TLE Queue Times

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Yinla, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Deadorits New Member

    So it told me I would be put in queue and then there was no window telling me how long. Is there not supposed to be a window to tell me my position?
  2. Zansobar Augur

    It actually says wait time 1m....that m might mean Months...
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  3. Nuther Augur

    I'm in the queue, not happy anymore. Very disappointed with the quality.
  4. Ponderosa New Member

    Yeah same here wait 1m.
  5. Liegelief New Member

    "Average wait time 121,243 minutes..."

    That's 84 days...
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  6. windbearer Lorekeeper

    All I get, once I actually get to the character select screen, and hit enter world is "Server Not Responding" message. THEN I have to wait while it "removes my logged in character" that never got in from the world.
  7. Krrill Journeyman

    wait time is now up to 5 minutes now
  8. vylo Augur

    pfft selo's wait time is about 3 months at the moment, mangler confirmed dead server :p
  9. Tieral New Member

    So, since most people are salty, grumpy, or otherwise pissed off, here is a compliment: That was a really fast implementation of the login queue. Keep up all the hard work, guys and gals!
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  10. Krrill Journeyman

    for me it was 5m
  11. a_librarian Augur

    Don't worry that's just the average. Your wait could be less
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  12. halagren Journeyman

    "the world server is currently at maximum capacity. you are still in the login queue for this server and will automatically login when there is availability. average wait time: 121243m." from selo server.

    server needs reset nobody is actually in game from any guild or twitch streamer.
  13. Overcast451 Augur

    Or more, potentially. :eek:
  14. vylo Augur

    Now at a 12 year wait time on selos....
  15. Roxxlyy Augur

    Server has been capped at an artificial capacity - the login queue should help filter people into game more smoothly, and once that starts happening the cap will be removed.
  16. Krrill Journeyman

    and just like that got a timeout error. Gotta start all over again. geez
  17. Nakami New Member

    I'm stuck on server select...Error: A Timeout Occurred T_T
  18. Primanti New Member

    Doesn't matter what it says it's not accurate. Last time I remember taking hours to get in but getting message of 1 minute.
  19. Meridian Augur

    was 1 min for me, then timed out as usual.
  20. Spyte New Member

    My que said 4 million and some change.....