TLP Timeline for Cultural Combines, Smithing

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Groundskeeper, Jul 27, 2020.

  1. Groundskeeper New Member

    Does anyone know when the combines for Imbued and Enchanted plate armors get added in?
    I've searched through a lot of posts, there's discussion of Actual vs Updated TLP Timelines but nothing definitive...
  2. Kiaro Augur

    Velious iirc.
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  3. Nethys New Member

    It should be in Velious, but they messed it up. For most races, it'll be Luclin.

    Velious specific stuff like Feir'Dal tailoring should be in, but they've keyed the drops required for the tempers to Luclin.

    I created a bug report, but I hadn't heard anything back.
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  4. SomeRandomGuy Journeyman

    If it uses blue diamonds then it's definitely luclin. That's one of the few rules. Other things, like essence of sunlight, were restricted to luclin as well. It's quite a mishmash.
  5. Nethys New Member

    But the Essence of Sunlight/Moonlight/Darkness were all originally Velious recipes, but they're restricted to Luclin, too.
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  6. RandomStrategy Augur

    Just remember it this way...if it's era appropriate for the stats on an item, was originally intended to be in an earlier era, and most importantly will be utterly useless by next's not available now, it's available in 2 expacs.

    This is their design (I've been rewatching Hannibal lately).
  7. Protagonist Tank

    Non-BD combines are velious. BD combines are luclin.
  8. SomeRandomGuy Journeyman

    Exactly that's not totally true. You can do Freeport imbued in classic, for example.
  9. Groundskeeper New Member

    Erollsi Marr Imbued Field Plate said I failed to meet the requirements and I haven't seen a single piece in classic. I hope I'm wrong...
  10. Captain Video Augur

    None of the Imbued Field Plate pieces can be done before Velious.