TLP PVP Solves All Problems

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Thegoat, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Rhodz Augur

    No it doesnt work very well which is why I gave that up.
    Think I was kiting mobs in EW on my bard the last time I was on VZ and got jumped. Bad thing is the mobs did the killing all they had to do was disrupt things.
  2. Baka Journeyman

    Not really -- many years on Vallon Zek (and then a few years on another MMO) showed me that PVP just does not work in a game where you have classes and not cookie cutter characters which can actually be balanced against each other.
    Also, PVP rapidly stops being a 'solution' and just devolves into entertainment for a small part of the population with the rest of us simple existing for their fun. Sorry - but that IS the way it sorts out.
  3. Carlos Journeyman

    If someone dont want pvp, you dont go to pvp a server. If someone dont like pvp in EQ, why would he post comments on a pvp thread?

    If DBG start a TLP pvp server i will leave everything i have on RF and LJ and start back on TLP pvp in a heartbeat.
  4. Rhodz Augur

    Your kidding right??? no?
    Due to fact it was offered as a solution to a problem when in fact it just makes it worse.
    PvP is fine if you enjoy it, I did for a long time but seriously it has some huge problems in itself.
  5. Carlos Journeyman

    This is your opinion only. You played on a pvp server and you didnt like the experience and that's ok.

    Dont get me wrong Rhodz, and by the way this reply is not just for you but everyone on this thread that dont like pvp; if you dont like it your opinion about it mean nothing to the people that like pvp.

    If one day DBG start a TLP pvp server i just hope you wont be there you and all the people that dont like it.
  6. Rhodz Augur

    No actually when one sees things with their own (virtual) eyes it moves far outside of opinion into solid fact.
    Throwing lit matches into a can of gasoline causing a fire is not an opinion after your face gets burned off... see the difference?

    No wont be doing any EQ PvP had enough already.
  7. Freki Augur

    this "solution" as you call it is not a comment about PVP but trying to say that the only way to solve this issue is to shutdown RF/LJ and open up a TLP PVP server.... where do I get the shutdown solution? well if you are offering a SOLUTION to a problem and you are saying it is a different server then what to do about the original server? if all you say is your solution is to open it up that solves NOTHING.

    I hope they think a PVP TLP server is a good idea and you can go play your pvp games. I stopped playing AION because of rampant cheating in a PVP environment and it wasn't so much fun anymore. that is why I commented on this. as it is a solution only to those that enjoy PVP and those that do not are forced into this, so nothing changes.

    If they open up a TLP PVP server, I'll cheer you on and wish you the best with 150% sincerity. why? because that means 1) you get to go do what you like best, and I want that, and 2) I get what I want less competition for PVE targets. hehehe
  8. Duplicitious New Member

    pvp would work extremely well.. eq pvp in its prime had the highest population servers in the game and alot of people honestly since the announcement of Fippy darkpaw have been waiting for a progression pvp server.

    P99 red in peak hours pulls over 600 700 people and 90% of them are there because SoE now DBG wouldnt help us out with our own TLP pvp server. most people on that server all have active accounts on live and would probably all move back over and play all the time.

    As for the argument of the box groups of 6 mages lol thats funny, people always have this arguement but dont realize that 1 single wizard can kill a box group of 6 mages with 2 spells cuz they dont move they sit there and die to AOE rains. or a enchanter mez's pets and has Resist gear so the mages cant do anything at all but die, mage bolts land well in pvp if u have bad gear but a simple resist set of gear quick can be gained through a simple trade in auction channel for a couple k would have u smashing mages in a heartbeat.

    when u have a full raid geared monk walk in and destroy that so called OP 6 mage group im gonna laugh in ur face especially when Kunark comes out and the monk rocks a Tstaff and hits inner flame and 1 rounds ur mages because how op they are haha.

