TLPBeta: Plane of Hate mobs drop nothing

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  1. DefenseEQ Augur

    Hi All,

    We have been testing the plane of hate pretty extensively. Several issues we've noticed.

    Around 25% of the zone is the classic population dropping classic class armor as intended, and is on an 8-12 hour respawn timer it seems.

    Around 75% of the zone is much higher level Innoruuk area mobs with 24-32k hp and they drop nothing but minor amount of plat., and these mobs repop within 30 minutes it seems.

    Can the zone be repopulated partially to add in more of the classic mob?

    If not can the respawn timer of the few classic mob that are in the zone be reduced to make up for the lake of classic mobs?

    Right now the mobs that populate 75% of the zone are Velious level mobs, hit harder than any classic everquest raid bosses including Innoruuk himself, and they drop literally no tier armor or weapons so they are not worth killing at all.

    This is not the Plane of Hate experience anyone wants. Can more of the classic mobs be added in, or their timer reducded to 30 minutes like the higher level mobs, or perhaps classic armor drops be added to these mobs?

    Thank you.
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  2. DefenseEQ Augur

    And in-case you didn't notice by my sig. I voted Velious =P
  3. Darth Augur

    I know my friend, it was a general statement for all the people that will come here and say how stupid Hate being like it is, is.

    I know what side you are on.

    And, I appreciate it.
  4. taliefer Augur

    Have you posted this on their reddit?
  5. DefenseEQ Augur

    I haven't posted it on Reddit, maybe someone else can? Or ten people so that it actually gets changed before the next week?
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  6. Ducreux Augur

    Despite their vocal suggestion to post stuff on reddit I haven't seen any Dev acknowledgments to a single issue brought up on the "Official Ragefire Beta Feedback/Bugs thread". While they may be reading the thread, without at least SOME back and forth I've lost faith in adding to it. It's really easy to make a quick "we are aware of this issue" or "this is an intended change" reply and let's people know their feedback is actually being read. At the very least we know some of these threads are being read by Roshen.

    In regards to the current Hate it is a pretty lame zone currently. I think I'd rather deal with the crazy high HP Innoruuk/Maestro and the better zone density of Hate 3.0 than what we currently have. But with their stance against instancing higher level zones to reduce "loot inflation:rolleyes: " I doubt we will see them revert it to the more grind-friendly version.
  7. DefenseEQ Augur

    Aristo is in beta general chat right now...basically says..they know hate is populated with Velious mobs...but he doesn't have time to fix it before release because it will take too much effort.

    25% of hate is classic, the other 75% is velious and drops nothing but coin. So basically 25% of one of the most populated level 50 group/raid spots is in...the other 75% ....tough cookies.

    6 months of having 25% of the hate we are suppose to have....yay!
  8. kain200 Elder

    I was just going to inform you of what Aristo said in general chat. This seriously left me speechless. They plan to remove any out of era items and loot from the zone but not the super crazy hard mobs that shouldn't be there. Its going to be left as a mostly broken joke zone.

    What are they thinking??? Aristo said they just don't have time. I say then push the server back! It was originally slated for "early summer" and later holly mentioned "June" so why was it pushed up to next week? If something this important isn't fixed, fix it! Push the release back but fix this please! I don't understand why they are rushing up the release so much and leaving huge problems in game.

    I'm super excited to play on this server and having it sooner is a great thing honestly, but if the sacrifice is this horribly broken end game zone then I don't think its worth it.

    And just think... do you really expect this to be the only situation that is screwed up this bad? Has anyone gathered a raid force and gone through sky yet? What about fear? There could be multiple end game zones that are filled with out of era mobs that render the place broken and we're just going to be stuck with even less end game stuff to do for 6 months in classic.

    I really really want this server to be the best thing ever. I really do. I want to devote all my free time to it for the next few years. But i'm honestly scared. I'm scared of some of the decisions that are being made and some of the lack of concern for some glaring oversights.
  9. Trevalon Augur

    This is exactly how it was in Fippy/Vulak

    Hate is now broken into 3 Tiers,

    T1 has all the original hate mobs with their original armor drops
    T2 dropped Velious armor (Though only Ranger/Paladin dropped on Fippy/Vulak)
    T3 was the mobs around Innoruuk

    This worked just fine last time around and will be fine this time around. They are only a 12 hour respawn and gear will be rotting within 2 months of launch - don't worry about getting your hate armor, you'll get it.

    Fear armor is not quite as common due to it being the harder of the two zones.

    People making a big deal out of nothing really...
  10. sihpa Augur

  11. DefenseEQ Augur

    75% of the Plane of hate drops no gear and gives players zero reason to kill it... working as intended!

  12. Teren_Kanan Elder

    I mean the velious gear dropped in hate was the lowest tier velious gear available, and only ranger/paladin/druid. 2 of which are rather underwhelming in classic as it is. Don't see a big reason to take it out since it was literally the only reason to kill those npc's.It certainly didn't break anything on Fippy, and I don't remember any complaints.

    If you're already in PoHate, you don't really need experience. Those T2 NPC's are way harder than most anything else available in classic and account for over half the NPC's in plane of hate. There is no reason to kill any of them if they drop nothing. I say let them drop their armor again, or if possible make them drop T1 armor. Or just add any reason to kill them really.
  13. Darth Augur

    Roshen clearly saw and read this post, as he removed my post. So mission accomplished I have manipulated him into clicking it and viewing it, lets see if they fix it.
  14. Ducreux Augur

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  15. DefenseEQ Augur

    This really needs to be fixed. The Plane of hate is one of the premier raidign zones in classic...its one of the few things we even have to raid....leaving it in this massive broken state is so unbelievably lazy .... Propaganda signature courtesy of Pwndandy engaged.
  16. taliefer Augur

    this is so hilariously bad.

    the sheer lazyness/inability to fix this shows how much work they are going to put into this server once it launches.

    the fact they just removed the mobs drops but left the mobs up at all is the icing on the cake.
  17. Ducreux Augur

    I'm starting to think that unlocking Kunark on Beta was not only to test the voting/unlock system but to also allow them to get Kunark fixes out of the way now so that the server can be left to its own devices for the next 11 months.

    I will be SHOCKED if we see meaningful fixes after launch, maybe they will bundle a few together when they allow additional marketplace items to be bought as damage control.
  18. DefenseEQ Augur

    Damage control? They will give us what they give us and not look back. Aristo seemed to indicate that once this beta was done that was it, and that spells wouldn't get done int he new live content if he got slowed down by giving us a real plane of hate experience without these velious mobs.
  19. Vaclav Augur

    DefenseEQ - You got a count on how many Hate 1.0 mobs there are?

    Realistically speaking the geometry of Hate 2.0 is WAAAAAY larger than the original geometry - filling it with 1.0 mobs would skew ratios from Classic pretty drastically.

    The key thing to request is to despawn the spawns that shouldn't be there (which I see got nixed) and to make sure there's a Classic appropriate quantity of spawns for the 1.0 section.
  20. DefenseEQ Augur

    Maybe 80ish total.

    The teir 2 mobs start showing up even before you reach the chapel on one side...