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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Monaco, Oct 12, 2020.

  1. Monaco New Member

    Many posts have been made about specific mobs that are creating bottlenecks. I recently experienced losing an entire afternoon staring at a spawn point waiting, only to have a farmer show up with a turn in script and snipe it nearly 8 hours into my camp. I was so incredibly disheartened and frustrated that I had to take a couple days to cool off to prevent myself from rage quitting and canceling my accounts. I know this is normal behavior on TLPs and that DPG has no intention of modifying their policy. So let’s make it easy for them and compile a list of NPCs that need to have their mechanics or spawn timers adjusted to reduce the number of toxic interactions we all experience in-game. Please feel free to offer up additional NPCs that need to be reviewed.

    Enchanter Epic:
    Vessel Drozlin in Cabilis: Decrease spawn time to one hour.
    Verina Tomb in Neriak: Decrease spawn time to one hour.

    Wizard Epic:
    A Broken Golem in Plane of Fear: Spawn in Agents of Change Dynamic Zone OR decrease spawn time to six hours.

    Shadowknight Epic:
    Duriek Bloodpool in Paineel: Do not depop on quest turn in.
    Lhranc in City of Mist: Decrease spawn time to six hours.

    Regal Band of Bathezid + Spirit Wracked Cord:
    A Shady Goblin in Warsliks Woods: Decrease spawn time to one hour OR do not depop on quest turn in.
    An Angry Goblin in Frontier Mountains: Decrease spawn time to one hour OR do not depop on quest turn in.
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  2. CalamitySparks New Member

    I totally appreciate your position on TLP, but frankly, the issue is far worse in live servers where people regularly clear old zones that have epic drops and Hunter awards. Plane of Fear, Venril Sathir etc. They've had years to expand on the 'harbinger..' solution and haven't done so, so therefore I think any hope of fixing TLP is misplaced.
  3. Blart Lorekeeper

    I was about to make a new thread since the last "a broken golem" thread was closed. Thank you for posting this.

    My preferred fix: Return the skin to cazic thule's loot table! The gnome says he still accepts the skin OR the oil, so it seems an easy fix. As an added bonus, it's the exact same difficulty as the original quest, so nobody can complain it's "too easy now".

    On my server (Rizlona) CT will be up in Open World for several days before a guild bothers killing him. Give us a reason to kill him again, Verant!

    Another fix: just give my wizard (Azra) the oil.
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  4. sebbunwolvesbane New Member

    I think you should add Shissar to the enchanter list. Poor enchanters with 3 difficult spawns.

    I'm not sure why a solution that works on a TLP can't be utilized on live. Respawn timer fixes that make it to live would surely fix this issue on live.

    Of course, they could have added instances to live and didn't, so guess I can see your concern.
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  5. Monaco New Member

    I agree that adjusting spawn timers on the TLPs would also fix the issue on live. At least on live all the epics were given a “pre-quest” that allows you to continue on to get your epic 1.5 without having to actually complete the 1.0.
  6. ttin Lorekeeper

  7. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Those pre quests are on TLP also and go live in OoW (same expac as 1.5/2.0)
  8. Boze Augur

    This list + the proposed timer reductions would solve half the threads that show up on the TLP forum with every new server cycle.
  9. Epicless_Enchanter New Member

    Wraith of the Shissar for Enchanter epic needs to be added to this .. He can only spawn in open world fear and will despawn if not killed or when Cazic Spawns.. and I think its a 3day to 7day window..

    At least put this in an instance.
  10. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Progress! From test patch notes today:
    - Innoruuk's Curse - Duriek Bloodpool in Paineel is no longer susceptible to combat and will now respawn every 30 minutes.
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  11. Womble New Member

    Yeah support this - the enchanter epic felt ...epic... right up to the point it came to a tedious arbitrary traffic jam at the Verina Tomb / Vessel Drozlin respawn time. Those of us with limited game time want to chip away at quests in small incremental bites. Taken me months already (working on it since Classic with Guild help) to get where I am now and that's not a problem because I could move it slowly forward. Impossible for those mobs on 3+ day timers.

    Surely adjusting a timer is a relatively easy thing to do?
  12. Aegir Augur

    That whole questline was pushed into the game over a period from late Spring till late fall 2001 along with other changes to npcs and loot tables in Chardok and other "lesser" desireable Kunark dungeons. You should be lucky the current devs even keep it in Kunark Era. They've reversed a couple of revamps, so maybe Chardok anno. 2001 is next on the list.

    The Revamp Cazic Thule is a joke though, it was actually put in game during Luclin Expansion.

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