    there is alot wrong with eq pvp but in the early days of eq the pvp was just right with the right amount of population and content being released the top guilds like on fippy and now RF/LJ will get new content and old guilds will have to take old content but the cool thing is that with ur pvp server u have guild alliances and all the sudden the 8 small guilds are 3x the size of TL and TL stands no chance.

    the entire argument that most people are bringing is eq pvp is horrible because X and Y which is mainly boxing and then saying when TL pops in a zone they can just pk u or train u for the raid mob. yes this is true but what happens when ur guild camps in 5 sk's and instantly kills the main tank and ur monks come in and steam roll all the boxed toons then that 1 guy in TL that plays 30 toons and poop socks ur Dragons doesnt stand a chance. on Blue its numbers on Red its Skill ( most people cry hacks im not gonna lie) but ive seen a lvl 105 druid walk into a zone and kill a full group of actual players or made each and everyone of them zone

    the Arguement i would like to bring to the tables is We have literally tried everything else for EQ besides a TLP pvp server why not open 1 up and if it doesnt profit well or gross over 500 to 1000 people then ill admit i was wrong and we can shut it down and never reopen 1. as far as ur map hacks that most people complain about on live do u realize that if a guy with 6 mages chases u with map hacks chances are his pets are slower than u because velocity came out in kunark??? and u can literally outrun his bolt spells lol. and since u can check zone chances are ull know when pvp is coming

    back on Rallos Zek were i originally came from the high end guilds had truces for raid rotations it seemed but every once in awhile random guilds like spirit of the bamboo start the sleeper and crazy happens where thousands of people show up to pvp and fight over a mob and see if they can stop it etc etc. ur blue servers are fun because u can literally schedule ur life around raids etc i know cuz ive raided on blue with a max toon and trust me as a pvper that is the most boring gameplay style i have ever seen i play on zek and have a 3 box crew that is completely maxed in AA and Gear for what my guild can achieve

    the above about maxed toons and aa's etc is true for most of my guild and probably most of zek then it gets interesting because people start making toons to pvp at 85 and 75 and 100 and 90 and 95 etc etc etc and then u have these interesting fights with oor healing and stuff and u have to stratigize how to kill someone with a healer that u cant touch etc. i know that this in itself sounds like a huge killer for the fun but ive had groups of 6 people trying ot kill someone with an oor healer and it taking 30 mins to do so but it just seems like that in itself would be more rewarding then a nagafen spawn for up for 12 just to see TL pop in and snipe it because the 1 guy who can box 30 toons chooses to do so.

    i know long long story anyways TLP pvp +1 from about everyone on zek and probably a ton of people on blue who just dont come to the forums to listen to the same people complain about how they are more superior in there vast knowledge of EQ, plz come to zek and show how good of a player u are vrs people who sit in the arena for hours on end trying to find some way to out smart the people they play against. come challenge some people and see how well u do if u got 25$ and ur bored of doing the same raid content uve been doing for the past year because TDS had 7 total raids ( o boy) bring a alt over rogue zerker w/e u think is the top pvper and ill personally watch a enchanter or druid smash ur face like no bodys buisness
  9. Freki Augur

    PVP would not work because not everyone would want it. thus why should it be the solution to this, i would say there would be about 50% drop in TLP current subscribers, and maybe a 10% increase from those that were not (I have not seen one person pvp flagged on this server or if i have i've not seen a huge amount) and yes the numbers are yanked from some where and are not accurate just my experience over the last 16 years. the only place every one was is on the ZEK server, outside of those servers it was very few.

    IT MAY work as its own server but not a solution to this. and to your idea that hey, people will sit around casting... i'm pretty sure that they would make their toons move as needed. currently they do not need to as it is not pvp.
  10. Constellation Augur

    This actually sounds kind of fun.
  11. Pluralis Majestatis Journeyman

    You can defend your terrible idea all you want, its not going to happen to the current TLPs. The majority of their actual paying player base (i.e. not the RMT krono armies) would disappear in a heartbeat.

