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  1. KimchiGoddess Augur

    I just want to make sure I'm on the right track as far as understanding tradeskills on TLP.

    So even in classic, it's my understanding that all tradeskills can go up to 300. That being said, you can only get one of them past 200 and hit that 300 mark without AA's, is that right?

    I'm working on getting them all up to 200, some are there and some are close, a couple lag behind. I wanted to make sure I didn't shoot myself in the foot by leveling the wrong one up past 200 if only one can go up.

    What's the general consensus on the best TS to level past 200 until AA's? I'm doing this on my cleric, the only ones she can't do are tinkering (I have a gnome mage who can do this) and alchemy (I have a barb shaman that can do this). I'm kind of leaning towards jewelcrafting (I have an enc to enchant) being the smartest one, but I'm not 100% sold.

    I was always a huge tradeskiller on my live server back in the day and on P99 and R99 but I haven't invested much into it on TLPs until now. Just looking for a little guidance if possible =)
  2. Truetotheblue Augur

    I'd agree with JC as it has the longest term potential to be valuable as a money maker. With BS jewelry now, resist gear later on, people always want Wis/int stuff for alts. Other TS have good value just not as profitable imo. But JC is also wickedly expensive to level so depending on how much time you put into recouping that cost it may not be the best. But my vote would be JC.
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  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Are you talking about profit or use?

    Use might be alchemy because it is constantly consumed and replenished but for profit would be jewelry at this stage. It's super easy in that you can readily buy everything and the demand is strong.

    If you just want the jewelry though its infinitely easier to but the few items and be done with it.
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  4. KimchiGoddess Augur

    For profit, I have a shaman I can max alchemy with and other than doing tinkering on my gnome mage, my cleric will be doing all the other tradeskills with an enc for backup enchanting.

    I want to max all tradeskills eventually, want to do the shawl quest in Velious which requires the tradeskills. I enjoyed making and selling on my live server.
  5. RizLoaner Elder

    If you want to make a profit do spell research. JC is flooded since it’s the easiest to level and unless you’re selling high quantities of high skill items like black sapphire necks you won’t be making your money back anytime soon. It’s going to cost you 3-5 krono worth of plat at the current rate to get to a skill in JC where you’ll be at 95% on all recipes in game. Come velious it will be more profitable but you’re better off just getting JC to 160 for short money and making black sapphire ears that trivial at ~140 until then.

    Nobody wants to buy baked goods in any sort of profitable quantity so there’s no money there. Brewing is the same, you won’t be making money on it until Velious at the earliest for the effort you have to put in. Tailoring could be profitable if you make wu’s armor. It would be a good idea to stock up on silks and pelts while people still hunt those zones and make leather padding for later on if you plan to do smithing, it’s not worth the investment currently.
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  6. Truetotheblue Augur

    For OPs context though she can do research along with JC. You don't need to get your Research >200 to be able to handle classic. Once you hit 120s or so you're set. This also falls off a cliff next expansion so it's really only good for the next few weeks. Research is a great one for this point, but useless later on.
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  7. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Research doesn't fall off the cliff until PoP and then picks up again in DoDH (assuming you make it that far). Although I'd agree you could do that concurrently. Tinkering also can be a decent money maker since alot of other TS need specialty items from it and at least the warrior epic requires a tinkered item. Maybe others also. But you can also tinker at the same time. JC is probably the best one to break 200 on in classic era for the reasons highlighted above, the good items to make in the other TS above 200 are either not going to make a ton of money (MTP for example) or won't be used until later in the game (Tailoring/Smithing probably doesn't make much money above 200 until PoP armor?)
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  8. KimchiGoddess Augur

    Thank you for all the input, it's much appreciated. As much as I like to try and have all the tradeskills on one character, I'm now wondering if I should have my enchanter field the research so it can go over 200 while the cleric can keep the JC going and have it also over 200. I haven't started out with research yet, so I won't have lost anything. Might be the best way to go about it.

