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  1. Etridian New Member

    Greetings! I have been playing around for awhile and never got a PC over level 24 on the standard servers, mostly becuase I am constantly trying new race/class options to see what I like best. I found the standard servers to be rather easy to get a PC going and get tradeskills up and collect PP.

    My issue is on the new TLP servers. I cant figure out how to get enough PP for anything, including for my tradeskills. The result is that I am stagnating at a low level because I cant find or buy new gear. I am sure I am doing things wrong.

    I've looked around and it seems that trying to sell stacks of trade materials at the EC tunnel is what people are suggesting. I just don't know what materials are valuable for them and what are junk.

    So, for a new PC under level 10 needing to try to plat up for some gear, what would you suggest be the best course? Go to other areas ( I'm playing a DE now ) and hunt better mobs for gear? Kill fodder mobs for materials?

    Any help would be very welcome. I am rather frustrated with my PC's growth.
  2. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Kill mobs, loot everything. Make sure you have decent bag space (backpacks if you have decent strength, or large bags if you don't). Vendor all of it except silks, bone chips, non-ruined pelts, and gear upgrades. Once you have a whole bunch of silks, bone chips, or non-ruined pelts, you could try to sell them in EC or the serverwide auction channel.

    But for the most part your coin will come from vendoring things. Do not worry about buying any gear upgrades at very low levels. Once you get up into the 20's you'll be looting fine steel weapons and gems that sell for around 4-10 plat each. You'll have hundreds of plat before you know it just by simply grouping, leveling, and vendoring the crap you find.
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  3. Etridian New Member

    Thanks, that helps some. My issues is that my base level armor is not holding up to mobs of my current level. I am just getting my backside handed to me now. But if I just need to grind out easier mobs to keep growing, then so be it I guess.
  4. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    If you plan to play a lot and level fast, don't worry about tradeskills on the new TLPs. You will outgrow their usefulness quickly. Being high level is a good path to getting plat faster.

    I went the other way, am leveling slow, have alts already and my mains aren't even 20 yet. I'm feeding it all to Tailoring and Smithing, because I'll still actually be using this gear for a while. But this is not the best path, it's just what's fun for me right now.

    Get in groups, get plat and gear, join a guild, do stuff. It will all work out.
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  5. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    You said you're under level 10? You shouldn't be struggling with mobs that are the same level as you or lower even if you're completely naked. What class are you playing, what level/type of mobs are you fighting, etc.?

    Also don't be afraid to GROUP. There are groups at all levels on fresh TLP's.
  6. Etridian New Member

    I am playing a DE Warrior for now. I have tested this with other characters as well. At 6th level there is a big jump on mob armor/damage for your own level and I start getting b^slapped a lot. I suddenly find myself ( with maxed out skills ) missing 9/10 attacks on mobs my level, and when I do hit, it is for very minimal damage. When they hit sucks, lol.
  7. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Well, a few basic tips. You may already be doing all this stuff. Be sure to use a fast weapon (2-hand weapons are generally terrible at very low levels). Use kick. Don't attack the mamba snakes in nektulos; their poison is rough. Con every potential target, and try to focus on mobs that are level 4-6. Lower than 4 will net you very little xp, and higher than 6 is going to be a risky fight. Kill as many skeletons as you can even if they are trivial as they have a chance to drop silk armor pieces, equip all of those.

    Commonlands is a great zone for your level. Black bears, shadow wolves, young plains cats, should all be proper level to kill. Just avoid lions and young kodiaks, etc. You can also potentially join groups killing at the orc camps, although those are more typically around level 7-12.
  8. Fallfyres Augur


    On the same page as Niskin here! Just learning a new class, doing gathering and will start tradeskilling as I get my main and a couple of alts to 20ish. Loving this server! I wanted to add a note to you - the difference between my main and my alts in amount of plat so far is WAYYYY different.

    My main who is grouping almost all the time and has since lvl 3 has over 30 plat at level 19. Not a humongus amount, but in comparison to my alts who have only been able to get in groups like once or twice) is WAY different in amount of plat so far. If you are learning, and not focused at a mandatory rush pace because you have a goal of raiding super soon; vendoring and grouping up to get loots to sell as well as the occasional upgrade for yourself is a solid way going forward on Mischief or Thornblade!

    I like to level 10 or 15 levels, then zero in on gathering/farming for hides etc. Then I put in at least some tradeskill effort which will benefit my characters, then I adventure another 15 levels or so. The whole adventure level up and then run around as a high level buying harvests from the tunnel vendors or later, the auction house is not my thing at all. We all find a groove to play our own way, and you will too. When you have played some other mmo's and are used to getting lots of coin in early questing, this Everquest experience is quite different. Please know that tradeskilling is expensive in terms of plat and time, however, for those not zooming up its really cool. You get to add a few items to your character which YOU have created and which gives a Norrathian lifestyle bennie to that character! I'm interested in obtaining/doing the Coldain Prayer Shawl Quests down the road, and that has some/a LOT of pre-requirements for sure ;o).

    I'm enjoying this first expansion on Mischief, but 75% of what I'm doing are things which I see as making play time even more fun as we hit future expansions. So I do some tradeskills, but also have a regular 'savings account' in my shared bank ^-^. If you watch the chat channels you will see the occasional pc who is broadcasting plat for lowbie gathered ingredients, ie the other night someone working on their Baking was in gen chat offering to buy any eggs players had, and they were offering 1 plat for every 2 eggs. Hope you enjoy your journey on these latest TLP servers!
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