    Personally, I would love to see them implement one and have TheGoat come back to whine how he is getting destroyed.
  12. Constellation Augur

    So if they made a new pvp server, their player-base would disappear. Makes complete sense......
  13. Steampunk Augur

    Thegoat == Thetroll
  14. Freki Augur

    no if they closed down the current tlp servers and opened a pvp tlp server even with transfers, they will loose player base for these servers people will drop sub (I would). NOW on the other hand if they opened a pvp server in addition to these two then it's fine, but the idea was proposed to SOLVE the issues on ragefire/lockjaw and just adding a tlp pvp server will not solve anything.
  15. Constellation Augur

    A PVP server could run itself with very little GM intervention and could be a place for the "Hardcore" players to play.

  16. Freki Augur

    original title:
    "TLP PVP Solves All Problems"

    now.... how does opening another server solve the problems from ragefire? I have not denied that it might be a viable server type, i have said if they want to that's great but it does not solve all problems. that is what I said.
  17. Fatch New Member

    It can't be that hard or costly to start and run a new TLP PvP server. It would draw all the trolls and jerks away from the filthy casual bluebie environments that are currently available. GM's would not be needed if it's a no rules server like Sullon Zek was. In fact, all the players whining about boxers are sorely mistaken about any advantage a botter or boxer would have in a no rules PvP environment. Sam 'DaMan' Deathwalker got pwned in pvp on SZ until he had 6 wizards with MB and even then still had a hard time controlling that many accounts in such a dangerous environment. This would also make some of the less used classes in classic more viable, such as rogues. I'll admit, EQ may not be balanced in a class by class manner for pvp but that is assuming an arena style environment where there is nothing to hide behind and no real application of tactics. 90% of the time getting ganked could mean you were screwed. You would constantly have to press control-W to check who is in your zone, read the guild names, become familiar with players and remember who's on what team and how to bug out if you saw trouble coming. But the moments where you saw a gank coming and could still manage to turn the predator into prey were some of the more exciting and memorable experiences I ever had in EQ.

    Sure, there were definitely drawbacks and negative things. Like... having to make a corpse run from Qeynos to Highpass across the karanas multiple times at a low level without SoW and having your corpse rot because the guy who killed you there out leveled you by 20 levels and happened to still be there every time you got back and having your gear rot... yeah that sucked... effing newt scum. I really missed that 5 hours I spent on a Saturday afternoon to get nothing done and lose some crappy bronze armor and a bronze sword.. I was so salty then. I'll never get that 5 hours back, but it did teach me a lot about life. Like how to survive and persevere. Roll evil team and exp in the zones where your kind is allowed.
  18. rick Augur

    this isn't a choice for hardcore players it is a choice for PvP players..

    I play a lot but frankly got fed up with the PvP aspect of EVERY game that tried to mix PvE with PvP ..

    I love PvP in first person shooters .. EVERYONE is equal .. MMOs you have levels and class balance that always get in the way ..

    I played a bit on a PvP server when EQ had them and it wasn't all bad as you literally had high levels hunting the people who PKed low levels BUT the industry has changed and most players won't do this and the PKers don't care that there is a real person behind the screen you are greifing and literally driving away from the game.

    also PvP doesn't help with mage armies as you have to mass up on them.. THEY have a very high end DD and a high end pet times however number of scripts they are running

    NO to PvP though I wish they would either make the scripts not work as well or make the scripts against ToS (not that they will ever do this of course as the game needs to make money and the mage armies are in a way making them money)
  19. LachiusTZ Journeyman

    Since Rick doesn't like it, shouldn't do it.

    We tried to get them to do this several times over years.

  20. No PK Please New Member

    I still remember the time when Sam was boxing 4 wizards and he got soloed by one Newt barb shaman in the Overthere. I honestly think I had almost more fun posting on the EZ board forums than I actually did playing the game, Viggz and Bofis used to seriously crack me up. Sullon Zek had such a diverse, interesting tight knit community, something that I don't think I'll ever see again in another game.

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