    Currently at a 162 with JC and under 2k spent thus far. I'm going through the tedious process of enchanting all the bars I buy with the enchanter, then doing the combines on the cleric. Followed the advice of Fluid and Tweakfour17 in that I'm doing the enchanting but also following EQTraders for small skill ups rather than just doing the almars guide and failing untold numbers of combines to level. This makes it so I end up with a lot more finished product to sell back to the vendor. I'm doing gold bar combines right now and most of it sells back for roughly the same as buying a gold bar.
  9. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Once you're around 190 you can do bs reliably.

    Also tradeskills get a ton easier later so it's not worth stressing over unless you have an earlier goal like profit.

    Come pop mold armor pieces are huge sellers though.
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  10. SomeRandomGuy Journeyman

    Oh, look, another person who doesn't realize research is used up until Pop. Someone who read something once without actually trying it.
  11. Truetotheblue Augur

    I have a character with research, I personally just feel like the best value you get out of it is in Classic. Is it useful past classic? Sure. Does it retain the same need? In my opinion, no. But thanks for your aggressive post.
  12. Zarth New Member

    Can a shaman take alchemy to 300 at level 25 on TLP servers?
  13. Kahna Augur

    Research's usefulness post classic takes a nosedive so hard it's not worth the thousands of plat it takes to level it. All the spells you can make drop so frequently they will be selling for pennies over the vendor price within a week or two of the expansion going live. There is a cost/benefit analysis to do and research is very not worth the effort.
  14. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Depends on the server I suppose, researched spells and the sooty papers were still selling for close to a krono well into the back half of Luclin on Coirnav and even into PoP were still selling for much more than "pennies above vendor". YMMV
  15. Xhartor Augur

    I would recommend Tailoring, it's by far the hardest to work up, but come velious it's easily the most profitable.

    Velious Tailoring items:
    Siren Hair
    Arctic Wyvern
    Black Pantherskin
    Haze Panther
    Ice Silk

    If you are a Erudite, in Luclin with tailoring you can make rigid Steelweave which is culture plate without a deity restriction.

    During Classic, Kunark, Velious you have the downtime to work up tailoring up.
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  16. KimchiGoddess Augur

    I'm doing all of the tradeskills, love tailoring tbh, it's lagging behind atm because I need to farm mats but have been farming gear instead. I'm a DE but nice heads up on the Erudite plate!
  17. Fluid Augur

    As far as the Spell Research debate goes, I find it essential for early spells. For example the first Enchanter mass mez spell is research only. I'm not sure off the top of my head, I think the Enchanter damage shield is research only. A couple of the Magician pets are research only too. Later on not so much. Perhaps you could enlighten me on research only spells from level 30-50 that are essential? I really don't have a grasp on them.

    It's less of a problem on Rizlona because with boxing you can just power through the levels w/o the spells. Of course you can just join a guild and have them carry you through if you are a single account type.

    What seems more important is farming the hides you are going to need. Lot's of people with research skill will do the spell for cost + hide. Some of the hides are only on say 3 different MOBs in the game so if you take the leveling path Unrest => upper Guk => Mistmore => lower Guk <or whatever your favorite path is> you will miss out on the hides needed somewhere along the line. Having to hunt down a three spawn in Lake Rathe for 2-3 hours to find a hide is just as bad as power leveling someone past the level where the spell is useful. I save all my hides and anytime someone in the guild asks for a spell, I offer the hide necessary. So far so many people have offered hides that it has never gotten to the point where I gave one, someone always beat me to the punch. I guess lots of people think the same way.
  18. Paladin42069 New Member

    If you throw TLP in the thread title you can avoid asking questions in the newbie forum. Smart!
  19. Password1234 Augur

    And if you read past the thread title, you can see that it's a TLP-specific question that wouldn't have been appropriate for the newbie forum.
  20. RizLoaner Elder

    Color Skew
    Color Shift
    Pillage Enchantment
    Shiftless Deeds
    Tepid Deeds

    That's just enchanter. There's tons of research only spells in classic where you can make a large profit.
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