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    I can't seem to find a comprehensive list anywhere of weapon damage caps per level, but have been doing a fair amount of testing to gather it. Does anyone know if this information exists somewhere?

    By cap I mean the weapon damage you will not see any difference once the weapon goes above it for that level range. Here is what I have found so far (note: this is for melee classes - the caps are lower for pure casters and possibly for priests - though I have done no priest testing).

    level 1-9 : 10dmg
    level 10-19 : 14dmg
    level 20-27 : 30dmg
    level 28+ : 42dmg?? (I saw the increase in the the mode hit go clearly from 61 to 84. This may also be the level when damage bonus for weapon delay kicks in, so it may be 40dmg cap with delay bonus making the mode hit 84)
    level 51+ : removed? (I'll try to get some exact numbers, but from what I recall the cap may be lifted completely at this point. I remember from 50 to 51 using a 72dmg weapon the max non-crit hit going from 250ish to 440ish)

    There is far too much misinformation that the cap is removed at level 20, and I have seen many people claiming they were hitting in the 400s at level 20 with 72dmg diamond tipped war javelin, which is absolute nonsense unless they did it many years ago prior to new caps being implemented.
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    I finally found a list someone posted that correlates with my findings exactly. One thing to note, at level 28 damage bonus comes into effect (which is why I saw my mode hit jump from 61 to 84, the damage bonus on my weapon was 23). Also to note, so far it appears my damage bonus has gone up by 1 per level. Hope this helps when making decisions on what weapons to use at various levels.

    • Level <10
      • Caster - 6
      • Priest - 9
      • All Else -10
    • Level 10-19
      • Caster - 10
      • Priest - 12
      • All Else -14
    • Level 20-29
      • Caster - 12
      • Priest - 20
      • All Else -30
    • Level 30-39
      • Caster - 18
      • Priest - 26
      • All Else -60
    • Level 40+
      • Caster - 40
      • Priest - 80
      • All Else -200
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