(TLP) Necro- How long am I going to be twitching?

Discussion in 'Casters' started by Hinastorm86, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Hinastorm86 Augur

    First off, I did not post this in the tlp section b/c I feel i'll get a more sane response on this board.

    So i'm starting to notice on fights with any degree of length/diffuculty/damage going out, if I dont do anything but twitch the oom clerics, who are oom at 40% mob health, tanks die, we wipe, etc you get the picture.

    How long is this going to be a thing? because if its through at least GoD/OOW, I feel like maybe I should reroll now in velious before AA's come out, and i'm permanently behind on my new character.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.
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  2. Tinytinker Augur

    What fights are your healers running OOM on? How many clerics do you have? Are your healers making mistakes, like spamming inefficient heals and getting themselves killed on fights? Is your raid leader letting you DPS the mob or putting you on twitch duty? I suspect your raid force is either going in there light on heals/light on DPS, or your healers are over healing, making mistakes.

    A sane raid leader will pair you with clerics so you can mind wrack (when mind wrack comes out) and understand the faster the mob gets dies, the less mana the clerics have to spend on heals. An insane raid leader will use twitch every chance they get, and have you twitching into OOW+
  3. Siddar Augur

    Only twitch during buffing never during a fight ever.

    Stop being a crutch for bad healers.

    I have TBM parses where we raided mastero with low numbers and three necros did just under 50% of the total damage to the mastero. Basically any fight where mana is a issue is one where necro DPS will shine.
  4. Brohg Augur

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  5. Millianna Augur

    This thread reminds of the best of best PvP tournament on 7th hammer back in the day. The two finalists just twitched... They got disqualified. Hah
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  6. EQcleric Elder

    Youre going to be asked to twitch for a long time. As others have said, youll notice its the same inefficient clerics everytime. You have a few options.

    You can ignore the raid leader, and just dps, which depending on how good the rest of your guild is could result in success.
    I personally would just suck it up, twitch, and follow up with the raid leader / heal officer afterwards. Some people might not even know they are being inefficient...

    Rather than sitting back and complaining about twitching, make it your goal to find out why certain clerics are going oom faster.

    Download gamparse, check logs, find out what the good ones are cssting, and ducking... and compare it to the bad ones.
  7. fransisco Augur

    Some posters are forgetting that in velious/luclin, clerics mainly chain cast cheal. There is no "inefficient" cleric. That and fights can last a long long time (no qm, low ft, no real mana regeneration)
  8. menown Augur

    If by chain cast you mean a rotation, then yes. Clerics should not just be chaining CH.

    Also, put necros into cleric groups and cast Mind Wrack every minute. That is way way way more efficient.
  9. Siddar Augur

    As a former cleric during that time period. The bellow is for era's prior to PoP because once you reach PoP the cheal chain for everything starts to fade away as HP and mana pools grow.

    If you're part of a cheal chain that has the goal of dropping a cheal every three to four seconds on the main tank then yes you should really only be casting cheal. The healing of the rest of the raid should be done by other healers.

    Diverting your mana from cheals to other uses thus causing failure of the cheal chain from a single healer lacking mana is by definition an inefficient use of mana.

    Most mana problems for clerics will be caused by three things. One cleric death, two failure of the cleric to heal at maximum mana efficiency (cheal and AE heals), three the cleric is under geared and lack enough max mana to sustain healing for the duration of the fight.

    In all cases above use of a necro to plug the gap for failure of cleric to ether play or gear properly is not a efficient use of the necromancer class.
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  10. Zakor Elder

    Necro twitching means you spend 3 mana to give 1 mana. I remember one time when a wizard insisted that I, the necro, twitch him because, "have you seen my crits?" I asked him If he thought he was doing 3x the damage that I was doing per point of mana spent. His answer, "probably." I wonder what he would have answered after he finished high school.
  11. Ryanxp Augur

    I remember raiding Kael Drakkal back in the day on my necro and I was asked to twitch. The entire raid was the worst and all I was doing the whole time was giving mana (and twitch is such a low amount of mana given...). Main reason this was happening was because necro DoTs were constantly getting aggro. Even after FDing, having 4 or more dots loaded would take the aggro away from the tanks.

    Necros do some major damage. Necros have so, so much more than to meerly give their mana away constantly. But take it with a grain of salt. Nowadays, people tell you to do some of the most stupidest things in the game. As a bard, I constantly am told to pull when theres a monk in group.... a warrior..... a rogue, even.... Classes without mana should be the ones first called. Back in the day, Monks were the puller. Groups would need monks strictly for pulling... Now, As a bard who does, in fact, have a mana regen song going during downtime, am asked to go find some mobs.

    If some moron asks you to twitch,
    Explain to them the defects of it. In 10 minutes, twitching probably grants 3% mana, total. Literally 1 spell cast in 10 minutes.
  12. menleniel New Member

    If the fight is in that critical stage, mob is almost but not quite dead and another heal or two might be the difference between a wipe and a win, then twitch certainly. As a standard practice? If thats what they're asking its time for a new guild.
  13. Ryanxp Augur

    Read more into twitch and seeing as it has more viability on tlp servers. 100 / 150 mana could result beneficially when you've only got 4,000 ...

    Maybe I should refrain from all my glorious insight and geek rage on these forums, lol
  14. Siddar Augur

    In the end a nerco asking how long they will have to twitch is like a wife asking when her husband will stop beating her.

    The real question in both cases is when will you stop letting it happen.
  15. Vrinda Augur

    As recently as the year I retired my necro from raiding (tail end of CotF), the uninformed were asking me to twitch them. My responses ranged from "No" to "I deleted that spell from my spell book" to blowing it off and ignoring the question altogether. You can justify something in the Mind Wrack line, but not twitch.

    At some point, people begin to realize that the faster the mob dies, the less healing you need. Stand back and take an objective look at raid mechanics for a minute. They're all about diversionary tactics and trying to lure raiders into splitting up their dps (or stopping dps altogether while you run here or run there in response to emotes), thereby stalling the event's conclusion and giving you more time to make a raid-wiping mistake. Taking your dps off the mob so you can give your mana to a healer at a crappy exchange rate does nothing but increase the duration of the fight.

    Can you keep your full line of dots on the mob while having a spell gem left over for twitch? Then by all means do so. If not, dps is everything.