TLP Buff list.

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  1. Zandermill Journeyman


    Is there a place that shows what best buffs there are for mischief currently?
    Just curious what Best buffs look like for melee. I have been looking but cant find a list.
  2. Gheed Augur

    Vog, predator, strength of nature, avatar?
  3. Xhartor Augur

    It depends on the melee class.
    Paladin and Ranger each have a buff that are in conflict, one is more HP, the less hp but has added attack on it. Monk, Ranger, and Rogue are better off with ranger buff for additional attack, other classes prefer having more HP. These classes should also get VoG over Epic haste for additional attack, however tanks are probably better off with epic haste. If you are a tank that unlikely to be tanking, you should probably get the high attack buff.

    If you have the buff room, it might be more hp getting the Druidskin + AC buff + Symbol instead of Aego.

    Other then those issues:
    Stat buffs if the stat isnt maxed. Having an Avatar weapon helps maxing stats. Ask your local shamy to hit with avatar during raid mob fights.
    Make sure you have the proper resist buff for the encounter.
  4. Haze Journeyman

    Velious Rogue:

    1. Jboots/junk (top slot, put everything else in whatever order you prefer)
    2. Feral/Primal Avatar
    3. Strength of Nature
    4. Predator
    5. Focus of Spirit
    6. Talisman of the Brute
    7. Talisman of the Raptor (only if not DEX capped with Avatar)
    8. Talisman of the Rhino (only if not STR capped with Avatar)
    9. Primal Essence (only if you're not getting Avatar)
    10. Visions of Grandeur
    11. Ancient Aegolism/Aegolism
    12. Mangled Tendon/Poison of choice
    13. Dance of the Blade (bard epic proc)
    14. Magic Resist
    15. Talisman of Shadoo/Jacinth (as necessary)
    16. Circle of Winter/Circle of Summer (as necessary)
    Tip your shaman or buy their emeralds for constant avatar refreshing. It's worth it. If they have Primal or Feral then just tip them.