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  1. Adumbral Journeyman

    Seen people saying what about a pvp server for long time well why not all get together an turn in your tomes to PoD then u could have TLP an your PVP
  2. Astral - TR Elder

  3. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    Saw a red name or two the first couple days and it occurred to me that some kind of alt-effort like this could be really fun.

    Does anyone know, offhand, what the particular ruleset is for those who turn in books? Would be a good starting point for organizing something.
  4. fransisco Augur

    When you are red on a blue server, you cannot heal or be healed by a blue player while in combat. (Possibly outside of combat as well, not sure).
    This basically kills grouping because there is no healing possible except from and to other red players
  5. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    Right. That's why if you wanted to do something like this it would best be done as a group or a couple of groups. Guilds even.

    But what about level ranges and such? I think the original zek had it as did the teams zeks but sullon did not. Not sure if any of that carries over to book turn ins on regular servers or what.

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