To developers, Armor of Guidance (full item-update desirable)

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Shawess, Jan 12, 2017.

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    Dear developers,

    with answer-wrote of (daybreak games) from GM Dunbar (Jan 11 2:41 PM) i was encouraged to write it here.

    a full item-update for Armor of Guidance would be desirable, for 3 things.
    1.) (Extra Planar Potential Shard)
    it would be desirable to make the item, called Armor of Guidance suitable for the new +35 purity augments, called Extra Planar Potential Shard.
    At the moment they will not fit in, although the information is correct on both (item+augment), Slot 2, type 13 and for chest-items. The older purity-augment +20 and +30 called, stone of tranqualtiy, purity of chastity and oath of marr fit in, in the Armor of Guidance.

    2.) (class-specific armor)
    It would also be desirable to make the Armor of Guidance to a "class-specific armor".
    At the moment it is not class-specific. So the charm-items, which have the qualification for class-specific armor will give not increased or full stats.

    3.) (Chest stats, Purity: 50)
    It would be disirable to make the item Armor of Guidance suitable with Purity:50 under the item information End: (same as all other chest-items have Purity:50). At the moment the chest-item do not have it, Purity:0. But it should have the Purity:50, because the Armor of Guidance ist listet as an item to wear purity-augments (see down point1).


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