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    Was examining spell data as I am wont to do, and I remembered that back in 2018, Lay on Hands got it's target type changed to a variation on Targets target, or Unknown(52) as it's called by lucy. The short and long of it is that if you have a player targeted, it heals them, but if you have a mob targeted, it hits the mobs target. This particular change improved the flexibility of the loh tool and cut down on loh misfires, and it made me think about TLP healing in general.

    One of the longest running consistencies in this game is that you can target hostile enemies and waste Mana on heals intended for someone else. Why have additional classic-> PoR era heals not been given the same treatment as Lay on Hands? Is there a mechanical reason why this improved targeting method was never passed out to other classes in the older eras? I can't speak for how spells function in later expansions, but as far as I can tell, making this change to at least a portion of TLP Heal spells could improve healer Quality of Life.
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    I don't think think it is feasible or even desirable to make ALL heals work that way, but having 1 spell per level raise that works this way for hybrids & maybe 2 for actual priests means that spell-selection & functionality still has some decision making involved.

    Too much of a good thing can actually be bad, like for example oh we got this cool new shader that makes everything look like unicorn rainbow farts, used sparingly it stays unique & interesting, used on every dang surface your eyes start to melt & get tired & you eventually start to hate cool new unicorn rainbow fart shader & wish it would die in a fire.
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    This is not the same thing, but later on they added spells that do something similar. Clerics get a spell that heals the target and nukes the target's target. They also get one that nukes the target and heals the target's target.
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    I think at least for some heals on TLPs that would be a great addition but maybe not put it on all the heals. I think anything that might make healers more playable long term and more specifically on boxes might be good for the health of TLP servers
  5. Zipe The Healer

    Incoming Complete Heal rotation on The Avatar of War. If a tank dies, it's ok, just keep the rotation on AoW, you could even land a heal to an overaggroing rangur.

    {1} CH on The Avatar of War next is {2}
    {2} CH on The Avatar of War next is {3}
    {3} CH on The Avatar of War next is {4}
    {4} CH on The Avatar of War next is {5}
    {5} CH on The Avatar of War next is {6}
    {6} CH on The Avatar of War next is {1}

    Next step would be Smart heals. Because, you know, it's already in game... the Healing wards. The devs, could think of a formula that lands the heal memorized on your spellgem #1 to the target with the lowest health of the raid, pets excluded of course. Shamans would have a similar version but limited to Healing Surge.

    Nope, don't think it's going to happen anytime soon.
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    Having the Paladin heals work this way would be extremely helpful in the TLP eras. I seriously doubt any Paladin would object.