TLP Server Furthest Along ?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Zepplinn, Nov 18, 2020.

  1. Zepplinn Elder

    As title says, which TLP server is furthest along in Expansions ?
    Closest to Live Server xpacs ?
  2. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Selo is like 2-3 expansions behind, Phinigel the same I think. I think both are schedule to reach Live in like Feb/March of next year.
  3. Zepplinn Elder

    Thanks Bobby
    Does the server get merged with a live one after it hits current expansion ?
  4. Nolrog Augur

  5. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Possibly but unlikely to happen immediately.

    Fippy was merged with Vox after it had been without a single active raid guild for over a year, think it had a tiny few people still active when it was merged, part of why that took so long was the server-merge technology had to be re-written as it was no longer functional.

    So there is a chance that the servers get merged after becoming live status but there is no indication as yet if or when that will happen, if it does it might be most likely to happen in the lead-up to a new TLP being launched in order to consolidate players & free up that old server's hardware to be used for the new TLP. Most likely destination for that merge will be one of the currently low pop live servers.
  6. Auesheet Lorekeeper

    I don't think we have received any official word on what will happen with either server.
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  7. Zepplinn Elder

    I would eventually like to server transfer my live characters lvl's 115 onto a TLP server so I could access the AoC instances was really why I was curious to what happens with these TLP servers upon reaching current xpacs. If these servers get merged with a regular and lose the AoC options , that kinda sucks. Wish they would implement all servers with these AoC instances.
  8. Numiko Augur

    because of the faster unlock selo will finish first, but they have been very mum about what's going to happen then, can't really look at Fippy for an example because it was not a server with any special rules like AoC's or Truebox code.

    More then likely no one at Darkpaw has even thought about it or come up with any real plan on what to do, I mean it took them years of having an empty server in Fippy before they did anything about it.

    I guess we will have to just wait and see
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  9. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    Dev team modus operandi is usually one of the following:

    Most frequently:
    "let's cross that bridge when we are already most of the way across it or we have been on the other side of it months already & the entire forums are ablaze with contentious & aggravated discussions about it"

    Almost as frequently:
    "we think literally nobody cares any more anyway about this so we can change it as it will be a non-issue" or "nobody wants this, but they're getting it anyway".

    And sometimes:
    " we listened, we responded that we need more information, okay NOW we see the problem, we will do something about it when we can schedule it in" - then they do.
  10. Rajaah Journeyman

    IIRC Phinny will reach live around May and Selo around March. They're tied or almost tied now and Selo's unlocks are faster. Can confirm that Phinny has a decent-sized and helpful population, and it has more time for people to play catch-up and go into live with their character(s) in good shape for it.
  11. FluttyMan Elder

    what happened to Ragefire? they didn"'t get passed Underfoot
  12. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    They just unlocked Underfoot a couple weeks ago. They still have multiple active raid guilds clearing raid content in-era.
  13. Machen Augur

    Ragefire has slower unlocks than Phinny or any of the newer TLP's, and must beat content before the unlock timer begins. Hence they have been passed up by more recent TLP's. But they are still chugging along, not stuck yet.
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