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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Treiln, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Treiln Augur

    ....predominantly, kudos.

    I 3 box a powerhouse of a group (SK / Chanty / Mage), and I love it. There’s nothing I cannot seem to do. But at times I find myself just wanting to focus on one toon. Mainly the Chanter (one of the lost fun classes I’ve ever played). I have a schmorgousbord of other toons between levels 50-95 as well, such as a 96 Ranger.

    But I cannot seem to really ever find groups outside of, say VP right now, or possibly Seb (haven’t had a chance to step foot in there yet). I know I wouldn’t have an issue getting the SK into a group. Player tanks (competent ones), are always a welcomed addition. But in the case of a DPS class, like a Ranger or a Monk, how do you get yourself leveled up? With my Ranger I can HS my way up but it’s so boring and mind numbing.

    The days of reputation are gone, so aside from being a server troll that no one likes, making a name for myself as a good player isn’t going to go far. I have a guild full of amazing people, but most are doing their own things and due to my work schedule, I usually play at odd times.

    So, for those who play one one toon for the most part, how did you level up and how do you just keep to the one character?
  2. Jumbur Augur

    Speaking as a max level wizard(my only toon). All my groups have been guild-groups recently, my trick is to not being picky about where the group takes me, and do my best to be useful.
    Once in awhile I ask for specific targets/quests that I need. and people are generally very helpful. Thats how I have completed expansions until now. :)

    Back when I was leveling I had a similar approach with pickup groups, but as the goal back then was mainly XP and not specific quests, I generally just went with the flow.

    Reputation still matters. If people remember you for being easy to group with, you will get plenty of invites. At least thats my experience. :)
  3. slayerofbats Augur

    Playing one character can be nice. But the devs always ruin it imo. There are only really a few classes that I would ever play as a single box:

    Ench: Such an amazing class -> in group content. In raids it starts going wrong. You get such a fun time in the early expansions when everything is mezzable and brave/skilled people can charm a raid trash mob for uber dps. Then some expansions later, half the game is immune to rez and you only show up to cast your mgb. GG devs.

    Necro: Ditto above. Early expansions I was the main puller in Hate, Fear, Sky, etc. I was the god to my guild. And when it came to doing damage, I would be the only one floating (nobody else cares for DMF except on a few dragon fights), and I would float above my raid like a god, doing massive damage with scary pet and huge dots and sometimes I would burn things down to the bone just to show the world who is the boss. Then a few expansions later... you can't pull and are kinda worthless and are only there to be a mana battery. GG devs.

    The previous two are the only classes I think require high skill and tactics and ability, more or less, which is why they are the only ones I would want to single box. Druid has a lot of options with spells too but they often don't play in a very fun way. For example soloing Necros/Enchs are 1000 times more fun and more powerful than a Druid. Yeah Druids can quad but it is tedious and you don't get to go to as many interesting places. (ie: Dungeons). Some classes are a lot easier to play (mage, wiz, etc) yet ok to single box because although the class is a bit dull, you at least get to alt tab and do other things which is an ok way of playing EQ. I guess. Also, the "GG Devs" thing happened to other classes too. Like with Monks, they were the puller kings for so long, the best FD in the game, good resists and agi, etc, and they get to do kung fu. Then suddenly the Bard gets FM and nobody cares about Monks anymore. They are kinda like the hot 20 year old who turns 30 and goes fat and bald.
  4. Nniki Augur

    I mostly just play my bard. I have other accounts, but I rarely use them these days. They don't even have the latest expansion actually. I used to box regularly a decade ago. It was tiring keeping all those characters up to date and then running them all around everywhere. They were, however, incredibly useful to have available. Nowadays, I mostly just log in my cleric on another account to divine rez me whenever I get myself killed during solo time. Otherwise, a healer merc is usually sufficient.

    Bards are pretty versatile being able to pull, CC, slow (although, most people can just swap between a slow and cripple belt these days), and put out decent damage during a short duration burn. Bards also have things like deftdance and fading memories if they do run into trouble.

    I do have a slight advantage being raid-geared when it comes to moloing, but for the most part, I can manage to kill stuff (outside of named) by myself if I need to. I prefer to do stuff on my own if I can rather than bother someone else. I molo'd Crestra's Earring for instance.

    Most of the time I play though, I am grouping with friends and guild members. I rarely group outside of those people... not that I don't mind grouping with others, but I usually just plan stuff ahead of time with people I know or I message them to see if they wanna jump on, and I know it will be enjoyable because we play very efficiently when grouped together. That's how I do the majority of my leveling up and all of my progression through new expansions.

    However, I recently grouped with some people I talked to during an open raid just the other week. I was bored and looking for something to do. It turned out to be a great group; we went late into the night on a weekend.
  5. gotwar Augur

    I play an Enchanter and it's the only character that I care about or actively log in. The Enchanter toolkit makes it pretty easy to get along by yourself. You have the solo power to tackle 90% of content alone, including hunter achievements and questing. The immense amount of control your class provides means you can go anywhere and do anything without help.

