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  1. Aenoan Augur

    To soon to start looking for a PST guild as a Beastlord main?
    I am basically done gearing it, short a couple small items but mostly everything I am looking at is pure luxury items, "BiS" seems kinda pointless if we're just leveling anyway.

    So anyway I watch the Guild recruitment forums as much as possible but since it's pretty early still before Luclin, doesn't seem worth while to post there yet.

    For now I'll be messing around "alt".
  2. GuardDorko New Member

    If your on the Phinny server then take a look at The Broken Wave. They raid 8 - 12 pacific time Monday Tuesday Thursday and they are a pretty good bunch of people.
  3. Kahna Augur

    I would say wait and see who survives the long winter. Any guild you pick now may not make it.
  4. Aenoan Augur

    Actually funny enough that had occured to me while soloing on my alt in former soviet oasis.
    A lot is happening, so may just wait. Quarm, WoW's newest expansion and a huge list of games in July/Aug. this summer, most are single player as far as I can tell but depending on how people feel about Phinigel and the current state of EQ that might be enough.

    Coming Soon

    I had looked at them actually but as stated above, since im just being a super casual bum right now, not sure its worth joining anything except maybe some kinda leveling guild but to be frank I am just killing time since I paid for more time than I intended and I think I stated this once before, but couldn't get a refund on the time I had left.
    So as long as I play a couple hours a day or at least on the weekends that time paid isn't really wasted. I had thought things would be better after Kunark, lol.
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  5. EQcleric Elder

    OGC will 100% be around.

    Feel free to look us up, join our mumble. We do love our BSTs.
  6. Aenoan Augur

    Nice, I will keep that in mind. I wish either SoL would come out sooner or they would just unlock. But at this point I am beating a dead horse, l think I've preached that enough. Lol I will at least keep it a little more subtle. Haha.

    #feelthebern #bernie4equalrightsf4bstsnzerks
  7. EQcleric Elder

    Even if you're unsure, hit us up and check out the dynamic. We have alot of fnf anyways, so it's not like you'll just be a useless person lol.
  8. Soon Augur

    I had been with OGC since Lockjaw. They are very good in raids. They can kill any targets they want, at ease. I left them because my playtime doesn't match theirs anymore.

    The Broken Wave are bunch of nice people. We are killing targets on a progress with our limited number of people, around 35-40 raidforce. Raids are more challenging because we cannot make mistakes. To me, this is more fun than walking on targets.

    Both are good choice. However, if you want to look for a PST guild, TBW will be a better choice for you. :)
  9. Aenoan Augur

    Well the only toon I literally have left is my little 18 ranger, I started leveling this weekend since because of the exp bonus. Just being kinda chill and enjoying life, I had a 50+ toon but decided to nuke it, and I have no remorse about it. lol.

    Broken Wave looks like a good choice because they don't raid 7 days a week.

    I think my concern will be just leveling. Leveling a class you'll actually enjoy is a totally difference experience, and thats what I am expecting with Beastlord, its something I wanted to play right out the gates.
  10. Adonhiram Augur

    Now that's a cool concept, a full equipped character even before the character exists. Wow !
  11. EQcleric Elder

    We raid 3 days a week lol.
  12. Aenoan Augur

    Lol seems more often then that, I got a friend in OGC. But I'll try adn find someone in game maybe tomorrow while I am leveling, see how it goes.
  13. Aenoan Augur

    When it's a class you plan to play for as long as phini exists, you tend to take care of the small things early as possible.
    I had thought about refining the gear a bit more, but i am happy with what I got ;D plus i was able to use a lot of hand-me downs like HP jewelery.
  14. Adonhiram Augur

    You are absolutely right :) Enjoy your beastlord, after all that's the purpose of the game !