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  1. Pneumothorax777 New Member

    With Kunark launching in a month what's fastest way 50-60. Some woman I met said Chardok kennels? Never did that back in the day, but I read chardok is bad for evil races. Anyone else have a good path?
  2. Truetotheblue Elder

    Chardok Kennels is an excellent place to hit 50-60, any of those lower locations in Chardok really. Other alternatives are Herbalist, O/U, Bridge, Bank, Castle, and the lead up to it. This will hurt your Chardok faction, not your OT faction. If you want to rebuild your Chardok rep for later you have options to do so, this is beneficial as there are several quests that you can do in Chardok from the Queen and Herald Tel`cha (might be wrong on last name). She may have been thinking about Karnor's in terms of your rep.

    Sebilis is another good option, although in the mid to late 50s outside of Crypt, Juggs, and Shrooms, the exp drops off dramatically. There are a lot of camps across the zone and this is going to be a very, very popular zone on TLPs. This is the best zone for cash drops.

    Howling Stones is my personal favorite. You need a key to go here. It's not the fastest per kill, but the volume of NPCs you can kill, especially if you have an enchanter, and the relative ease compared to higher end mobs in chardok makes this a winner in my book. If you have an enchanter your best bet is to charm one of the spectre mobs. This zone also tends to be less traveled and you'll likely be competing less with other players.

    Karnor's will take you through the early 50s, but trying to push much past that is going to be a slog. You can also do some of the early 50s levels in previous zones like The Hole, or Sol B. Albeit these will still be a bit slower.
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  3. ayoforYayoh Augur

    You had me thinking this was real until i read this part.
  4. Pneumothorax777 New Member

    Just to make sure I have the right place, the kennels is the tunnels area in the eastern part of the zone with the chokidai? So pretty much 51-60 I could sit there?
  5. Truetotheblue Elder

    Yeah, I wouldn't say that going there at 51 is a good idea though. You might want to stick to entrance, or another zone until 53-55 or so. A lot of the mobs at that camp are mid 50s and some of the sarnaks by the vendors in the house near kennel.
  6. Mercanyin Augur

    So I would like to chime in on this. Why stay in one specific spot for 10 levels? Why not get out and play all the zones?
  7. Bewts Augur

    Chardok Kennels is great because no ones gonna bother you down there (for the most part).

    I leveled my entire 6-box there on the last TLP, and then some replacements as well.

    I also did 4 Necros, Sk and SHM at Juggs... and it works but the amount of folks bothering ya there isn’t worth the hassle. Nice plat though with all those spell drops. It also died off horrifically post level 57 or so.
  8. Pneumothorax777 New Member

    Gotcha, so Seb to about 54 55 then Chardok until 60. Thanks for the info.
  9. Mithra Augur

    The top part of sebilis is only good to 53.
  10. Mattling New Member

    Skip Seb.

    Undead in the Hole till 54, Chardok till 60.
  11. Tucoh Augur

    My favorite way to level on TLP: Spend some exploring all the zones you can level in, except for maybe the areas you really dislike. Once you run out of areas to explore, choose whatever.

    This is only really useful if you've got a regular crew that doesn't mind getting dragged to non-ideal places.
  12. Auze Neax New Member

    I think some people are likely planning to just grind it all out in one or two sessions. Spending time to explore would mean time being spent not getting xp.
  13. Moranis Augur

    My personal favorite is Seb from 50-54 in the upper part (disco, etc), Chardok Bank / Herbalist from 54-57, and then Chardok Kennels from 57-60.

    Kennels is the best EXP in the game in Kunark - but you realistically, you want to be 55+ and have at least (2) charm pets in your group (min. 1 enchanter) when you're there. Cleric could be 50-55. Spawns are fast and numerous and most mobs are 56+ I believe, so a lot of non-ench CC doesn't work except root.
    Only issue with kennels, in my experience, is griefing. Since it is the best EXP camp in the game, at the time, everyone wants in - likely the most-trained camp in Chardok.
  14. Stune Augur

    Skip seb so you can reduce players there? lol
  15. Truetotheblue Elder

    I personally try and skip Seb in the first few weeks of a TLP just because of how packed it is. I also prefer Chardok and HS once I get my keys though because it's better exp imo.
  16. Garmr Augur

    Always preferred Howling Stones south wing for the final push. Was less foot traffic, plenty of mobs, good xp and decent loot off named in the area.
  17. Mithra Augur

    Dungeons obviously the best xp, but where would you level 51-60 if you did outside zones only?
  18. Truetotheblue Elder

    There aren't a ton of outdoor zones in Kunark unfortunately for the 50-60 range that are terribly efficient. You could go to Skyfire which would likely be the best bet, burning woods, or Dreadlands. Most of the stuff you'd fight in the latter 2 would be light blue or green for a majority of your journey. Perfectly doable if you are ok moving at a slower pace. Velious adds more decent mid and high level outdoor choices that Kunark lacks.

    Edit - left out Devourers in Swamp or TT, forget which side of the cave they're on
  19. Karreck Somebody

    I know for me, I plan to grind my main up fast for raiding. My alts can explore and play around in Kunark zones.
  20. Bewts Augur

    Amazing how strong a level 8 bard song is down there...

    Paci 2 mobs, at worst ya get a 2 pull which ya should be able to handle. Then it’s just a matter of spreading out and timing the spawns.

    At least, that’s what I did with a WAR BRD CLR WIZ WIZ ENC 6 man setup.

    If ya get a three pull, just rain them down and rezz the wizard that dies.

    EDIT 1: And if for some reason ya get a crit resist, suicide the bard because they don’t really need mana yet and try again.
    EDIT 2: IIRC double wizard rains and a single target nuke on singles pretty much drops em flat.

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