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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Elthorien, May 16, 2016.

  1. Bewts Augur

    They've changed items (like deluxe toolbox) that was a mid-era item.

    Surely they can run through the old cultural armor DB and address it as well?

    If we had item ID's on all the items and provided a list, they might be inclined to make the changes if we did the footwork?
  2. -wycca Augur

    Most of the old cultural stuff has already had extensive research (plus lists generated)...for P99. The largest potential problem that I see is that 1) proving the date of the cultural may not be super easy for every set, and 2) that it may not be a trivial amount of dev time to switch (1 item is very different from a few hundred). I mean, who knows, it may be easy. Worse that happens is you make a list and nothing happens different than now, best case you might get it fixed.
  3. Umbraeques Lorekeeper

    Enchanted Teir`Dal Adamantite Bracers were in the game prior to the patch on Feb 21, 2001 - as the patch notes on that date contain a fix to the recipe. As well as a fix to another part of a subcombine for same and the rest of the set; and mentions of other cultural recipes. So most of them were in by then, this is during the Velious era - the recipes having existed (probably) since Kunark, though there's no specific patch that mentions them by name, there was one during Kunark that had a huge chunk of tradeskill additions to the game.

    The 'blue diamond' cultural set, was released during the Luclin era, so I'm not expecting those yet on Phinigel.

    Some consistency would be nice though, some race/class/deity combinations did get theirs, and some didn't.
  4. Baldur Augur

    Can you explain why the dwarven enchanted/imbued plate, just called dwarven plate, is in then when it's the best out of any set and the high elf enchanted/imbued plate, called imbued koada'dal, isn't in the game when it's worse stats then the dwarven?

    I call them enchanted/imbued because they take an enchanted brick and an imbued gem.

    There's no way you can say that's not a bug. If the high elf set isn't in on purpose, then take the dwarven set out. Either way a dev response would be nice.
  5. Catashe Augur

    Because the devs just rolled a pair of dice to see which Cultural would go in... And the imbued Koada'dal isn't worse than dwarven really.. Its just one set was more focus on one or 2 classes and the other is focused on another
  6. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    i know their have been some consistency issues with the tradeskill/cultural armors across expansions and across multiple servers.

    It may help to garner some attention to the issue if those of you who are concerned with this stopped by to upvote these issues on the tracker:

    EQ-131 Unable to craft Dwarven Plate Cultural Armor

    EQ-134 Ragefire TLP - Kunark Era Halfling Cultural Tailoring Recipes

    EQ-132 TLPBeta-Old Cultural Armor

    EQ-902 Enchanted Elven Chain Armor (HIE Cultural) Doesn't Work on Phinigel
  7. Elthorien Elder

    so all the kunark / luclin cultural armor gets added in when its totaly useless
  8. Umbraeques Lorekeeper

    Well, the dwarves and ogres got some of theirs; but for the rest of us, yeah.
  9. Elthorien Elder

    here is a possible fix since they can not seem to figure it out...
    1) unblock ALL the cultural recipies prior to dragons of norrath cultural addition
    2) BLOCK the Celestial Temper brewing recipie till shadows of luclin.. this effectivly blocks out all the shadows of luclin cultural till shadows of luclin goes live... with one block, they lock out the entire expansion
  10. vardune Augur

    it would be nice to get an update on an ETA for fixing the Cultural armor combines that aren't working. It sucks to have spent so much time getting up my Blacksmithing on an Ogre and a Dwarf to have combines not work. Dwarf Enchanted Brellium armor with no Imbued is very nice. The missing combines are all over the place it seems. It should take a dev a few days to fix this and it would beneficial for the next TLP server that they startup.
    Combines I know that don't work but should!
  11. vardune Augur

    I was Told in a petition to submit a petition to the missing combines and to also do an end game /bug submission. maybe if we all do this for the missing combines it might help. maybe even do it once a week so it stays in the bug list.
  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    It is easy to say, not to do.
    Yes, Item ID's would be a HUGE help.
  13. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I have no ETA for you other than I am looking into it. I am not going to just make mass changes without proper consideration.
  14. Picaresque Augur

    As well you should not. Unintended Consequences can be worse than the initial problem. Take your time. We will likely still be here. :)
  15. vardune Augur

    i can look into all the ids that i know are missing for the dwarf and ogre armor.
  16. Baldur Augur

    Not sure how we get item ids on items we can't make. I'm not even sure how to get item ids on items we can make.

    You can look at the P99 wiki, it's done all the leg work for you, they list all the combines that should be working right now:

    For High Elves you can see the list here: Cultural Tradeskills: High Elf
    There are 12 pieces that don't work, they are at the very bottom, it's all of the Imbued Koada`Dal pieces.

