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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Ghost Of Fippy, May 17, 2020.

  1. Ghost Of Fippy Elder

    When starting a Rogue in Classic era, if I chose Dwarf, would you mess with his starting stats or leave them default?

    <This is what I got from P99 wiki>
    STR and STA are the primary stats of the rogue class. These stats enhance the ability to, respectively, deal damage and stay alive to deal more.

    DEX and AGI, despite Everquest's suggestion of these being primary stats, are very insignificant to the rogue's non-tanking DPS role.

    Some combination of STR and STA is suggested for the allocation of your 30 bonus points at creation: 25 STA / 5 STR - The typical min/max build for end game raiding. This is a difficult early game build for low STR races. Recommended for Barbarians and Dwarves.

    Does this hold true today?
  2. Sturn Augur

    I always max out sta when starting a rogue since it is the hardest stat to increase through gear. But in reality I doubt it really makes any difference in how effective your rogue is.
  3. Terranos Master

    Your Rogue will suck equally regardless of how you distribute starting points.
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  4. Mithra Augur

    Yes, surprisingly the p99 wiki is accurate for this.
  5. Carlos Journeyman

    Hi, dwarf rogue start with default start as follow :

    STR : 115
    DEX : 105
    AGILITY : 80
    STA : 90
    INT : 60
    WIS : 83
    CHA : 45

    My better advice to you is test it by yourself on any server. Create a rogue and test it. Create a dwarf with default stats like they are above and create another one with like 100 AGI you will see what i mean.

    AGI is making a good difference when it's time to avoid hits and this is the stats that is the more difficult to raise up with gears. Everyone will tell you that as a rogue you're not supposed to take hit etc. etc. But it's not true, you will be a pure melee going toes to toes with the enemy, your evade skill will fail many many time when you will try to clear your aggro (it's random success) and you will get hits many time. It's going to be even worst if you level in group all the time and you reach level 50 with a defense skill of like 70/200. I can tell you that if this is happening to you that yes you will suck like many peoples say about rogues. When you're at this point, it's taking forever to move up the defense skill back up. It look like this skill, when you are too far behind with it, it's just a big pain to move it up.

    Don't rush the leveling to much with your rogue, try to solo up to lvl 10, it's going to be easy, make sure that your defence skill is maxed at least at every level up to level 20. After that it's your call. At higher level your stats will not cause you any problem, keep in mind that this advice about the AGi is for the beginning.

    It's all depend what kind of play style you want to play really, but for a dwarf, i would distibute the points like that :

    STR : 100
    DEX : 100
    AGI : 90
    STA : 100
    INT : 60
    WIS : 83
    CHA :45

    If you have any other questions, just ask i will answer back.
  6. Sturn Augur

    Wasn't Agility shown to be pretty useless through testing almost 20 years ago? Also, if your rogue is pulling aggro often in groups on a classic TLP where your dps sucks then you are doing something wrong.
  7. Carlos Journeyman

    You see it's peoples like that you need to be prudent with ;) Like i said, just test you still have time to do it.
  8. Sturn Augur

    Why test what others have already tested? You saying those tests were done improperly or has the avoidance from agility been buffed since those tests were done?
  9. Ghost Of Fippy Elder

    Thanks for your input.
  10. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Put as much into stamina as you can, the rest in either Dex or Str. Str is very easy to cap with rogue gear and basic buffs. Your agility as a rogue shouldn't come into play after like level 3 ideally.
  11. Machen New Member

    I'll throw in another vote for all the points going to STA. By velious, especially with avatar you'll have str/dex/agi all capped. STA takes much longer to cap out.
  12. WaitingforMoreEQ WaitingforTBC

    I'm making a joke man, really you need to relax a bit.

    If you want the actual info on Rogue char generation read below

    Starting points
    Str- Pros Most damage while leveing. Con strength is easy to cap
    STA- Huge noob trap. Not worth the DPS loss while leveling. Just wear resist gear if you wanna survive AEs.
    Dex- Pros Your weapons proc like 1% more. Cons Rogues don't get meaningful procs until SoV at which point you're Dex capped anyways
    AGI- Pros hardest melee stat to cap. Cons it really doesn't matter for Rogues

    Starting race
    This is significantly more important then your starting stats and you have 3 options IMO
    1. Pick Human because Freeport Origin is OP in Classic
    2. Pick Gnome because Gnome Mask is the hardest to get.
    3. Pick based of looks
  13. Komodon Lorekeeper

    I'll second this. Dumping points there is basically the min/max mentality getting too carried away with itself over something that never essentially amounts to anything more then a cosmetic value. The extra early unbuffed strength is the way to go.
  14. error Journeyman

    Basically that. Those 30 stat points are worth a lot more during the 1-60 grind and early raiding when you have little to no stats coming from gear than they do on a fully raid geared Velious+ character with all their stats inflated. Your strength is going to benefit you every time you attack prior to capping it out while stamina is sort of a binary thing - either you're routinely surviving attacks with a sliver of health left or it's doing absolutely nothing for you. That sliver of health isn't going to be helping you out against AoEs on raids, the only things that help with those are resists, healers, and ins/outs.

    P99 stops forever at Velious so the min/maxing mentality makes more sense there, but the TLPs quickly move on to Luclin and PoP where every piece of gear is saturated with stats.
  15. Ultrazen Augur

    There is only one stat for any class in classic that does anything measurable, and that's STR. Not because it will make anything combat related better, but because you can carry more before being encumbered. Being able to lug 3 more bronze helmets out of lower guk before you have to sell will do way more for your character than any other stat.

    As long as your base stat is over 75, so you aren't getting penalties, the rest is meaningless.
  16. TheTone Elder

    If you're not planning on raiding (and subsequently maxing out stats early on), then STR is your best bet. Strength has a somewhat noticeable effect on DPS in large numbers. Almost every other stat is useless for a rogue.

    If you are planning on raiding, then maybe dump them into STA because, as others have mentioned, STR is pretty easy to max out in Kunark / SoV and the extra HP from STA could help with surviving AOEs.

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