To stop bots hogging spawns..

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dana, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Dana New Member

    I'd love to see a Progression server where everything was 'Bind on pickup'. Be great having to sit in Unrest as a Cleric to get a full set of low level armour. Then knowing all the expensive gear that people sell for RMT isn't hogged by the same bot party for 3 months.
  2. Lejaun Augur

    Seems like you'd spend a lot of time to rob the corpses as they unlock. Loot rights are already commonly sold for no drop items.
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  3. Protagonist Augur

    "No Drop" is the phrase you're looking for, there.

    And has been pointed out a nearly infinite number of times before - it means your cleric would be sitting in Unrest with no tanks and no melee dps because there is no reason for strangers to camp gear for you.
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  4. Oldnecro New Member

    You literally do not need gear in classic eq.

    Level up, wear cloth banded whatever, and join a raid guild and gear up for free (dkp)

    Anyone that buys gear in classic for kronos, either has a ton of disposable income or they truly don't understand how easy the game is. Just look at all the people with GEB's in classic, 90% of those people paid 2 krono just to wear a pair of boots w/ +9int or wisdom. Its 90 mana, its not even a full heal. I leveled a cleric on Aradune... got him full E. Mist from Hate, grabbed some cheap wisdom rings earings and went to town... guess what? I demolished all those GEB wearing clerics on the heal parse for 95% of classic.

    RMT exists... fortunately or unfortunately... and probably isn't going away. Just be content with what you loot from mobs you kill for xp and enjoy the game.
  5. Protagonist Augur

    You're not wrong about gear, but I'm automatically required to laugh at and mock anyone who thinks a heal parse is a measure of competence.
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  6. Oldnecro New Member

    I guess my point was that my "job" is to heal on raids, survivability factors into heal parses because if im dead im not healing, or im ressed and have 0 mana. So I was able to survive with lackluster gear and perform my "job" better than those around me with better/flashier gear.
  7. Bullsnooze Augur

    Here are my thoughts,

    Any gear you'd acquired from a named npc in a dungeon won't make a difference in your ability or survivability on a raid. You won't be any worse off in banded armor if you were to compare. Moreover, banded armor to planar armor for a Cleric is the best route to take and once more its free.

    If you're a Cleric main, at or near raid level, and your guild is still clearing the planes then I'd estimate you'd be geared in 2-4 runs. Let me also add that as a Cleric with a raiding focus your priority should be your epic. That is by far the most beneficial item available to you at this moment (and it's also free).

    If you must have stat gear then here are my suggestions:
    1) Buy Banded, trust me it'll hold you over.
    2) Have a jeweler craft up the +WIS earrings, rings, and mask.
    3) If you're a DE Cleric you can do the Snare Clicky Neck quest line.
    4) For a weapon, head over to Kithicor Forest with a friend and farm up one of the +WIS maces.
    5) If you must buy a shield? Get a Sarnak Battle Shield for like 100pp.

    Other than that Hate, Fear, and Sky will all be your direct raids for free upgrades.

    • Hate will have your Planar armor, Resist Shield or Immaculate if Lucky, and racial item from Inny.
    • Fear will have your belt and a chance at Planar armor.
    • Sky will have your class quests. (+WIS Shield, Shoulders, Neck, 2Hander)
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  8. Mrjon3s Augur

    So you do this and all thats gonna happen is people will camp the things and sell the loot rights. None of the gear from classic and kunark matter anymore because focus effects don't work till luclin. Velious all the good loot is from raid zones. People just need to stop spending so much krono on such crappy items.
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  9. Trox2010 Augur

    If you are healing on a raid and you are dead with plenty of mana left, then you need better tanks..
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  10. Thunndar Journeyman

    They don't care. Devs don't care one bit
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  11. Phoebes New Member

    I'd love a full no drop server. Make a rule of no selling drops and they could allow boxing too. They may as well, the folk running full boxing partys on no box servers get around the no box software anyway andf have been on every Progression server so far.

    Suspect it would be a big success.
  12. Lambro Lorekeeper

    Returning player from years ago about to get back into the grind probably on a progression server.

    Can anyone explain some of these abbreviations in this post?

    I had a druid main and was good at kiting and then healing/dpsing in raids in Anguish so I definitely won't be buying gear as I know how to play my class.. I just don't remember these abbreviations lol

    For instance:

    ''Full E" ?

    Sorry guys go easy on me!
  13. Machen New Member

    Golden Efreeti Boots

    Real Money Transactions

    Full Ethereal Mist -- the Cleric Hate armor
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  14. HoodenShuklak Augur

    efreeti boots from solb... common serial rmt (real money trade) racket... full ethereal mist is clr planar armor in classic era.

    Tlps are definitely the best early on so join the newest tlp imo. Population is reality what makes eq great. Same game with empty zones is just dull.

    If you don't want early then fv server has a good live population and better ruleset, with faster exp and tradeable loot (lots of generous handouts from my brief stint).
  15. Accipiter Old Timer

    There's literally no way of enforcing that with the resources they have today. They could probably recode it so that corpses never unlock for free looting, but then how do you give drops to your alts? Definitely not gonna happen.
  16. Ezra Journeyman

    Giving drops to alts drives the problem. The high-level players camping spawns want to twink their alts. Then they devour whole camps with characters wearing equipment they could never obtain on their own, which leaves nothing for the regular player. I wish EQ had adopted a system that required minimum levels on items in its formative years. I doubt it would happen at this point.
  17. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome


    All the parse shames in the world fall like a sugar cube wall in a rainstorm when the main tank asks for you by name midraid.
  18. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome




  19. Accipiter Old Timer

    Wow, you people really are disadvantaged.
  20. Bullsnooze Augur

    I bet if the changed the color of GEBs to silver and the model to banded it would cause the demand to fall off.

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