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  1. Toysoldier New Member

    Mischief is my first TLP server in EQ, however, I get a sense of feeling rushed now. Is this normal, does anyone else feel rushed in trying to keep up with the masses of getting to max level and getting content finished before the next release?

    Is it ok to just sit back and enjoy the current content even while the next expansion is out, or would I be left behind to much to just play on a TLP? I don't box or anything. I guess I am asking should I be alarmed? I really like the server and all.
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  2. Strawberry Augur

    The "rush" to max level is by design, otherwise people wouldn't buy items like XP potions.

    I don't think the problem is being "left behind" by itself, the problem is that the game is very unsupportive for people who do get left behind and quickly becomes boring.

    Plenty of MMO are supportive of single-player play, where you can join a server years after launch, progress on your own and do quests. EQ isn't one of them, you are just left on your own, forced to grind without support, which is more masochistic than fun.

    TLP tend to have population drops that are quite dramatic, because after a few months the servers have very little to offer for starting players once the initial rush has passed. People don't want to grind on their own, the game needs a vibrant community, without that community, EQ is not fun.
  3. ZzznakeDoctur Journeyman

    Classic was only one month while most other xpacks will be two months, which should be plenty of time for even more casual players to see and enjoy most content.

    Personally I'd prefer three months but I'm more casual than the largely-harrdore playerbase
  4. Toysoldier New Member

    I am casual as well, maybe a little more than casual at times, but not a 12 hour a day player for sure.
  5. samenye Lorekeeper

    I skipped the last couple of seasons, so my input might be out of date.

    It depends what you want to do - if you want to raid, you definitely need to be at or close to the level cap and in a guild (though there may be public raids later).

    If you don't want to raid, you can relax: there are still groups and things to do through Luclin.

    After that, if you're still not at cap, there are fewer teaming up and you may have to look out specifically for a "levelling guild".

    This server is a free trade server, so you don't have to raid to get raid gear. Gear no longer in era will be cheaper (though some/much will disappear into Tribute when that unlocks).

    So, in theory, it should be possible to keep playing even if you're not at the cap - but you're likely to struggle more and more to find people who want to do that with you.

    Many people (me included) just ride the wave and when the wave drowns us, paddle back to shore & wait for the next wave - there's a new server along every year :)
  6. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The rush is truly at its peak on launch simply because there are the most levels to be had. Once the level caps turn into 10 then 5 increments, there is a lot less feeling of being behind.

    Leveling up scene is pretty solid until Velious. At Luclin you'll get a few cat people but it's dominated by power leveling groups, so the players level up much faster in general.

    There almost certainly are casual leveling guilds on mischief that I would recommend. Guilds tend to have people more willing to go out of their way to help people.
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  7. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Kunark, Velious, Luclin means 6 months to get to 60. No need to feel rushed. Who cares if you don't raid sky or naggy or whatever?
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  8. Mrjon3s Augur

    I would say try to be 60 by velious. Raiding in velious is actually rewarding in that the gear has good stats. But the slower you go the less groups your gonna get.
  9. Cainen Augur

    Plenty of time to get to 60 without "rushing" and once we get past POP leveling and keeping current is rather easy. So enjoy the level 60 era, dont worry too much about falling behind, once luclin hits AAs CAN make a bit of a difference but as others have said, thats months away.
  10. Zansobar Augur

    The rush is because this is the first TLP (besides Selos) that has such a short duration per expansion. There is only one month in classic. That is not enough time to get numerous alts rolled, leveled, geared out on raids etc. unless you play constantly, hence the rushed feeling. It's probably plenty of time for one character, but most players play a multitude of classes these days so unless they are doing them as boxes so they can be leveled in parallel it just isn't enough time. My wish is they would have just had 2 months per expansion (down from the normal 3) and left it consistently at that with only Ldon being 1 month.
  11. Gnomie Denser than most

    Play the game the way you enjoy. Keep in mind that this server is accelerated through the first two expansions. In the past, most TLPs have been in classic for 3 months. Meaning on any other TLP you would have 2 more months of doing this.

    I personally applaud the change because there's really nothing left to do at this point if you're max level.
  12. Grasamo Journeyman

    No one can really answer the question for you as to whether it's ok to relax and just play. If you do, you will be "behind", but being "behind" the power gamers is not necessarily a bad thing.
  13. Accipiter Old Timer

    I only got to 44 in classic. I had quite a few days I didn't play at all. I'm just taking it easy.
  14. taliefer Augur

    The pace of Thornblade and Mischief is my only real complaint about these servers. It does feel kind of rushed. I'd love to have more time to twink out alts with the free trade system, but 1 month of classic just didnt really lend itself to that. even two months is kinda quick for velious and especially luclin.

    I'd rather have that lull towards the end of some expansions than the feeling of being rushed through them.
  15. bardybard Augur

    You will have plenty of time to twink out your alts in Velious/Luclin when gear that is actually worth getting starts dropping. Everything you can get in Classic/Kunark is complete garbage.