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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Elthorien, May 16, 2016.

  1. Elthorien Elder

    velious is live, attempted imbued cultural combines
    -do not meet the requirements-

    will have have to wait for zone to reset or have i missed something some were and imbued cultural armor is not live with velious??
  2. Kiani Augur

    Which combine did you try?
  3. Elthorien Elder

    highelf cultural, at the highelf forge in felwithe, all materials are correct
  4. Elthorien Elder

    update- i just made the imbued elven chain tunic, the combine works, can make the mystic mithril plate as well
    however, can not make the IMBUED koada'dal mithril plate, continues to say "You can not make this combine because you fail to meet the requirements"
  5. Kiani Augur

    1st tier are open in kunark, 2nd tier in velious, 3rd in luclin, or something like that. That's why I wanted to know the specific combine.
  6. Elthorien Elder

    1st tier = the basic cultural + imbued cultural (this was orginaly released with kunark but had a gem component required for the casting of the enchant mithril spell, and someone at DBG decided that it should be released with velious instead is what i gather, also velious removed the gem component from the enchant metal spell)

    2nd tier = "blue diamond" cultural armor... the armor that is on par with class specific armor from velious made with blue diamonds ect

    3rd tier = dragons of norrath cultural and beyond useing the more modern formula for cultural
  7. CaptainRich Journeyman

    From what has been discussed many times before, the recipes were changed to remove the gem component and are now linked to the expansion where this change was made, not to the expansion where the original recipe went in. (Has anyone tried the original recipe?)

    There is another level of High Elf Cultural Armor above the Imbued Koada'Dal and that is the Blessed Full Mithril and the Blessed Artkeeper's, these still show the Blue Diamond requirement on EQtraders and they also required velium in the mix. I don't know when these went in though, the earliest date in Alla is from June 2002, which is after Luclin, but that could be simply because of the forum reset.
  8. Elthorien Elder

    with the gem component removed. should be able to make all the versions of the koada'dal mithril , enchanted and imbued ect....with the velious expansion... can not make the imbued koada'dal yet, but should be able to

    the full mithril / blessed full mithril, also known as blue diamond cultural armor by us old folks that been around awhile... is a luclin expanion, and should not be able to be made at this time
  9. CaptainRich Journeyman

  10. Dersk Elder

    Lockjaw right now:
    Teir`Dal Chainmail Tunic - combine has worked since ragefire classic/pre-kunark
    Imbued Teir`dal Chain Tunic - combine succeeds
    Enchanted Teir`Dal Chain Tunic - you fail to meet the requirements
    Teir`dal Adamantite Breastplate (imbued)- you fail to meet the requirements
    Teir`dal Adamantite Breastplate (enchanted) - you fail to meet the requirements
    Teir`dal Adamantite Breastplate (unenchanted) - combine has worked since ragefire classic/pre-kunark

    ... so very disappointed right now. Waiting for Luclin (or whenever) I may as well be making acrylia by then.
  11. Elthorien Elder

    it totaly blows my mind on what they decided to allow and not allow on the TLP servers

    Fine plate / Ornate chain... was kunark era. but was allowed with orginal opening on the TLP servers

    nonmagical versions of cultural armor were kunark orginaly but allowed on orginal opening of the TLP servers.

    some magical enchanted/imbued weapons were allowed on the orginal opening of the TLP servers (koada'dal falchion and woodlanders shield come to mind, as well as the woodelf feir'dal weapons)

    enchanted/imbued while being kunark was NOT allowed... and now that velious is out, imbued is still NOT allowed

    BTW Dersk, its odd.. my high elf can make combines that you can not make
    i can make the enchanted imbued chain (same as you)
    i can make the enchanted plate ( were as you can not)
    i can NOT make the enchanted imbued plate (we both can not)
  12. Chanaluss Augur

    Ive been able to make Imbued Cabilis scale since kunark launch on Phinny. no idea when Fearsome Skyiron will be craftable tho.
  13. Umbraeques Lorekeeper

    Just attempted the enchanted and imbued on Phinny today, since Velious is out, and they don't work (don't meet requirements, blah). what gives?
    They were originally available in this era, and it's not as if they are super overpowered or anything.
  14. Baldur Augur

    This seems like a bug to me, why would the enchanted imbued chain be in but not the plate?
  15. vardune Augur

    The dwarf stuff that fails is in the middle of the cultural armor as far as skill. The failed combine are a bug for sure.
  16. Baldur Augur

    At least the dwarf combine that can't be done is just the enchanted, can do enchanted imbued which is better anyways but higher skill.

    Elf plate wearers get hosed because they can't make enchanted imbued plate, really wanted to make some for my bard.

    This can't be that hard to fix, just certain sets flagged to the wrong expansion I would think. Would be nice to get a dev response, throw some love the crafters way please...
  17. Elthorien Elder

    from looking back on the forums, and past progression servers,
    appears that these are all known issues and were just flat out ignored by the dev's and appear to still be ignored
  18. vardune Augur

  19. Baldur Augur

    Any chance this can get a dev response since every other bug thread has gotten one?

    There are other sets that aren't working either.

    From velious bugs thread:
    DE enchanted and imbued Plate and Enchanted chain say "do not meet the requirements".

    So high elf imbued, dwarf enchanted, and DE enchanted and imbued plate all don't work and should.
  20. -wycca Augur

    Cultural came out in several waves, scattered from Kunark to about Luclin (at least the enchant/imbue lines we're mostly discussing on these forums). It was pretty haphazard, with some races not having any armor until latter, some having 2-5 sets, and very different qualities.

    If you read way back and do some google-fu, you'll see where Maddoc or some other dev posted back when Fippy was in these eras about these cultural armors. Basically they lumped in almost all of the imbued/etc armors that were out in kunark/velious in with the nicer sets that were Luclin-era (ie Fierce Heraldic).

    So technically it's not a bug, it was a design/time decision.

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