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  1. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    As the server progresses there is plenty of group gear that is no drop but I do agree that trading raid gear is where the excitement is at.
  2. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casualâ„¢

    Patently untrue. I remember once, somebody said "Everybody was kung-fu fighting", when in fact, they were not.
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  3. PriestofDiscord New Member

    Same arguments every year prior to TLP release.

    Vocal minority of boxers and krono lords wanting truebox removed at all costs.

    Yearly TLP enjoyers wanting another run through the early expansions with real people in their groups.

    Early EQ has limited camps, even with picks. If they remove truebox it appears inevitable that there will be a rise of mage bot armies swarming high value camps - we've seen it before and it's not exactly a good look.

    There is still a very high number of players early in a TLP release that only wish to play a single box (or at most, truebox via a second laptop).

    I don't get the argument that "people are cheating and avoiding true box limitations so we should just remove them and have open slather". I mean, sure, there's probably a minority who are doing this, but it's nothing compared to what would happen if the floodgates were opened.

    It's not surprising or hard to understand that people capable of boxing multiple groups would want this unleashed early on in a TLP life cycle - complete economic dominance over the yearly rerollers and single boxers.
  4. code-zero Augur

    So, have a GoD expansion opening but with travel hubs offline for set periods. Luclin is open with Shar Vahl a starting city but with the Nexus non-functional. Same for Kunark, no boats nor teleports there for a while either. Kitties and Lizards would be quite literally in their own worlds for a while. By the time access to Taelosia was available characters would be read to face it. Only the Berserker epic would be bottlenecked I think
  5. TheTone Elder

    I would actually go completely reverse on spell research... instead of removing it, make it actually worth doing. I'd break spells into (3) tiers of importance:
    1.) Common spells like heals / common buffs / lowbie spells will be either vendor purchased / researched / or mob dropped.
    2.) Class specific spells like pets / special buffs / nukes can be researched or dropped by mobs... not vendor bought.
    3.) Rare spells like Torpor / KEI would be either raid drops OR researchable BUT BUT BUT, if researched, it creates a no drop copy.

    This might help make research more important but also encourage people to actually do it if they want raid spells without raiding.

    Idk, my 2 cents... instead of removing fun quirks of EQ, we should try and make them worth doing first.
  6. a_librarian Augur

    people that are on TLPs to harvest krono and convert to USD want truebox to stay. They've had 5 servers to build a working software or hardware solution to break it. Thinking it's these people begging for Truebox to be removed so they can alt-tab box like plebs is hilarious.
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  7. verbatim Elder

    I would say leave MOTM in place but have MTOM scale down faster as expansions unlock. Have MOTM:I for classic but then when kunark unlocks have all the classic mobs reset to MTOM:II etc. By gates have MOTM come off entirely. Having classic mobs with MOTM:I in pop is just silly.
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  8. WinterchillTLP New Member

    Keep in mind that i was not asking for truebox to be removed, merely revised to a better state for us people that are not "Krono lords", no matter how much you've like to make me out as one. Those who used EQ TLPs as an actual job to RMT, will not be stopped by the truebox code - This has been proven, time and time again. My suggestion also included a Kunark start, so double up on camp spots, thus it would take twice the amount of box armies to populate (And we still got /pickzones).
    Could the boxers create and run twice the amount of boxes to cover those spots too? Sure, but they could before as well. The only way to adjust a servers ruleset, to make it enjoyable for more people, is to stop taking box armies into account - They will do it, regardless of whatever rules you try to enforce.
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  9. Arclyte Augur

    No. People who want to play 1 character, and play with other people on 1 character, want truebox. The people cheating should be banned.
  10. a_librarian Augur

    It's fine you want that but Truebox doesn't mean single box. You should try P99
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  11. Gheed Is not reading your response


    Just go find an e m u server to play on at this point you guys are sad

    How about instead you play on mischief for the next 6 years so we never have to see that ruleset again :eek:
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  12. verbatim Elder

    Playing multiple characters on a truebox server is not against the rules.

    Truebox only means one character per PC- actual industrial scale boxers literally run tens of PCs. Six boxers can run six pc's. People can use KVM switches be it hardware or software based to manage these machines and they can even create a monitor/UI setup that feels like single machine boxing. Mage armies are just as feasible today (and exist today) as they were before truebox. Truebox only serves to create a barrier to entry that protects the advantage of existing boxers. It is definitionally anti-casual and it rewards people that treat EQ financially like it is golf (who are willing to spend thousands of dollars on equipment) rather than people who play it like a video game.
  13. Arclyte Augur

    The VAST majority of people on truebox play 1 char. You people want to remove truebox because of a handful of losers who should be banned anyway? That makes zero sense. How do you not realize that would kill the server? Who in their right mind would play on a server where you're automatically at a disadvantage if you don't box like some kind of addict?

    Again, you guys are a vocal minority here on the forum. "Boxing" is a crazy extreme that really only happens here. If a normal paying player has to choose between playing at a disadvantage or boxing an army, most sane people just wouldn't play.

    If you explained non-truebox boxing to someone that doesn't play EQ, they would think you're insane.

    The answer is to demand that daybreak take action against the few bad actors who are obviously hurting the health of this game with their sociopathic RMT farming.
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  14. WinterchillTLP New Member

    Daybreak wont stop the cheaters - They havent done that for any other TLP, no matter how much we have voiced our concerns. Thus, thats not a solution.

    Why does being able to box 2-3 characters on the same computer, kill a server? There is zero evidence to support that from what i know, but if you have some, please provide it. On the other hand, when i played on Fippy before Truebox was a thing, that place thrived, regardless of the box armies that did exist there too (AS they do everywhere)

    This will be the second time i say this, and the last. I am not advocating for "truebox" to be entirely removed, but revised to a way that makes more sense. People are treating truebox rules like its the 2nd amendment and it is infallible and cannot ever be changed.

    Also, people are boxing in plenty of other games - It is not unique to EQ, albeit it is more prevalent as EQ is a less stress intense game, so boxing is easier to do.
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  15. Rcbauer Augur

    The. Server. Rules. Say. Two. Boxes. Per . Person. and. True. Box.

    If you want to box go to a boxing server.
  16. a_librarian Augur

    he's not mentioned Aradune once, why are you bringing it up
  17. Rcbauer Augur

    Which servers are true box and have limits on number of boxes?
  18. WinterchillTLP New Member

    This. Is. A. Suggestion. For. The. Next. TLP. Making. Your. Point. Moot.
  19. Rcbauer Augur

    The server hasn't launched and your wanting to change the truebox rules?
    Go on.
  20. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    The server's ruleset hasn't been announced and you're wanting to act like it has? Please don't go on.