TLP starting with TSS

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Voss, May 23, 2019.

  1. Voss Elder

    Outside of not having a vibrant Krono Economy, would there be any downfalls to this?

    Let's be real here, there would still be some krono economy, perhaps just not 10kr for cloak of flames or whatever...

    Aren't some of us really tired of classic-pop?

    Wouldn't it perhaps make more sense, assuming two servers are going to be created moving forward, to do a TLP starting at classic, and one starting at around TSS? This way those who are still on Mangler, may not experience what happened to those playing on coirnav when it was completely gutted...

    I'd be hopeful for Selo to be an event server, but we all saw the staff response when they said they wouldn't tune the loot/keys/flagging to accommodate for 30 day unlocks. Let's face it...once selo's gets into those 1-year expacs, they're screwed...

  2. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy

    Can we start it 3 weeks after mangler unlocks velious?
  3. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    I guess for me I don't see how this would be drastically different from just launching a new Live server. At least, enough so to justify putting resources into it.

    And if you want a Live server experience starting from Crescent Reach, just start on a Live server.

    Seems like this idea would just help kill off other Live servers.
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  4. Voss Elder

    I’d say there’s still some semblance of progression post-Oow thru PoR slog, a lot of the whining about epic bottlenecks goes away (bypass quests), 2.0’s are still relevant for most of the classes, no fights over AE camp spots, etc.

    It just seems like there are so many wins to this compared to the numerous threads about how garbage the toxicity is on mangler...

    There seems to be a lot more balance to the classes as well? I could be wrong...maybe rogues are still terrible hah
  5. yerm Augur

    This would not include mercenaries and the large amount of 70 content would be viable. A fresh start live server would have mercs drastically reducing any time spent until the 70s and/or any legitimacy to groups, quests, or gear to get there. The TSS start also lers you jump in where many quit (past tlps were a full year of lvl 70 and por is bad, hence burnout) and go through 80-100 content that live and/or a fresh live server wouldn't be touching.
  6. krimmett Lorekeeper

    A TLP that starts at GoD would make me leave the classic wow server. GoD and OoW are by FAR my fav expansions, yet server community dies before these are introduced.
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  7. Gremin Augur

    This is an awesome idea, so much so it's already in the works. Ragefire launches TSS late July...
  8. Voss Elder

    TBH...i'd be down for a server where they just unlocked all non-cap increase expacs with the cap increase expacs...let's be real...kunark-end of Luclin is a slog, PoP-LDoN destroys guilds with burnout on top of new server releases...

    And the unspeakable OoW-PoR marathon. Who in the world thought that was a good idea? No joke...everytime I play a TLP I quit mid-late Velious, then again mid-PoP, and then again around DoN. Why? because WHO WANTS TO BE 70 for that long?

    Otherwise I'd say, just TLP starting at TSS...let people decide if they want to start with crescent reach or their hometowns...and release the hounds!

    Or, do the right thing. FV-Style Loot (or not), Group up all the non cap increasing expacs with the ones that increase cap...and BAM! you've got the perfect TLP.

    If they did this, or started with GoD (I'd be so down for this) I wouldn't even download

    But even if they started with GoD, OoW-PoR becomes the new PoP-LDoN.
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  9. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    Oh right, Mercs did come a couple expansions later. That would make a difference for sure.
  10. krimmett Lorekeeper

    I think by starting in GoD you would have a robust community with people constantly LFG. Why? Because you need to hit max level thru old zones first (imagine trying to level in newer zones with no gear, where mobs are actually harder for their level), and then you need to AA farm. Getting to max level would be more important than stopping at 60 and AE farming the deep, and at 70 with OoW AE farming is no longer viable. You would really see a lot of people grouping because of this. Not to mention GoD is the expansion where every class is unlocked and you dont have to worry about main swaps. GoD is also the expansion where you start to really notice your power increasing thru AA points. Because of this, I think the OoW-PoR wouldnt be as bad as the PoP-LDoN slog.
  11. Nolrog Augur

    LOL. You think so? Ha ha ha ha.
  12. Groans Augur

    100% would love this as the ultra casual server. Its the last expansion that has level 1 zones. It has a ton of cool quest. Just make the xp/loot/bosss double and have it unlock at 6 months.

    There is a ton of content there that most players haven't seen.
  13. Kragin Augur

    This would be great, even better would be a server starting in SOD
  14. YourNameHere Lorekeeper

    What makes TSS areas so enjoyable to me is there is actually things to do questwise. Nice gear as well.
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  15. Xunsai New Member

    You're in luck, OP.

    Ragefire is a month away from TSS!
  16. Gremin Augur

    DHS is recruiting for upcoming TSS expansion(sorry couldn't help myself).
  17. Gremin Augur

    More like two months, due to RF voting mechanics.
  18. yerm Augur

    Ragefire is a dumpster fire tlp server with no AOCs or curtailing of boxes, and an already-saturated economy. Its most notable contribution to the larger eq community is being such garbage that the devs went above and beyond to ensure that the following tlp launch (phinny) would actually be good and work for most players. Its only recent positive contribution was a whine-laden por launch responsible for several pages of hilarity to outside readers.

    Your established server is not a substitute for a fresh tss start idea. Stop trolling. Nobody is going to join your server and the joke gets stale after the 3rd pathetic attempt in this same thread.
  19. Xunsai New Member

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  20. Lacka Journeyman

    While I agree that a fresh TSS server would be preferable over ragefire, I totally disagree with your tired whiny response about "curtailing of boxers" there is always going to be a (large) group of people who like to box. Get over it.

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