    For dwarves: Cultural Tradeskills: Dwarf
    Its the enchanted dwarven plate set that doesn't combine.
  17. Catashe Augur

    Well here we go, ID numbers for the start of my list are in order by ID number and sets aka Enchanted and/or imbued
    *Disclaimer* Some sets might already be flagged for Velious I didn't personally check

    Enchanted Dwarven Plate Helm ID: 21290
    Enchanted Dwarven Plate Visor ID: 21291
    Enchanted Dwarven Plate Collar ID: 21292
    Enchanted Dwarven Breastplate ID: 21293
    Enchanted Dwarven Plate Pauldron ID: 21294
    Enchanted Dwarven Plate Splinted Cloak ID: 21295
    Enchanted Dwarven Plate Girdle ID: 21296
    Enchanted Dwarven Plate Vambraces ID: 21297
    Enchanted Dwarven Plate Bracers ID: 21298
    Enchanted Dwarven Plate Gauntlets ID: 21299
    Enchanted Dwarven Plate Greaves ID: 21300
    Enchanted Dwarven Plate Boots ID: 21301

    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Helm ID: 21240
    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Visor ID: 21241
    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Collar ID: 21242
    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Cuirass ID: 21243
    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Pauldron ID: 21244
    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Cloak ID: 21245
    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Girdle ID: 21246
    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Vambraces ID: 21247
    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Bracers ID: 21248
    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Gauntlets ID: 21249
    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Greaves ID: 21250
    Imbued Koada’Dal Mithril Boots ID: 21251

    Imbued Dwarven Plate Helm ID: 23468
    Imbued Dwarven Plate Visor ID: 23469
    Imbued Dwarven Plate Collar ID: 23470
    Imbued Dwarven Breastplate ID: 23471
    Imbued Dwarven Plate Pauldron ID: 23472
    Imbued Dwarven Plate Splinted Cloak ID: 23473
    Imbued Dwarven Plate Girdle ID: 23474
    Imbued Dwarven Plate Vambraces ID: 23475
    Imbued Dwarven Plate Bracers ID: 23476
    Imbued Dwarven Plate Gauntlets ID: 23477
    Imbued Dwarven Plate Greaves ID: 23478
    Imbued Dwarven Plate Boots ID: 23479
  18. Catashe Augur

    Tier’Dal Adamantite Helm(Enchanted) ID: 21227
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Visor(Enchanted) ID: 21228
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Collar(Enchanted) ID: 21229
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Breastplate(Enchanted) ID: 21230
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Pauldron(Enchanted) ID: 21231
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Cloak(Enchanted) ID: 21232
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Girdle(Enchanted) ID:21233
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Vambraces(Enchanted) ID: 21234
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Bracers(Enchanted) ID: 21235
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Gauntlets(Enchanted) ID: 21236
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Greaves(Enchanted) ID: 21237
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Boots(Enchanted) ID: 21238

    Tier’Dal Adamantite Helm(Imbued) ID: 21252
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Visor(Imbued) ID: 21253
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Collar(Imbued) ID: 21254
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Breastplate(Imbued) ID: 21255
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Pauldron(Imbued) ID: 21256
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Cloak(Imbued) ID: 21257
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Girdle(Imbued) ID: 21258
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Vambraces(Imbued) ID: 21259
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Bracers(Imbued) ID: 21260
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Gauntlets(Imbued) ID: 21261
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Greaves(Imbued) ID: 21262
    Tier’Dal Adamantite Boots(Imbued) ID: 21263

    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chain Coif ID: 21060
    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chain Veil ID: 21061
    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chain Neckguard ID: 21062
    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chain Tunic ID: 21063
    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chain Mantle ID: 21064
    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chain Cape ID: 21065
    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chainmail Skirt ID: 21066
    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chain Sleeves ID: 21067
    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chain Bracelets ID: 21068
    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chain Gloves ID: 21069
    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chain Leggings ID: 21070
    Enchanted Teir’Dal Chain Boots ID: 21485

    Imbued Teir’Dal Chain Coif ID: 21469
    Imbued Teir’Dal Chain Veil ID: 21470
    Imbued Teir’Dal Chain Neckguard ID: 21471
    Imbued Teir’Dal Chain Tunic ID: 21472
    Imbued Teir’Dal Chain Mantle ID: 21473
    Imbued Teir’Dal Chain Cape ID: 21474
    Imbued Teir’Dal Chainmail Skirt ID: 21475
    Imbued Teir’Dal Chain Sleeves ID: 21476
    Imbued Teir’Dal Chain Bracelets ID: 21477
    Imbued Teir’Dal Chain Gloves ID: 21478
    Imbued Teir’Dal Chain Leggings ID: 21479
    Imbued Teir’Dal Chain Boots ID: 21483
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  19. Catashe Augur

    And I'm NOT posting the human cultural combines ID numbers unless someone posts and tells me there broken simply cause there is a lot of imbued possible combines cause of all the deities humans can woriship
  20. Kahlev Al-Calen Augur

    I have seen enchanted field plate sets being sold on phinny, so those should be working (haven't tested myself though). What is still not working i think is Heraldic (Qeynos Imbued), because the "Essence of Sunlight" item is still flagged as a GoD req. item as far as i know, so no royal temper able to be made.

    Fine Seafarer's should be test-able atm, but haven't had time to do a run on that sadly.

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