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  1. Adumbral Journeyman

    Can we plz get a TLP pvp server with maybe a vote for pvp rules im sure it would do great set it for a 1 month trial to see if it gets a ok population an if it does let us keep it if not then we can cry anymore
  2. Sennik Jevest Elder

    I want. But it would only work if it stopped at a certain expansion.
  3. AlmarsGuides Augur

    They'd need to totally revamp our combat system, EQ is one of the few mmorpgs ive played that just isn't made for pvp.

    Someone will disagree of course but saying EQ is a PvP game is like calling Tetris and RPG.

    The first set of votes for progression servers had PvP as an option, it got I think 11% of the total votes.

    TLP won with about 40% of the total votes and I remember an FV progression server was second with 30% or so.

    I wish we could find that old poll somewhere.
  4. Sennik Jevest Elder

    I played rallos zek originally and it was AWESOME. It only got stale around the pop Era with all the safe zones.
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  5. Adumbral Journeyman

    yes i loved rallos i just ask that they give it a shot open one up for a month an see if it gets population
  6. Adumbral Journeyman

    maybe stop it at GoD or TSP
  7. Sagnid Augur

    Sure make a pvp server. And watch everyone get trolled by mage pets.
  8. Coach_Kegadin Augur

    Mages are bad on R99, they will be bad on live if resists aren't borked out the wazoo (CCing a Mage pet renders the Mage almost completely useless).
  9. Kahna Augur

    Considering how miserably the EQ2 PVP server has failed I doubt they will waste their time on an EQ PVP TLP server. And before you go saying they are totally different games the biggest thing that has broken the EQ2 PVP server is the massive class imbalances, and similar class imbalances exists in EQ1. They don't have the time to fix these imbalances in either game and the issues drove people away from the PVP server. From a pure cost/benefit standpoint it's just not worth it for them to even try for the 30-40 people who will still be playing on the server after the initial rush realizes how broken it is.
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  10. Coach_Kegadin Augur

    EQ is not a PVP game by any means. However, adding PVP to the game gives the game a completely different feel. The PVP aspect of the game makes you not only worry about dieing to monsters but other players as well. It gives players the ability to solve the raid rotation problem, bot army problem, krono farming problem, pretty much anything you can think of (you just continuously kill that person/guild until you finish what you are doing or they log off). It gives the competitive players a real way to prove they are "the best."

    EQ PVP will always be unbalanced but every class has its uses. I find games with balanced class or classes that can do everything to be super boring (there is not meta game).
  11. Sagnid Augur

    You are 100% misinformed. Any trash emulated server has no bearing on how overpowered Mages are on current server. Unless you are fighting someone well above your gear level, which is all eq pvp is about. That and ganking. A single mage pet will destroy you.
  12. Porygon Augur

    And 11 mage pets will destroy your group in seconds.
  13. Coach_Kegadin Augur

    How does a Mage pet destroy me if it is CCed? I bet 95% of the TLP population wouldn't have a clue about dispelling their pets. Mages also have almost 0 survivability.

    I love how non-pvpers come on here and talk like they understand pvp mechanics.Gives me a good laugh.
  14. Sagnid Augur

    I love how people who clearly do not play the game log on here and try to talk game mechanics. Try ccing a mage pet on Ragefire or Lockjaw at current level.

    Again. Eq pvp will never be a thing. It cannot be balanced. And any boxer will crush you in seconds.
  15. Coach_Kegadin Augur

    Do not play the game? It's awesome that EQ is your full time job, but I assure you my knowledge and skill are far superior.
  16. James Augur

    I would be all over this, Just make a slow progression pvp server and stop it at Velious like Project 99 servers have done. Just make it a unique server in itself.
  17. Ducreux Augur

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  18. Coach_Kegadin Augur

  19. Sagnid Augur

    Looks like we have a new Melveny guys.
  20. code-zero Augur

    How about a Traditional Box Perma Death Server with one month expansion unlocks?

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