    If you want to group, Enchanters can fill a DPS or a utility slot. A well played Enchanter can hard carry a bad group, or enhance a good one.

    I picked an Enchanter primarily because I didn't want to have to group with anyone to get things done, and I didn't want to play more than one character. They're the indisputable solo kings of EQ. Other classes may be able to situationally handle some scenarios easier, or faster, or with less risk, but nobody else comes close in terms of consistency, speed, and coverage of content.

    Edit: I leveled using charmed NPC's, reverse charming, root rotting, and other Enchanter BS. I am able to stick to one character because the other classes are boring to me :p
  6. microscope New Member

    Ench is a great class.
  7. Elskidor Augur

    For the first time since I began this game in early 2000's I started a box this week. I'm still trying to figure out how y'all manage all this multitasking madness = b.

    Any class can solo/molo, but some just take longer than others. I guess it's just a learning curve you'll overcome, or you'll return to what you know.
  8. Vaeeldar Augur

    It's a learning curve thing. You'll find soon you are bored not playing multiple heroes. 2 is easy (use macros) 5-6 is where it gets interesting on big fights
  9. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I don't have an alt higher than Heroic Level, all my time is spent on my main. I'm pretty lucky over the years to have been both associated with 2 great guilds, long term and to have real life friends playing the game. This is a very social game. Without friends and regular groups, this game can be just a series of impenetrable walls.
  10. Bigstomp Augur

    I often play 2 (war/clr) but I rarely have trouble finding a group if I want to play one solo.

    Usually that means I play my healer (apparently tanks rarely log off while healers have real lives or something).

    I rarely have trouble finding a group solo if I want to play solo though.
  11. p2aa Augur

    At what level are you playing ? At level 110 in raid chanter DPS is good, they can reach top 10-15 in parses of a raid of 54 players. The class is far to be useless like you described it.
    Same for necros, good necros are able to reach top 10 parse too on long fights.
    As always will depend of the player skill. Not every enchanter and necromancer will do this.

    When people need a puller, they don't care if it's a monk or a bard. They take the first puller available.
    Monks are far to be a useless class too. Good DPS. Probably require more skill to reach top 10 parse in high end raiding guilds than zerkers, but possible for very good monks.
  12. slayerofbats Augur

    I was mostly talking about PoP. That's when I stopped caring about the classes I loved because they got ruined. Standing around on raids and twitching mana to a cleric is not how I would ever spend my time. From that point on I have never focused on one class.

    And when people need a puller, they get a Bard because they are godlike at pulling. I can literally pull a single 100% of the time and never die from a pull. So if you played for years as a pro pulling monk/sk/necro, then you were screwed by the devs.
  13. Lianeb Augur

    Who uses pullers nowadays?
    A pull of 2 or less is a fail
  14. menown Augur

    Be careful with those words. Some monks on these forums think that necros were never a pulling class, and believe for that reason that necros should no longer be allowed to fade red con NPCs.
  15. bigpapa Augur

    humm , I have seen chanter in top 10 / 15 in raid parses many times..they are amazing when well played .

    what about raiding shaman now , when you have only one in raid, and need to cast and keep alliance on many tanks? , what a boring part now for a raiding shm,( and single shaman to do it ) specially with a lower tier guild , who only have gorowyn raid win so far ,

    we got a lot of death players and all, I have seen many times from me , chain buffing and casting alliance's *for 15 to 20min + * while keeping group alive *

    before alliance , I was doing pretty good on the healing part,( I was proud of it ) and before that big dot nerf I was doing not bad as well with some dps... that's memory of the past.....

    wish alliance was not introduced.., or at least if other class had the same range of it , so it would not be a * shaman cast only * ,i know cleric's can cast as well , but for us, our clerics need to be focusing on trying to keep our tanks alive.

    duid's alliance is pretty useless due to the range of it..

    ps: to trieln's question,: I usually don't have any problem to get groups, I am doing pretty good and when a class is well played , they usually don't have much issues getting groups
  16. slayerofbats Augur

    That's not what my post is about..... At all. My post is about how good times come and go and changes can be huge. So I wouldn't play one character when it can end up boring to play or useless because some expansion comes along that ruins it.
  17. p2aa Augur

    I came back in EQ in 2006 with the first progression server in EQ, The Combine.
    I have sticked to the same class main, a warrior, since 12 years. Like every class, I have received boosts and nerfs over the years, but I still like the class. And I don't have any alt, I have some FTP heroic toons lvl 85 that I only use for some storage or other special skill stuff needed (like a tracker).
    I leveled and progressed in group content by grouping with guildies for the most part. And sometimes pick up groups on my server when the expansion is new.

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