6. This is really annoying if none are up and you have to camp it because if someone is on floor 6 and 1 it is a nightmare running back and forth trying to check for triggers to make sure one didn't spawn on floor 1 that got left up unkilled.