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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by disclose, Jan 13, 2019.

  1. disclose New Member

    I played EQ when it first came out at a friends house, a handful of times. I started back up right when EoK came out. Started a heroic SHM and never looked back. Now that I have completed pretty much every expansion from underfoot to Empire of Kunark my low pop server is insanely boring.(Not even attempting to finish RoS & TBL until I tranfer to another server. But I keep seeing these posts about TLP here and on reddit and it has caused me to become curious. I do have some questions and concerns:

    1.) What classes are in demand so I can actually find a group quickly?
    2.) I have really only started heroics on live, so this will really be my third char started from 1, is the learning curve going to be too difficult?
    3.) Is there anything else I should know before jumping into this?
    4.) Ultimately it would be cool to be in a raid guild, would they even consider recruiting someone that never raided any old content?

    I guess really what I'm looking for is the best TLP server for a some what newbie. Where I'll be able to answer questions and recieve answers. Any other tips or info would be great. Even if it's just your experience playing TLPs

  2. Silver-Crow Augur

    Hi disclose, if you're planning on raiding, then Phinigel or Coirnav is probably your best bet, as all raids are instanced (no more racing)

    Classes are really whatever you play well. it's the player not the class that most guilds look for. Saying that, avoid things like SK's and Monks as there's a ton of them. Classes that raiding guilds are always looking for which never seem to go wrong are Clerics, Bards, Shamen, and wizards, but anything goes if you're a good player. I would tend to avoid tank classes, unless you're willing to do a lot of work to gear up on your own, as under geared tanks really aren't much use to a raiding guild. Saying that if you do, do the work then you'll be in big demand.

    My recommendation for a TLP is Phinigel - see

    Coirnav is a copy of the phinigel ruleset, but the server is still at luclin, and the xp is pretty slow.

    Alternately wait till march before jumping ship and see if they release a brand new TLP. If this is the case it will start at classic, and I expect at least half of the coirnav population to move (mostly krono farmers and grass is always greener types)
  3. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Phinny sucks. You'll end up spooning your eyes out from the slow exp rate. Personally I think Agnar is where I would be if I wasnt on live.
  4. Zanarnar Augur

    Phinny is at the live xp rate? Its pretty much what he will be use to.

    Also, Agnar is a locked server that will never progress past the LDoN expansion. I guess if he only wants to see content from classic->LDoN that might be an option, but from reading his post I'd venture a guess he's wanting to see everything else before underfoot. Either way its a bit disingenuous not to mention that limit when suggesting the server as an option.
  5. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    Phinny is nowhere near the live exp rate.
  6. disclose New Member

    Well I hit 39k AA on my SHM, and 30k AA on my zerker box. Just kinda bored of live. Never really had a classic EQ experience, I played a handful of times when the game was first released and didn't start back up until the beginning of EoK. So I'm fairly familiar with older zones somewhat because of farming for TS mats and all that. I don't really care about XP rates so much, as much as I will be able to login at varying times, find a lvl appropriate group and have fun.
  7. SunDrake Lorekeeper

    If you want to find level appropriate groups, as you say, then it has to be Coirnav right now. As mentioned, the exp is horrendously slow, but its the only server with groups outside of the the top tier.
  8. disclose New Member

    Ok so I choose Coirnav, gonna check it out, if that ends up being bawlz, I will try Phinny. Thanks all for your input!
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